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  1. You don't. Buy a few dozen Mosins instead ...
  2. Those damn squids will completely stop up a revolver too, all 6 chambers ...
  3. A bigger question is whether G.R.R. Martin will live long enough to finish the series - we might be looking at the definitive version on the TV show, if he doesn't pick up the pace ...
  4. Now that my internet decided to cooperate and I finally got to watch the first episode of this season, if the first one is indicative of the season as a whole, this might wind up being the best one yet ...
  5. Big fan here, albeit I missed tonight's show by virtue of slow internet. This is not the final season, that's next year, and I agree, at least as far as the books, there are a lot of plotlines to finish ...
  6. We have all had those occasional lapses of judgement, but usually it involves a bar, a woman, and large quantities of alcohol ...
  7. Netflix, Amazon, Youtube and Sling are my sources for entertainment. Movies come out on DVD at the same or better rate than they hit the big screens, just a few months later. The only time I break down and attend one at a theater is the rare occasion when a new Star Wars flick comes out ...
  8. This page has a pic of a buttplate exactly like yours, along with the drilled stock. From what I can make out, it's a page describing the characteristics of the "private" version of these rifles, and maybe comparing them to the military version as well. Since I don't read of speak Norwegian, it's hard to tell exactly what these pics represent. http://www.kvf.no/vaapen.php?type=Rifle&weaponid=RIF0096 This page was fond at this site: http://www.kvf.no/guns-rifler.php
  9. If you're not set on a particular brand, 22lr can be shipped to your door for under (slightly) 5 cents per round in practically any quantity over 500 now. Several online retailers are again offering deals on 50k round lots of Aguila, and other brands.
  10. No, as this is a Nagant ...
  11. for-sale

    The RK Shows website says up to 350 "booths" available, in the 2 or 3 times I've been there I have yet to see anywhere near that many set up, my guess is more like 200 tables tops. As far as being "worth the drive", that depends on what you're expecting, it's a very typical gunshow as a rule. The only thing I can remember purchasing there was a Ruger SR9 years ago.
  12. How do I store ammo? In the same sealed tins and crates it's been in for the last 30-60 years ...
  13. Agreed. I see the rear sight has the "racetrack" style of eliminating the Russian arshin markings, that along with the non-modified rear site aperture makes me think it was most likely a wartime replacement of the earlier M27 sight. These were done in that way for expediency during the war, by WWII's end the M27 was phased out of service in favor of the M39, but as you pointed out many were refurbed and held in storage for many years afterwards.
  14. As you said, not unheard of, but not unknown either. You find "missing" D stamps more often on Civil Guard rifles, but that's to be expected as the "D" stamping was the result of the regular Army's attempts to standardize the chambering of all their weapons for the D-166 bullet. There are multiple reasons why this one didn't receive the stamp, including an oversight by the armorers or the possibility that this rifle was never re-chambered. The "F" mark indicates this rifle was originally chambered for the earlier Finnish 7.62x53r cartridge, which was dimensionally very close to the later D-166 cartridge, enough so that many people have had no problems shooting modern ammo, YMMV of course. I see this rifle also has the original Russian-type rear sight aperture, without the flat plate aperture normally added to these sights by the Finns. What stock type does it have, is the bolt of the "winged" variety, and what nosecap type does it have? If you have found 3 different M27's in the wild, you've done better than most, typically you have to search auction sites and collector forums to find even that many. Nice rifle, btw.
  15. No loopholes. Molot went into bankruptcy a year or more ago, the Kalishnikov industry group bought them out, or whatever the Russian equivalent is. Congress is in a mood to strengthen sanctions on Russia, I don't think that bodes well fro more armaments being imported from there ...

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