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  1. No_0ne

    PC Advice

    For a desktop, you might consider having one built to order. There are shops that do this, also a lot of regular folks can put one together for you, chances are somebody you know has built their own ...
  2. 50 years from now, there will be posts exclaiming about the "crazy cheap ammo prices" from 2019 ...
  3. If the buyer is smart, he will also have a title search done. Although I'm sure your property is free and clear of old liens, taxes, etc., there have been numerous instances where buyers get surprised by such things. A title search is simply good insurance ...
  4. A 220 breaker is just a double pole breaker, so yes you can replace the 20A 110's with a 220, providing the same brand is used as dralarms pointed out already.
  5. No_0ne

    Colt & AR's

    I doubt that any bank reluctant to provide financing to Colt is refusing due to outside influence - Colt's owners have a long history of raiding equity from the company and hanging investors and financiers out to dry in the process. Why would any thinking company or individual want to throw any more good money after bad into Colt ...
  6. I see 3 different varieties of 380 and 8 of 223 currently in stock at RK's online site ...
  7. No_0ne

    Colt & AR's

    Yes, the various iterations of hedge fund and private equity entities who have owned Colt for many years have been very adept at using other people's money to squeeze any remaining capital from the company, with no regard to innovation, vision or market dynamics. I suspect that ride is nearing the end, and once these current government contracts expire Colt will either be sold off or just allowed to cease operations altogether ...
  8. No_0ne

    Colt & AR's

    Good analysis. The simple fact is that Colt is so poorly run and managed, their only mode of survival is in government contracts, preferably (for them) the no-bid types ...
  9. You might have better luck advertising on a site like phantompilots.com. They have classified sections for all the various Phantom models ...
  10. Meh, it's McDonalds, the food sucks anyway ...
  11. No_0ne

    UT vs GA State

    That's cruel, promoting hope only to see their little hearts torn out again ...
  12. Only the body, drivetrain, suspension, electrical and fuel systems ... All of it ... Not difficult, nor expensive to work on, which is a good thing because nothing will ever work on one ... As you can tell, I was not enamored of them, even back when they were new ...

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