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  1. We are disinclined to concern ourselves with the opinions of commoners
  2. Turns out I'm a descendant of the kings of England, by way of Edward III. That also makes me a many times great grandson of Henry II and William the Conqueror, formerly known as William the Bastard prior to his victory over Harold at Hastings. Makes sense, in more ways than one ...
  3. It's hard to be a retailer without stock. I would guess others will follow the same path. Closing up shop will help reduce overhead and possibly insure survival, as opposed to remaining open with nothing to sell and watching whatever equity you have disappear ...
  4. Of course, should they hire Freeze, their recruiting might pick up. Hookers as hostesses might do the trick ...
  5. They're always boiling over about something, Freeze just happens to be the flavor of the month ...
  6. Is Tennessee back? They're back to looking for another coach, and are possibly back to dealing with another athletic department scandal. f they were involved in a pay to play situation, they could probably sue the players involved for breach of contract ...
  7. Many local libraries have genealogical societies, and most of these have people who can help you get started. A lot of that type of information can be accessed through the Mormons, as that's an essential part of their religion and they probably have the most comprehensive genealogical records in the world. Fair warning, once you get involved with folks interested in this stuff, be prepared to listen to their stories and lists nonstop. This stuff bores me to tears, but my mom was really big into it for many years ...
  8. AIM Surplus got a shipment in a few days ago. It's OOS now, but if you sign up for their mailing list, you can get notified when the next batch arrives ...
  9. https://nashville.craigslist.org/cto/d/joelton-1951-military-jeep/7251232492.html https://evansville.craigslist.org/cto/d/evansville-1956-jeep-willys-cj5/7250667133.html Some potential father-son projects ...
  10. You obviously priced the tiller too low. "Fair" is a subjective term, make sure you're "fair" to yourself first ...
  11. This guy looks a lot like me. Except he has hair, of course, and I don't refuse many meals ...
  12. Wow, I never knew they made grinders specifically for old meat . Seriously, I remember my grandmother had one virtually identical to this when I was a kid - GLWS.
  13. Yep, not going there. TGODavid says no politics, so I'll abide by his wishes and bow out of this thread ...


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