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  1. That is not a surprise. I know for a fact he has several well trained PSD schooled MP's that are on AGR orders serving as on his PSD team. I worked with a guy that was on his team for a couple of years.
  2. Duck


    I try to make at least one visit a year to Lake Winniepasauka. You just can't beat the value and the short lines. There is no need to sneak in food because picnic baskets are welcome, or you can leave and return. If you want to eat there the food is good and cheap. I recommend a fried turkey and fries. My first and last ride on every trip is the Philadelphia Toboggan Company Carousel, # 39. Manufactured in 1916, #39 is what they called a four abreast jumper. It is really a beautiful and rare piece with 68 hand painted steeds and the original working 1900's German Ruth Band Organ.
  3. I decided that I would go down to GT's to look at the M&P's and found a magnificent deal. Apparently an agency bought M&P 9mm's and decided they didn't like them. I got one that looked brand new with 3 magazines and night sights for about $430 OTD. It feels great and I will gets one range time on it tomorrow.
  4. The only other quick tip I know is by pouring sour milk into the drains.
  5. I will never be without a Glock 23 again. Sorry, that I can not be of help.
  6. I cannot honestly think of anything good to say about a 6.0l Diesel after having one in the family. My father had one and it spent more time in the shop than on the road. We got rid of an awesome Dodge diesel to get the sorry p.o.s. too.
  7. There are probably just as many instances of the other calibers kabooming as there is the .40's. The 9's and .357's can have poor neck tension on the case's design leading to bullet setback. I would say most of the .40's cases have to do with overly stressed brass that has been reloaded too many times and pushed to too high of pressure. Combine that with a week supported chamber from the early .40 models and you get a blown out case.
  8. Nice piece! Other than the serial number on the butt and te model number 940, the other numbers do not mean much. You can contact Roy Jinks, s&w's historian and get a complete build date and history of the gun for $50. That piece is well deserving of the letter and adds to it's immense value.
  9. I think that it is properly called the slide stop. There are some guns that you would have to have monstrous muscles to release the slide with your thumb like a S&W M&P Shield. Sling shoting the slide is a much preferred method because it is a gross motor skill over a fine motor skill.
  10. Unless you work nightshirt; that was a long 13.5 hours last night.
  11. Overall I believe that it was a good movie. I didn't find it anymore fictional than anything else coming out of Hollywood. The idea that some intelligent, skilled investigator would just be a wonderer is not believable but then again it is. While I have I have met some douchbag MP's in and out of the service, I have also met some that I thought were stellar folks. You have to realize that if they get an identifier they are probably the top 3% of their MOS. Two of the guys I worked with in the past were civilian police officers/troopers who were also in reserves who went active duty to go CID.
  12. Her insurance company should handle it entirely for her. The have lawyers on retainer just for dealing with these types of issues.


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