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  1. There's still plenty of opportunities to use a C&R, but it's in the secondary markets now. There are a lot of collectors out there buying many guns per year off their 03 license ...
  2. I'm only a casual observer at best regarding the NRA, but even I could read enough between the lines of the current scandals to know that the whole organization has been hemorrhaging funds in the various kickbacks, payoffs, insider scams, and other billing and compensation schemes ...
  3. Just for the exercise: you can buy 55gr bullets for 8-10 cents, powder is roughly 8-10 cents, a primer is 3 cents. That's 23 cents per cartridge on the high side for a standard .223 load. I don't know off hand what new brass goes for, but used brass can be found easily at 10 cents per. So a reloaded .223 should run about 30-33 cents per round (less if you're careful where and when you buy your components). This is for new, not pulled components, I haven't seen any pulldown bullets or powders offered in a while so I have no idea of current pricing. Your best bet is probably to shoot the new ammunition for plinking, save the brass and reload it rather than trying to salvage the commercial components to reduce cost ...
  4. I hire a local kid to do this. I offer good advice and supervision ...
  5. ^This. Modern hydros don't react well to being "dragged", without being placed in the "tow" position first. It doesn't take much to shell them internally doing this ...
  6. I was 8. I wanted to stay up and watch the actual egress from the lander, but Mom was adamant that it would be way too late for me to stay up and I could see it in the morning. I found out the next day that Armstrong went out at about 10 pm, which even though was later than my usual bedtime, wasn't out of the question for summer. I still haven't forgiven my mother ...
  7. The days of "much" being imported are over. There are some occasional shipments trickling in, mostly from private sales overseas to locators for bonded importers, they make a lot of treks around Europe seeking out old milsurps for sale on the private market and when they have enough stockpiled to make a shipment, they send them over. Apparently a very small shipment of Mosins made it in from Ukraine last year, and a few similar rifles from the former Yugoslavia states and Albania have also made it over in the last 2 or 3 years, but it's a tiny trickle, at best ...
  8. http://kubotabooks.com/AutoIndex/index.php?dir=Tractor Parts Manuals/&file=B3030HSD.pdf Search for "bevel gear case". Looks like there is a dowell and o-ring in this joint. Hope this helps.
  9. Probably not. I've often thought that every one of these show the effects of bored Chinese soldiers who sat around beating the hell out of their rifle stocks ...
  10. Amazon just filed the initial docs for a new low-orbit satellite system to provide internet connections from space. Apparently this is a thing for several companies, their are 4 or 5 different ones all planning on the launch of anywhere from 1000 to 12000 of these satellites to enable most of the world access to broadband internet. It's going to get quite crowded up there ... Amazon's Kuiper project
  11. I just rebuilt an older (@2010) desktop for use in my shop. I did install a new SSD in place of the old harddrive, loaded a fresh copy of Win 10 and used my old Win 7 key to activate. No problems whatsoever, albeit when I built this one originally I put a pretty good CPU (for that time) in it. As for the changeover to Windows 10, as usual with a new OS it took a few days and some online research for me to get comfortable with it, but now I've come around to the idea that I like it at least as well as Win 7 ...
  12. I wish I could see clay birds at 100 yards ...
  13. Have the local power company come out and run a test on your transformer and inlet lines. Sometimes there are problems with the supply voltage, leakage, etc. which can be worsened by storms and routine surges.
  14. As someone who generally enjoys the TV series, but has never seen the comic books, when did they stop issuing them?
  15. Those prices are normal, in 2019 ...

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