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  1. Go ahead and kick me off. I want that money to come from your pocket @TGO David. I kept this between me and the mods and then you make an announcement? I could have done the same but you took the LOW ROAD. PM I sent to them below: Sent this to Chuck already. I want a refund for my membership I renewed not long ago. For whatever reason I am terminated from the Politics section but ya'll kept antagonistic Daniel. He's not even a benefactor. This tells me everything I need to know about the mods. Should have just spit in my face instead, at least then I'd understand ya'll don't like me. I didn't even get a warning. No strikes. No ban. WTF? I understand this is a WIP, but Daniel gets through and I'm blacklisted right off the bat? lol SPEAKS VOLUMES.
  2. And after they effectively destroy the semi-auto, they'll pivot their rhetoric to "sniper rifles and street sweepers". Hunting rifles and shotguns wont be safe either, given enough time.
  3. You're going to eat those words one day.
  4. Huh, I wonder if Covid is being used to crush the economy and bring in the Great Reset? "You'll own nothing, and you'll be happy" -World Economic Forum (Billionaire private club, essentially) This is the real reason everyone in power hated Trump; he was in the way.
  5. Rights comes from god not government. If you have to get a permit i.e. drivers license you are getting permission to perform an activity that would otherwise be illegal. Permits may be revoked, rights may not be revoked. Your rights may be trampled upon, and that's the topic here.
  6. That's spin to you We are talking about a right not a privilege here.
  7. I almost purchased a polymer 80 to put an old upper on. My motivation was it would be really nice to have it shipped to my house. I also like tinkering with stuff so it would make a fun project. Shucks, I guess I'll just carve one out of hardwood.
  8. This sort of thinking reminds me of my experience in public school: 1 student couldn't get their act together so the teacher forced her 20+ students to write an essay as punishment. We hadn't done anything wrong but we were punished just the same.
  9. "I feel like I'm getting cross coupling between these two traces but the scope isn't like helping or anything?" lol
  10. "I feel like that shouldn't be uh thing?" Meant to be read with up talk and vocal fry.
  11. My theory is up talking is popular amongst the youth because they overly concerned about offending people. Up talking allows them to make statements without committing to the statement because everything is made to sound like a question.
  12. Yes, some of them also add in Vocal Fry and the overly animated hand gestures as well. It's a cultural thing. No Agenda Podcast has been ragging on this for years. My GF is from southern CA so I've gotten my fill of this in it's natural habitat lol.


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