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  1. I think a lot of people are fed up. That's why the US has had three "change" candidates the past 4 election cycles (including the one coming in November). I'm guessing a lot of people sense that there is something rotten in DC but they just can't place what it is, how deep it goes, but know that it's there. It may be a distanced inconvenience, and I am grateful every day to be living in TN instead of a hell-hole like Portland, Oregon but it troubles me to see the national narrative set by clearly biased "news" sources that Antifa ins't much a problem, continuing to call these things protests even after they've become violent, not sharing videos that clearly show the violence coming from Antifa/BLM (I've watched it with my own two eyes) and politicians pretending that Antifa doesn't exist, or isn't organized, and instead talk of right-wing groups that are obviously keeping their heads down, and don't exist in numbers that would support the attention they get from them. Everything is upside down from that perspective given everything I have researched on my own. There are certainly tons of people that have real grievances and we should do what we can to help out, when we can, where we can. I think however, seeing how many of these protests are made up what appears to be urban white kids, several of whom I've seen on video brag about how educated they are (check twitter, youtube), that these protests are largely engineered by they indoctrination they received while getting their "job-ticket" at college. That to me is sick because there are people who need to be heard, causes that need to be marched for but it has been hijacked and slandered because of the actions of Antifa flying the BLM flag. As I have tried to say before, people are being taken advantage of over differences between groups, races, sex, etc.
  2. That's too bad. Thanks for sharing. Hopefully we'll see her pop up somewhere else.
  3. Rockford, Illinois seems to be enforcing the law. Winnebago County state attorney Marilyn Hite Ross isn't messing around. If a protest begins committing crimes she's charging them, as she should.
  4. Interesting comparison. If the protests are like bulldozer man then they aren't peaceful and they aren't protests. We would have to call such protests something else. Maybe riots? Insurrection?
  5. I've listened to what Morgan Freeman had to say about racism and I think, although it's a simple approach, that it is a great way to approach this. It's already not cool, desirable, or admirable to be a racist, more now than ever. If America continued on this trajectory I believe things would only get better. Racism was on the way out and I'm watching the cultural-revolutionary Alt-Left bring it back to gain political power. I'm not mad at you, the person. I am frustrated with what I am seeing happen to this country and I think a lot of people are being taken advantage of over racial differences.
  6. Which schools and companies are these? If you are a skilled programmer or engineer and also happen to be a minority Google, Facebook, Twitter and the rest will snatch you up in a heartbeat. I've worked along side several "minorities" and guess what, they were scientists. I find it a little insulting when I see people talk like this. It's a cop-out in my eyes. If my previous coworkers were white would they get a Nobel Peace Prize for the same work, but they don't because they are a "minority"? Truth is, these guys got to where they were not because of the color of their skin but because of the content of their character.
  7. I can vouch for ammoseek. @Mseals22 told me about it so I set up an account. Within a week I was able to purchase 5k small rifle primers before they were gone.
  8. crake

    Moon shot

    It's an approximation given the estimated amount of hydrogen gas the sun has available to fuse into helium. The sun will them begin fusing helium into carbon during it's red-giant phase. They also know the sun will not go super-nova because it simply isn't large enough for that. As the sun reaches the end of its red-giant phase it begins to slowly shed off it's gaseous layers leaving behind a small and bright core surrounded with gas rings. Check out pictures of dead stars called planetary nebula.
  9. crake

    Moon shot

    I see it as being similar to sailing the ocean to discover new worlds. In this it's a bit of a technology and techniques race.
  10. 1 15 round spare mag in my Tier-1 Concealment holster.
  11. I'm not sure if he is a rich kid or not. I know he is/was a practicing veterinarian and his youtube channel took off. That's probably where he's getting his money from. He's probably the biggest kid in the world lol.
  12. There are some really sick people out there... I blame the media and social media companies. They are easily responsible for encouraging, scaring, and maintaining the constant hysteria that these sick people are addicted to.
  13. ...or small pistol primers
  14. *Psshhhh when you don't use photoshop, everything else looks like photoshop lol

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