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  1. Isn't lambert s in sikeston? Home of the thrown rolls!
  2. I used that particular MRAP in Iraq. It's called a "Caymen (spelling?), believe they're made by Osh Kosh. It's nothing to worry about any how. They're slow, large turn radius and when the computers go out it'll likely cost a good bit and if the A/C goes out in the summer, well, lets just say "sauna". Plus it has weaknesses. On a side note, the cayman always made me think of WW2 German half tracks, wierd?
  3. Gotta keep 1 in the tube. It's a bad idea to add an extra step to the equation.
  4. I drive past Hemlock all the time and it's a sad sight to see.
  5. He lies lol, I'll be first in line.
  6. You been hitting all the antique stores Craig?
  7. Lol. I suppose the industrial park would make the most sense, good point.
  8. Article said they looked at Clarksville. Where would it go?
  9. The VA just sent out literature on obama care and its effects on veterans that see providers at the VA currently. There where 3 or 4 bullets under the "Benefits of the Affordable Care Act", one of which was that as a patient under VA care you are automatically in "Compliance" with the new law.
  10. I'm 31 and got it but I'm old man 31.
  11. 24 hrs for long arms, 72 for hand guns. Unless its changed recently.
  12. We will never know the full truth on this, or any other illegal operations that .gov and the alphabet agency's have been up too. They'll likely throw in some low level guy or gal to take the fall. One that doesn't have the resources to fight back or maybe one willing to take the fall for their idols. What happened to nutting up, take the blame, fix it, move on?
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