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  1. Just because it has not sold does not mean people don't care for the gun itself.
  2.   I'm on my first mac and I will never buy anything else ever again.  By far and away the most trouble free machine I have ever owned.
  3. I have a NIB M4orgery that I would be happy to trade for this but the distance is too great as well.  If you have any vacation plans to Gatlinburg or Piegeon Forge PM me.
  4. Will you post a price for the rifle minus optics and rings?
  5. This a great deal for a top shelf rifle. Just the stock is over 500 bucks.
  6. I love 3rd gen S&W's in all forms and have owned several.  Every single one has been stone cold reliable.  GLWS.
  7. Nice gun and a thank you for keeping it stock.  It is my favorite 45 that is not a 1911.     It is funny what the other poster said about the hogue grips.  I despise Hogue grips.   I once traded a guy a pair of $15 hogues for a $100 set of S&W goncalo alves target stocks so maybe I should be thankful some people like them. lol  GLWS
  8. Traded for two on my list. The inox beretta is gone but am still intetested in the models listed. All conditions and finishes are ok.
  9. tried to send a pm and it says you can't receive any PM's   I have one listed as trade fodder in my thread looking for some SIGs.   http://www.tngunowners.com/forums/topic/64226-wanted-sig-p226-p220-p228/
  10. I am in search of a few sigs.   I'm looking for:   p220 45acp or 9mm p225/p6 p226 9mm   I am only interested in the stamped slide versions of the above guns.  I have no interest in the machined slide version of the above guns at this time.     I would also be interested in a p229 in 9mm or a p239 in 9mm also.     As long as it has not been home "gunsmithed" or dremel polished I am interested.     Can pay cash or I have some stuff to trade like nib AR, unfired norinco mak90, mossberg 930spx, ar mags etc etc     &nbs
  11. If anyone has any knowledge of S&W revolvers they know this is a great price.  If this were a magnum it would have already sold for ~$600.  IMO 38spl is a superior caliber in this platform.   Not beaten to death with magnum loads No junk MIM parts flash chromed milled hammer/trigger factory targets(worth $60-$100 by themselves)   Any chance of meeting in Knoxville?
  12. PICS in a few days-it is raining at the moment     I am looking to sell or trade my pick up.     Truck details: 1984 F150 4x4 red/tan two tone factory ac works 351w roller cam engine with holley carb 4sp manual transmission michlelin tires that have a couple years left   The truck runs great and has not given any problems in the 2 or 3 years I have owned it.  The only bad is some rust in the usual places and the factory radio and the cruise control does not work.   The motor was installed 5 or 6 years ago and is a very strong 351w and far superi
  13. AUG


    What trade value are you looking for?
  14. changed to a trade- mags no longer for sale but offered for trade
  15. I don't know a lot about these but were the markings removed or never there to begin with?
  16. Well I guess the original poster is now sorting through the dozens of rifles he has found for 800-900 and just trying to pick the right one?
  17. They have ~20 AR's and the majority are about $1300-1400.    This is my least favorite shop in the Knoxville metro area.  They feature low end handguns and charge the highest prices in the area.  It is a poorly run shop IMO.
  18. Keep in mind I am a lifelong Republican so my gripe with Frank has nothing to do with politics.  I have never voted for a democrat in my life. I just want to be clear about my criticism of Frank.  He is a great leap better than any democrap but Frank is for Frank.
  19. tsprint is exactly correct about what Frank Nicely said.  Nicely went on for two or three minutes about what a great friend of gun owners Maggert was and how wrong the NRA was to target her.  Nicely also said the NRA has never tried to defeat a democrat.   Frank showed his butt plain and simple.   I'll sum up Frank's speech.   TN state republicans good.   Frank is an NRA member   NRA is run by democrats that only try to defeat republicans   per Frank the NRA and TFA have never done anything to help gun owners, only republicans in the state le


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