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  1. If its mini-mags you're interested in, Ammomen just posted an ad for a 5k round case with free shipping for $299.45 https://kem-worx-dba-ammomen.ammoreadycloud.com/products/ammo-cci-0031-3346
  2. If the house has central heat and air, with duct work under the floors, leaving the insulation off is the easiest solution. Modern theory is to include the crawlspace as part of the conditioned area of the house, as such the outer walls are often insulated with rigid insulation, not fiberglass batts. They will typically put some sort of vapor barrier under the floors to guard against moisture. In older homes, this isn't practical, so the next best solution is a properly vented crawlspace with no subfloor insulation. This will prevent moisture accumulation such as you described.
  3. Being gmail, its almost certainly untraceable. The google account is probably tied to a burner phone, the money disappears as fast as its transferred. Google pay and related online services are fast becoming the internet equivalent to the old Western Union wire transfers, the preferred method of scammers. While I'm sympathetic to your plight, the very nature of these accounts makes them virtually impossible to track ...
  4. Drove my Dad's hand-me-down '72 Dodge LWB work truck at first, rust and all. In 1977 I bought my first car, a one year old Plymouth Fury Sport 2d HT.
  5. A lot of the trade in metals is done "off the books", and in cash only. People have differing reasons for this, at least some of it is due to tax issues. When I was most active in trading "junk" silver (older US coins with silver content, whose collectible value is equal to or less than their melt value) the internet as we know it now did not exist. At that time you traded mostly at coin, stamp and other collectible shows which operated much like gunshows. There were also known area dealers in metals, coins and other such commodities, most of that was done word of mouth. With junk silver, we traded mostly in "bags", which was by definition $1000 face value, i.e. 10k dimes, 4k quarters, 2k half-dollars, etc. The price of a bag of junk silver varied daily by the spot silver price, you had to know both that and the percentage of pure silver contained in each type of coin to correctly price a bag for either buying or selling. As with other things, the internet has made both pricing and marketing easier, with instant nationwide, or even worldwide exposure.
  6. There's some validity to using metals as a hedge against inflation, but speculating in metals as a source of investment returns is suspect at best. The metals markets tend to be highly volatile, and often act irrationally. Historically, investing in metals long term has been a disaster, at least in comparison to things like stocks and bonds. Sure, there have been some short-term periods in which fortunes have been made in metals speculation, there have been many more in which fortunes have been lost. Coin collecting is an entirely different subject, where intrinsic value often has little to do with market pricing. However, in the last few decades, collectible coins have also been victims of "irrational exuberance", to use Alan Greenspan's famous term, for an example see the insane run-up (and subsequent crash) of Morgan dollars in the 80's ...
  7. It's kind of hard for me to get overly worked up about a bill that's not yet filed, by a legislature not yet sworn in, in a state in which I don't live ...
  8. Since I couldn't tell if you were being facetious or not, I decided to stop being so lazy and look it up myself. I found a lot of references to some proposed gun bills, and a lot of "the sky is falling" type remarks on the tinfoil hat type sites that I never read. Looks like whatever was being proposed has been weakened or abandoned now ...
  9. Especially when they send them off with a flintlock ...
  10. So what's going on in Virginia that's got you so paranoid?
  11. If I've ever bought anything but full sized pistols (or revolvers) I don't remember it. I did wind up with an old Iver Johnson .22 revolver that belonged to my dad, which incidentally I didn't know he owned until I found it while going through his closets after his passing ...
  12. This is West Tennessee, where anything over 100 feet above the surrounding topography is called "(Something) Mountain" ....
  13. This was my first thought too. I grew up about 30 miles from there, in those days the paper mills had some huge operations in Henderson, Hardin and McNairy counties. I've been away from there for many years so I'm not sure how much of that is still going on, but it makes sense that this is a defunct tree-farming operation ...

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