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  1. Sling is like a basic cable/dish service, depending on the package you get several channels on the basic plans ("colors"), plus whatever add-ons you choose . One great thing about streaming TV, if you don't like your package, you can cancel or change it pretty much at will. For example, I subscribe to HBONow for as long as GOT is showing, then cancel immediately after. Same for several other services I have used throughout the years. Roku also allows you to have a single interface for all your different services, both my Netflix and Amazon video have "tabs" on the Roku page, or I can access them using the smart TV or computer interfaces as well.
  2. Good looking rifle. I'm not a Mauser guy, I take it the Syrian variant is one of the rarer iterations?
  3. Agreed, but $450 M39’s are more difficult to find ...
  4. Underwriters don't sell policies, they sell "insurance for insurers". Their rates are based on total outlays worldwide, so when events occur which drive the underwriters costs up, this gets passed on to insurance companies, increasing their overhead. Thus, while technically your insurance company may be restricted by state rules from basing rates on out-of-states claims, the price they charge may be increased across the board due to increased fees from the underwriters. One example, home insurance across the nation went up after the financial crisis when AIG (who happens to own one of the world's largest underwriting services) had their near-bankruptcy due to CDO losses, something totally unrelated to claims by individual policy-holders ...
  5. Underwriter rates aren't bound by state insurance rules, different scope entirely ...
  6. If there is going to be a dispute about your deposit, you're probably going to wind up in small claims court and might need a lawyer. Have you checked locally for any of the free legal services that are often available in many cities?
  7. With most insurance, your claims aren't as important as what the total claims were for the year before with the underwriters. Let a hurricane strike the coast, a big flood occur in the midwest, or some other incident that requires a large outlay of cash by the big underwriters and everybody's rates will go up the following year ...
  8. Independent agents are not affiliated with any particular carrier, they act as agents between you and the insurers. There are websites to help in locating agents, here is one: https://www.daveramsey.com/elp/independent-insurance
  9. Some info on the conversion process here: http://www.allaboutenfields.co.nz/links-resouces/articles/from-no4mk-i-t-l42-ai/
  10. They were probably referring to the door data plates, which are often missing when cars get repaired. In most cases, these are not the federally mandated VIN numbers, those are typically found on the frame, engine block, and several other places. In many older cars, the laws regarding VIN identification were different when they were made, so the normal locations don't always apply ...
  11. When I looked at the original listing, I suspected as much. With really nice cars, the photographers normally go all out to highlight the details, this listing did exactly the opposite. From the results, the cars brought about what I expected, the '57 Ford convertible project appears to have gone cheap, although admittedly there's not much to go on from the pics ...
  12. They're for sale every day ...
  13. The casual Mosin buyers probably never heard of a Finnish variant, and most of them don't frequent the collector forums. Marketing being what it is, the few Ukrainian rifles that are occasionally trickling in, as well as the remaining imports that seem to be surfacing from obscure warehouses are being hyped as the "last" of the rifles that a lot of consumers are familiar with, thus the current prices ...

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