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  1. All the media types I have encountered in my previous life loved to hear themselves talk. Few really listened to the answers to their questions, and virtually all of them mostly just wanted you to agree to whatever their interpretation was ...
  2. Any bird lurking outside my window at sunrise will have a very short life expectancy ...
  3. People that don't have the covid virus or some life-threatening condition aren't going to hospitals now, thus the ship has almost no patients. Last I saw, the Navy was in the process of changing the protocols to allow covid patients to be treated on the ship.
  4. Makes sense. Hospitals have always been one of the best places to go if you want to be exposed to all kinds of germs, viruses and contagious diseases. I probably need to have a carpal tunnel surgery done at sometime, but it can wait ...
  5. I've been on "autopay" since before there was such a thing, dating back to when they were known as "drafts" on your account. I don't like having to remember to pay bills, so I have everything going out automatically. I do keep an eye on my accounts, but I really don't care what day of the month the payments go out ...
  6. Both parties will use the current crisis to push through their want-list of big ticket items prior to the election. If you have been paying any attention over the last several decades, the only time either party shows any concern over fiscal responsibility or deficits is when the other is in power. With the economy in freefall, both sides will use that as an excuse for a new spending splurge in a bid to reward their constituencies and buy a few seats in Congress ...
  7. Probably because its new. As you pointed out, we live with these other viruses year after year, so we have come to accept that some variant of flu will kill 30-50k of us every year. This virus is something new, people tend to react strongly to new or rare occurrences of anything. Look at how we empty the grocery stores every time somebody predicts a 30% chance of snow flurries, a forecast that would be considered spring-like in many parts of the country. The stats on communicability and mortality point out that the current virus is more likely that the flu to kill certain segments of the population, and the speed and unfamiliarity of this disease has raised the fear factor exponentially ...
  8. Exactly. Just like the 1000 times, or whatever the numbers were, that the R's passed bills in the House doing away with Obamacare back when the Dems ruled the Senate. The bills had absolutely no chance of becoming laws, but satisfied the ones in the party clamoring for passage. Of course once the R's took control of both houses, these types of bills mostly disappeared, as many realized that the R's had no valid plan for the "replace" part of repeal and replace ...
  9. The guy might not qualify for a Nobel prize, but he's got an excellent chance for a Darwin Award ... The diameter of an average grain of table salt is about .3mm. If you placed 6 trillion grains of table salt side-by-side, then converted the distance to miles, it would stretch just over 1.1 million miles, or about 4 times the distance from the earth to the moon ...
  10. J. Paul Getty, when asked when he first knew that he was a billionaire, replied "if you can count your millions, you're not a billionaire". You can paraphrase that to "if you can count your ammo, you don't have enough ..."
  11. And right after that announcement Google said they have no idea about that ...
  12. Obviously a slow learner ... It's why they pay you guys the big bucks ...
  13. It's going to be interesting seeing how this turns out ...
  14. This thread has gone totally TMI ...

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