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  1. Ah, it wasn't them. I forgot to include BOC in my list, in fact at the time they were one of my favorite bands. Their omission was one of the many "senior moments" I seem to have now ...
  2. July 4th, 1976, the Bicentennial Jam at the Liberty Bowl in Memphis Tn. The Outlaws, Lynyrd Skynyrd, and ZZTop in one show. There was another intro act, but I can no longer remember who it was ...
  3. You could have stopped at "talk radio" and explained mine ...
  4. They have plastic surgeries to fix that now ...
  5. And a lot more fun to read than comments about Bezo's penis rocket ...
  6. As usual, audiobooks. Right now I'm on "The Name of the Rose" by Umberto Eco ...
  7. No need to be half-assed. If Biden's proposal is enacted, shooting people with a 9mm would be double-illegal, so people will be twice as likely to not shoot each other ...
  8. Blame the Democrats. That pretty much covers all the Communist variants ...
  9. I don't think much about Bezos, one way or another, but if I were a billionaire and had the opportunity, I would build and fly a rocket into space, penis shaped or not ...
  10. During my foray into aircraft maintenance, i learned quickly that whatever the problem, determine the most expensive part, especially if it's also the hardest to get to, and replace that first. Works every time ...
  11. You might have more luck extending your search to the older Security Six line. The GP100 was just Ruger's attempt to create a solution for a problem that didn't exist, beefing up the Security Six, which was already one of the strongest revolvers ever made. I prefer the balance of the older models to those of the GP100 series, but then again, I'm an old fart ...
  12. Don't feel bad. I've been asking about discounts from barbers ever since half of my hair fell out. They're not very cooperative either ...
  13. Your first mistake was asking her ...
  14. Both knees and my lower back are shot, but thus far I have yet to be struck by any projectiles, other than errantly thrown footballs over the years ...


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