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  1. Nikon's Spot On Ballistic Program is free to use on your computer. Just register so Nikon can keep track of how many user's, over one million so far. There are app's for iPads,iphones and as of 2 years ago, android compatible.
  2. Dang, So many great comment's already, not really much left for me to add. I have over 4000 rounds under my 3 P-300 BLK scope's with not one hitch. Everything from 125 gr super sonic rounds to 220 gr sub-sonics that needed Spot On and the super-sub reticle to dial in pigs at 150 yards. Big fun all the way around! If you have any question's drop me a note.
  3. Dol., You are correct that there is no way to measure distance with Nikon's BDC Reticle. That being said, I have found that using Spot On will give you excellent accuracy.Entering your cal., Ammo and Nikon Scope into Spot On Ballistic Program will provide you with the distances for your BDC reticle. I harvested a doe in Ks this year with my .300 Win and a Nikon MONARCH 4-16 BDC at 586 yards. If I hadn't had a rangefinder and known what my BDC distances were, I would not have been able to take that shot. I also had less then 10 sec. to make the assessment whether to take the shot or not. I have shot target's out to 600 yards on multiple occasions, so with condition's the way they were,  I felt comfortable I could make a 1 shot stop. Yes, the BDC distance's are not even number's unless you choose a M-223 Series and shoot recommended ammo. That being said, my first time ever shooting to 600 yards was with a M-223 3-12 BDC 600. I used a DPMS with a 16 inch barrel and I am certain the MV was not as suggested but the difference was not enough to keep me off a 12 inch metal plate.     Cross., It all comes down to what you are most comfortable shooting and that will translate into a more accurate shot. Right now Nikon has a Promo going on with their Long Range Scopes. Up to $100 off !      Another suggestion if you like working with round numbers and will only shoot one type of ammo from your rifle, Nikon has a new scope coming out this year with a custom turret built around your shooting data. A Custom Turret can also be ordered for other Nikon Scope's from the Spot On web-site.     Bottom line, look down as many tubes as you can, you are asking the right question's, weigh the answers and buy the scope you think will work the best for you. Drop me a note if I can help answer any Nikon question's for you.     
  4. Smith, Spot On can even help you with your Nikoplex reticle by giving you clicks for different distances compared to the ammo you are using. Definitely something for everyone.
  5. CM, Using NIkon's Spot On Ballistic Program really does increase your accuracy considerably. Enter your ammo,scope and cal and get exact distances for your specific shooting needs. On the other and, if you are not a BDC fan, you can get a MONARCH 4-16 and then custom turrets using your specific load data. Simply dial the distance you are going to be shooting. Drop me a note if I can answer any more question's for you. Bart Nikon Pro Staff http://i1216.photobucket.com/albums/dd363/bman940/7.jpg
  6. John, I have personally put 1000 rounds of 223 and 1000 rounds of .308 ammo under that scope. I was doing some product testing for Nikon on a warm (105 deg in the shade) June day 2011. I ranged multiple targets firing quickly and moving the scope. Farthest target was 200 yards. Scope functioned flawlessly. I was very worried about heat transmission when I managed to heat the barrel of the DPMS Oracle up so much it melted my rest. To make a long sotory short I was very pleased with how this 8 hour shooting event went. Can't wait to get one and put it on my DPMS LR-308 for deer/predator hunting. Feel free to drop me a note if you have further questions. Bart Nikon Pro staff http://i1216.photobucket.com/albums/dd363/bman940/M-223LaserIRT2-1.jpg

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