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  1. Here is an article on how to get rid of them.   http://www.hgtv.com/landscaping/no-more-gophers-or-moles/index.html
  2. I use a sonic cleaner only for my precision ammo for it really is a pain to clean them that way. For target purpose (handgun) I either clean the cases in 1:1 white vinegar or in a solutions of dawn dishwasher solutions and waters, let the cases in the dawn soak for a few hours. The vinegar or dawn solution cleans almost as good as the sonic clearer, just maybe not the primer pocket as well. To dry the cases: if it is warm outside I sit them in the sun, if cold I use the oven set to 200 degrees and I have never seen a cracked case. I'm currently working on making a 5 gallon bucket into a
  3. Greetings everyone from Knoxville! I found this forum on the Defensive Carry forum. I go by Mike and my interests are reading, fishing, shooting, and reloading. The wife and I own: AR-15, Savage 243, sigma 9, luger LCP, XD 45, SW 38 J frame, FEG PA-63 and several other guns that stay in the safe. I generally shoot at a private range and sometimes at Norris.
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