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  1. It's Reddit. That pretty much sums it up ...
  2. Absolutely. And I would add, in reference to the OP's post, my (primers, ammo, etc.), my choice. What I choose to do, or not do with my stuff is my business. I'll buy, sell or give away at my discretion, without asking for anybody else's opinion, permission or forgiveness. I'll also accord everyone else the same privilege without ranting on the internet about their choices ...
  3. The military fought pretty hard to remove that option, eventually going to the all-volunteer model. After Vietnam, it was decided that using military service as an alternative to criminal convictions, drug and alcohol offenses, financial problems, etc., along with the conventional draft wasn't generating the type and quality of soldiers needed in the modern army. I doubt they could be convinced today to go back to the way things used to be ...
  4. I can't say that I've never done anything that stupid/careless/negligent. I won't say that I will never do something that stupid/careless/negligent. I will say that if, or when I do, I won't post pictures of it on the internet ...
  5. Me either. However, I wouldn't be inclined to be PO'ed at how anybody chooses to price their stuff. I subscribe to this maxim:
  6. Interesting. I'm guessing some politics are more political than others then ...
  7. Just think, we'll have an electric car in every driveway, a double barrel shotgun in every bedroom (locked in a bio safe, sans ammunition of course), and be getting a basic income check every month, courtesy of your local evil corporation/rich people. What's not to like?
  8. Actually, they're designed to begin leaking as the plumber drives away ... Or anal ...
  9. You can fix some of that issue by creating a "swale" in the backyard to draw water away from the house. MacGyver is right about the crawlspace, it's better for it to be above the yard grade for drainage purposes. In older houses, such as mine, the yard surrounding the house "grows" taller over time, due to degradation of clippings and such thus creating additional layers of soil. This leads to a crawlspace that is no longer above the outside grade, but below. That's an issue I'm about to deal with myself. Some areas will be fixed with some leveling/grading away from the house, others with


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