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  1. Is there anyone local to Knoxville that can thread a 590A1 for Mossberg Accu-chokes? Looking to increase the flexibility of a shotgun and would like to be able to swap choke tubes as needed. A quicker turn around would be preferable, I know I can send it out to Vang Comp or someone similar but most of those guys are at least 8 weeks out plus shipping time.
  2. Just like the post says. Colt 1908 Pocket Hammerless, serial number comes back to being made in 1933 according to the Colt website. Took it on as part of a trade. Comes with 1 magazine. Asking $850, feel free to make an offer. Located in near Knoxville.
  3. No they both disappeared sometime before my dad was born in 54. Its unknown if they were sold, traded or stolen. Grandpa was born in 1900 and died in 84 and was somewhat of a local legend so who knows where they ended up. We have a few guns from Grandpa but nothing that would be old enough to be either of those.
  4. We think its a Colt Bisley SAA but not for sure. Its definitely some type of single action and Im just going off the postion of his fingers thinking the grip frame kicks forward bisley style. It wasnt among the few guns he passed down, and it may not have even been his gun, he may have been borrowing it just for the picture.
  5. Beautiful pistol and .41 mag is such an underrated cartridge. GLWS
  6. So this old picture was sent to me by an Uncle. Its my Grandfather, sometime in either 1923 or 1924, holding two pistols in front of the old home place in the mountains. I thought id give it a shot to recreate since it is very close to being exactly 100 years apart.
  7. So I have an affinity for big bores, but the ammo to do any real amount of target practice is crazy expensive. I really want to be able to roll my own and would like to cast and everything, but Im kinda at a loss where to start. Is the Lee loader hand loader style a viable option for loading approximately 50 rounds a week? What reloading manual should I start with? Any help with a direction to start in would be greatly appreciated
  8. Those Lew Hortons are nice and .44 special might be my favorite all around pistol cartridge. Very nice piece!
  9. This is the .45 Colt Blackhawk I built a few years ago using a brass one. The fit was good and the installation was simply.
  10. Try this link. They call them backstraps instead of grip frames. https://gungrip.com/ruger-lightning-backstraps-3.aspx
  11. If you cant find one here tey NC Ordnance. They have a Lightning style birdshead, I had a brass one on a .45 Blackhawk and they are really nice
  12. Like new in the box, never been fired or carried S&W Model 29-10 classic 4". Light turn ring on cylinder. Includes 3 sets of grips, factory target grips, Altamont Super Rosewood Checkered with medallions and Super Walnut Smooth and 2 holsters, 1 custom holster for Country Cobbler of Gatlinburg and 1 Desantis Speed Scabbard. Mainly looking to trade for a Model 629 Deluxe 3" or a 629 2 5/8 PC or a 329 PD. Will consider other revolvers in trade, I have a real love for big bores with 3.5" and shorter barrels. Located near Knoxville and can meet up almost anywhere east of Nashville gor the right deal.
  13. These Miroku made rifles are absolutely awesome. Ive had two, a 1886 in .45-70 amd am 1895 in .30-06 and they were some of the finest firearms Ive owned. Good luck with the sale.
  14. Thats a dream piece there. Id love to find one like that


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