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  1. Averhoeven

    Sig MPX-P

    Call Sig soon. For registering you get a deal to buy 3 mag and a holding pouch for $139. Considering msrp on mag is $69, don't miss that deal
  2. Its actually a little cheaper at Primaryarms.com using code "triggercode"... but similar prices
  3. I kid you not, I've met a girl with the name D'zire Cox. Her parents are true assholes.
  4. I agree with the others. Had mine a little over a year and its a fun, reliable shooter. Mags are expensive and hard to come by though. I bought an airsoft rail and installed a Bushnell Trs 25 red dot which has been awesome on it.
  5. I 2nd what mike said almost to a tee except i add that buying locally also gives you Jeep and support should you have a problem. This is more important with your first purchase.
  6. I'm not near it at the moment, but I believe it's just the short Magpul MOE rail plugs they sell.
  7. I was tempted to call the thread Gun Porn and just have a bunch of pics of mags being inserted and barrels sliding into holsters with a couple casings spilled around.
  8. Word of warning, the game doesn't give a good first impression because its graphics are a little lacking. Give it a chance though and you will find it grabs you and is really entertaining. The good news is that it is a pay once ever type MMO, no subscription etc so you can quit and come back, leave it alone or play 24/7 and be getting your money's worth either way.   As for the show, this most recent episode was the most interesting to me. The others have been OK, but this one got me a little more involved. Oh, and I don't what it is, but the Kenya chick (brothel owner) is really up my alley.
  9. Photos and it did happen. Thanks to Guns for America near 100 Oaks for the transfer (for those who don't know, it's $25 cash including background). Took her to Charlie's range today and I nailed the 1" bullseye on my first shot... I couldn't replicate it consistently later, but I was happy at the time! Sig 1911 2-Tone Traditional Match (brand new today!) The only thing I dislike is that the slide catch is oddly a different and slightly not matching color from all the other parts.
  10. I decided to take a few pics of the new Sig 1911 for the thread I had asking which to get when I figured I should just take photos of all of them. Not my best work since I'm trying to sell my place and therefore trying not to make a mess or get a bunch of stuff out. Even though they have mags, all were safety checked. It's just not gun porn when there's no penetration though.... Anyway, without further ado: Family Photo My AR-15: S&W M&P-15 ORC with Nikon P223 3-9x40 with 45deg offset BUIS, TLR-1 flashlight, Green laser mounted to Grip Pod Barrel View Sights: Shotgun: Mossberg 500 with tactical stock and slide with mounted flashlight and green laser (yes, I know some find this superfluous/stupid but since its purpose is home defense, the 2 most intimidating things when someone has a gun pointed at you are the sound of a pumped shotgun and a laser bearing down on you... plus it's fun and was cheap ;)) HK MP5-SD 22LR Variant with Bushnell TRS-25 Red dot Gratuitous ass shot Ruger American 308 with Redfield 4-12x PPQ with TLR-4 and Meprolights PPS with Meprolights (Daily carry gun) Sig 1911 2-Tone Traditional Match (brand new today!) Hope you enjoyed
  11. I knew such a site had to exist, thanks. Unfortunately, the Iron Man 3 page is still, understandably, lacking many. If anyone goes to see it, it's right around the scene where Tony asks Rhodie for an extra mag and Rhodie goes into a bit about how they aren't universal, etc. Rhodie clearly has a Beretta 92fs Inox and I think Tony may be carrying an OD green Walther PPS though it seems a bit larger. The stippling on the handle is what made me lean there.
  12. Does anybody know of a website which lists what guns are used in movies? I just finished watch Iron Man 3 and was trying to figure out what pistol Tony Stark is carrying around with Rhodie. He dropped it at one point and I think it may have been a Walther (maybe HK) in OD green. Just curious cause if it was, Tony Stark and I have VERY similar tastes in both guns and cars.
  13. My girlfriend is a pharmacist and teaches classes at both Belmont and Lipscomb.   Congrats to the bro
  14. If trigger feel is important you really do owe it to yourself to at least hold and try a Walther PPQ. It's downside is there is some difficulty getting aftermarket parts, but what comes in the box is fantastic
  15. I was thinking about it. I've never been before. Perhaps small crowds might scare sellers to lower prices?

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