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  1. No_0ne

    Vintage Gun Photos

    Potential Darwin Award winner ...
  2. Just FYI, the top box (Cyrillic markings) is 1980 Soviet light ball ammunition, made at factory 188 (probably the most common Soviet era ammo). The bottom box is Hungarian light ball, manufactured in 1975. Both boxes were apparently imported from Hungary, as evidenced by the "triangle 2" on the bottom of the crates. At one time, people paid a slight premium for the Hungarian ammo. Your listed price is typical for crates today.
  3. No_0ne

    Recommend a good tv for air broadcast signals

    Agree with Mike, tv tuners, even digital, is an old enough technology that they're all pretty much the same now. There are online tools that can help you determine what signals you're likely to receive with different antenna systems, you can plug and play your system and see what, if any modifications are needed.
  4. No_0ne

    Recommend a good tv for air broadcast signals

    Forget the indoor.outdoor type antennas, put up a directional array antenna, with tower, rotor and booster, much like we did in the old days. It's going to cost a lot more and be a lot more work to install, but then, as now, height, the ability to rotate, and large array antennas are your friends with tv reception ...
  5. No_0ne

    Dickson County Deputy killer on the loose

    A lot of the anti-gun movement agrees with you on that. Be careful what you wish for ...
  6. He did last 2 hours, that's a lot longer than some ...
  7. No_0ne

    Meet or don't meet

    Tire kickers. A common problem everywhere, and especially on the internet ...
  8. No_0ne

    Restore Broomhandle Mauser

    "Leave it as it is. You cannot improve on it. The ages have been at work on it, and man can only mar it." -Theodore Roosevelt
  9. No_0ne

    Restore Broomhandle Mauser

    From strictly a collectability and value perspective, leave it alone. Unmolested, unrestored pieces are typically sought after by collectors more so than guns that have been "prettied up". As an heirloom, you may have a completely different objective for it, and that's understandable, just be aware that the next person who owns it may not feel the same. In that case, it's likely that any restoration done to it now may highly reduce its value in the future. In regards to your original question, you might have better luck on some of the collector boards, like gunboards.com. Good luck with whatever you decide to do with it ...
  10. No_0ne

    New relic!

    That's under the current market now. Try pricing one from the imperial era, even a refurb, if you want real sticker shock ...
  11. No_0ne

    Vintage Gun Photos

    Nice set of historical pics Jeb.
  12. No_0ne

    New relic!

    Nice one, Luke. These have become a good bit more pricey recently.
  13. No_0ne

    Memphis Rifle Ranges?

    Good thing you have that (TN) thing going, otherwise Moscow would be a long trip for a rifle range ...
  14. No_0ne

    It's that time again!!!!

    Gentrification of the neighborhood, drives away the natives every time ...
  15. No_0ne

    Vintage Gun Photos

    I don't think I've seen that poster before, where did you find it?

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