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  1. Does TGO count as social media? I don't have any Facetime, Snapgrams, or anything like that ...
  2. No_0ne

    wanted wanted 7.62x54R copper washed ammo

    Just out of curiosity. why the Russian ammo instead of the brass-cased you already have? I'm guessing this is some kind of project you're working on.
  3. No_0ne

    It happened in 1977...

    Betamax was a vastly superior recording system to VHS, with a better tape transport mechanism and much higher recording quality possible. Sony erred in insisting on relatively high licensing fees, while VHS was essentially open-source, so companies could reduce cost by adopting VHS over Beta. The increased recording time of VHS was due to the lower resolution, as both formats began producing tapes with longer recording times this advantage proved negligible. It wasn't until the advent of "Super VHS" that the JVC format could rival the quality of Beta, but by that time the Beta format was already doomed to failure due to poor marketing decisions by Sony ...
  4. I was referring more to the what, 75? votes that the house made during the Obama years, knowing it was all a waste of time. This noise about "gun reform", or whatever the current term is will be pretty much the same .. .
  5. This will have about as much effect as all that noise that the Republicans made about repealing the ACA after they took control of Congress a few years ago. I have no doubt that the House will conduct a bunch of symbolic votes on the subject, knowing all along that they are destined to fail in the Senate ...
  6. No_0ne

    Interesting auction

    If you have a rare one, post it. Even though I can never afford them, I still like to see pics ...
  7. No_0ne

    Interesting auction

    Auction companies almost never identify the truly rare rifles correctly. The auction was for the estate of a well-known collector, and the collection was available for viewing and inspection for several weeks ahead of the auction. The number of collectors of high-end Russian weapons is fairly small, and very interconnected, so word travels fast when the unique pieces become available. The buyer was present at the auction, as was the second highest bidder, if I remember correctly the third was a telephone bidder. There are a couple other buyers of these types of rifles that had recently made other expensive purchases and sat this auction out, or it might have gone even higher. As for what these people knew, the information is out there, if anyone takes the time to avail themselves of it,. but the time involved is measured in years of study, not something you can get out of a Wiki article. However, if you read the auction description carefully, there are a couple of clues: "K A 3" means it had the Cossack marking (it's actually the Cyrillic characters for "kaz", meaning "kos"), the stock is an early dragoon length (no recoil crossbolt), the rear site is the early "flat type" and the handguard is the "type 1", which wraps around the rear site and is virtually never found intact. I saved this particular auction in my watchlist solely on those clues, I had no idea if the rifle was a completely original, all-matching example or not, but those characteristics meant it would go high in any case ...
  8. No_0ne

    $119.99 Mosin with pictures!

    If that were a consideration, it would have been much better if you had started with a different rifle
  9. No_0ne

    $119.99 Mosin with pictures!

    One sold at auction last year for $14500, so this one's not likely to hold that distinction anytime soon ... And the one mentioned above is just the highest-known public price - there are others out there that have gone higher still, in private sales ...
  10. No_0ne

    $119.99 Mosin with pictures!

    They're kind of expensive, but they make scotchbrite wheels that you can put on a grinder, come in different grades and won't scratch and gouge the metal like a wire brush. Much easier to polish out the resulting finish. Just an idea ...
  11. Facts just get in the way of a good rant ...
  12. No_0ne

    TWD Season 9

    It is a show about zombies, you know ...
  13. No_0ne

    TWD Season 9

    Had a collision with some rebar, perforated abdomen, spent the rest of the show having flashbacks/hallucinations and reuniting with dead people from the past, while leading the zombie hoard away from (somewhere?), blew up the bridge he's been obsessed with this season, zombies fried and washed away. Lots of wailing and gnashing of teeth by remaining survivors, who are unaware that Rick landed on the riverbank ( a la Glen and the dumpster ), where he's kind of kidnapped/rescued by the Trash Lady and somebody in helos. Sequels/guest appearances implied, and another time jump to later, where apparently somebody or something called whisperers make an entry ... No flashback to the Carl kid, who is still pissed over being fired from the show last year, I guess ...
  14. No_0ne

    TWD Season 9

    Talking Dead was on but I didn't pay much attention to it. I have no doubt that AMC wants to milk what they can out of TWD, but I personally doubt that they will ever be able to duplicate the success of the original. Zombie shows have always had a limited audience and TWD is old. It's still a profitable show for AMC but not likely to sustain that for many more years. Plus, proliferation doesn't always equate success in spinoffs and sequels, even Disney managed to lose money on their latest iteration of the Star Wars franchise, which is mind-boggling in and of itself, not to mention that the Star Wars universe is orders of magnitude larger than that of TWD ...

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