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  1. It really is great. It and the CZ 75 Compact all steel gun with the rail in IDPA CCP division it's kind of a "gamer" gun because they are all steel and shoot so well, compared with the alternatives in that division. I carried the SP-01 IWB behind the hip and it printed. It required me to wear a larger shirt or a button up over the top of an under shirt. Also tried carrying it AIWB. It didn't print all that bad but was just a tad too long on the barrel end and was heavy enough to hurt when driving for extended periods. You may not have the weight problem with your CZ-P09 but it may also b
  2. My favorite gun is my CZ 75b Compact. Shoots like a full-size but doesn't carry like one. Good luck with sale/trade.
  3. Gun control affecting hobby/self-defense/career-paths is one of those things that isn't likely to happen but when it does we will regret ever doubting its probability.
  4. I never jumped into purchasing/building one of these. Had I gotten into one of these and I was worried I'd probably just take the brace off. It's still a registered pistol lower, right? Assuming the majority are AR type pistols, is it illegal to shoulder a naked buffer tube? Or are they going to classify all of these "rifle type pistols" as AOWs regardless of the brace?
  5. Pretty interesting find. Thanks for sharing!
  6. Same. Early June I decided I've going to buy the exact handgun I want before it becomes impossible to find. Background check was blazing fast. I was a little taken-aback as you described.
  7. I used to work at a range and saw this from time to time. My guess would be it's a reload that was poorly put together. Other than that I don't know. Never seen it actually happen, just the aftermath.
  8. Little Timmy and little Tammy learned, during a pool outing, that they want to be helicopter pilots when they grow up lol. Wish I could have seen this in person.
  9. How to properly use a mask. Thanks Biden!
  10. It was NY. I find it disturbing how predictable all of this is... The same people that fain caution surrounding actions that could be taken concerning Antifa are the same people propping up the covid-19 "wear a mask" talking points. This is the mainstream "news" media narrative pretty much verbatim. No creativity. No individuality. Just brainless leader following. Stop letting powerful interests that don't like you lead our country every which way, and eventually off a cliff.
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