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  1. They have ~20 AR's and the majority are about $1300-1400.    This is my least favorite shop in the Knoxville metro area.  They feature low end handguns and charge the highest prices in the area.  It is a poorly run shop IMO.
  2. Keep in mind I am a lifelong Republican so my gripe with Frank has nothing to do with politics.  I have never voted for a democrat in my life. I just want to be clear about my criticism of Frank.  He is a great leap better than any democrap but Frank is for Frank.
  3. tsprint is exactly correct about what Frank Nicely said.  Nicely went on for two or three minutes about what a great friend of gun owners Maggert was and how wrong the NRA was to target her.  Nicely also said the NRA has never tried to defeat a democrat.   Frank showed his butt plain and simple.   I'll sum up Frank's speech.   TN state republicans good.   Frank is an NRA member   NRA is run by democrats that only try to defeat republicans   per Frank the NRA and TFA have never done anything to help gun owners, only republicans in the state le
  4. Your last post is like a riddle so I'm not sure what you are trying to say.   Most polls had it closer for Romney than it was and yes a lot of ignorant people wanted to believe the polls.  So as I have said don't believe the polls THEY ARE NOT ACCURATE!  The polls overcounted for Romney and undercounted for obummer.    Now if you want to argue the polls were right but didn't take into account the millions of fraudulent democrat voters then I'm willing to listen.   I can't convince you the sky is not falling.  All I can do is point out that nothing
  5. Stop looking at polls.  They are not accurate.
  6. Nothing to it.  You don't need a gunsmith.  I know two or three shops that install them for free when you buy the sights.  It takes about 5min and the idiot working the counter can do it easily.   Using the drift punch and hammer method is a risky way to install tritiums anyway.
  7. I don't doubt which side you are on my friend.  I just want to educate you a little about things.  You mentioned a poll.  You do know that polls are fixed, right?   Quit using the information provided by the enemy.  It is dishonest and puts one in a position of arguing against the propaganda of the left.    I have been involved in a few political races in my time.  The first thing you learn is to appeal to the VOTERS that are in your district.  Therefore the only people that matter are people in congressional d
  8. Sig even gives a grease sample with new guns.  In a serious environment I would not even run a sig withOUT grease on the rails.
  9. You may "posit" all you want but you are still wrong.  The NRA is surging in popularity and fund raising.  Where are you getting your info because it is not accurate?  Turn of the lame stream media.  THEY LIE!!!!!!!!  The NRA has picked up 1/4 million members in the last month alone.  Does any dues paying anti group even have that many members?   Don't fight for acceptance in the media.  It is impossible.  We will never convince the suburbanite sheeple to come to our side and the left wing base would vote for a steaming pile of dung if it promised
  10. Don't practice without hearing protection.  No offense but that ranks right up there with testing body armor by putting it on and having a buddy shoot you to make sure it works.
  11. Rogero is card carrying left wing nutjob.  She even brags about protesting with ceasar chavez in the 70's for "workers rights".  She made it a bullet point on her campaign website she was so proud of it.   The city of Knoxville is left/democrat leaning and has been for years.  The city has lots of lower class whites and minorities.  Rogero was never challenged in the mayors race.  She came somewhat close to beating our current governor when he was mayor.  Haslam is country club republican and gave her a prime job in the city after the election ena
  12. I know you mean well but your method just flat out doesn't work.
  13. The NRA should go after the gun grabbers with both fist flying.  The weakling PR battle will always be lost by our side as long as 93% of the national media are democrat.  Forget the PR.  We don't have to win the hearts and minds of NY soccer moms and Manhattan/DC liberal elites.  We will NEVER win them over.  We only have to win a few wishy washy law makers that belong to the so called "moderate" wing of both parties.   The weakness tactic has lost the two last presidential elections.  Appeasement clearly doesn't work and trying to fight a PR bat
  14. unless you are a trained professional gunsmith one should never have a dremel near a firearm.   Is the gun having feed problems?  If not don't bubba it up
  15. This is in no way meant as a jerk response but judging by the quality of people I see in gun shops this should not be very difficult.   How many shops have you walked into, introduced yourself,  and asked for a job?   I worked part time for a year in a shop in Knoxville and it was quite the experience.  


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