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  1. HCP renewal question

    Exactly. A check (well, a debit or credit card anyway) will make all this go away ...
  2. 50 Cal Ammo Cans

    Just a note, PSA ran a deal for 12 new 50cal cans, shipped for $89.95 a couple of months ago. Since it's November, you might keep an eye for something similar from them again soon ...
  3. Interesting auction

    The first rifle listed is an original, matching 1896 Cossack rifle. Similar to the early Dragoons, but specifically marked for the Cossack cavalry battalions, and far more rare, especially in matching condition. It's essentially a museum piece, perhaps unique, thus the interest (and price). It doesn't hurt that it came from the estate of one of the true greats in the milsurp collection world, and was auctioned by a company of similar notoriety ...
  4. https://www.proxibid.com/aspr/3-RUSSIAN-MOSIN-NAGANT-BOLT-ACTION-RIFLES/38408691/LotDetail.asp?lid=38408691&scrollLocationOnCatalog=1436 It's the first of the three that brought such interest ... Note: There's an additional 20% buyer's premium on top of the listed price, putting the buyer's total at $17k plus ...
  5. Ammo brass?

    It's probably worth a try, but I doubt most of them are getting much lead in. Wheel weights either have, or are moving away from lead, and a lot of the other sources of lead (old plumbing being removed, medical lead disposal, etc.) have pretty much run their course, or are being scooped up as it comes available by private buyers ...
  6. Ammo brass?

    Most metal prices are so depressed that many of the yards are just sitting on scrap, waiting for prices to increase before selling. Eventually the yards are full of scrap waiting to be processed, and they start rejecting some metals due to lack of space or interest ...
  7. COM BLOC Code #

    Guns, specifically Mosin Nagant varieties made in Poland after WWII are marked "11", while those from Hungary are marked "02". A s far as I know, there are no corresponding numbers on the Romanian varieties, rather that country marked its guns with a Romanian proof which looks similar to, but not exactly like the Izhevsk crest. I have no idea if a similar numbering system was applied to ammunition manufactured in those countries.
  8. Kennedy files to be released

    Since when has any conspiracy theorist ever been swayed by facts?
  9. Vintage Gun Photos

    Except he's Turkish, with a captured M91 ...
  10. Vintage Gun Photos

    Not your typical WWI era soldier ...
  11. Vintage Gun Photos

    Not much more than a child's toy, compared to the 800 mm Schwerer Gustav "Dora" ...
  12. GJ is good to go, nice work and easy to work with.
  13. Las Vegas Shooting

    Flightaware tracks flights of aircraft in the ATC system, either IFR or VFR with flight following. If you perform a flight in VFR conditions, do not file any sort of flightplan, don't have an active transponder, and in many areas of the country fly outside of radar coverage (either due to altitude or lack of coverage) Flightaware never registers or tracks your flight. As an example, try looking up the tail numbers of most agricultural planes flying everyday, they don't show as having any active flights. As for registration, a plane will show as active until it's current certificate is declared void upon expiration, that takes a minimum of 3 years, and the FAA's databases are notoriously slow to update. It appears that N5343M's certificate was in fact voided in 2013, at which time that plane was assigned a new tail number, 145AW, according to the current FAA registration database (both tail numbers belong to a plane with the same serial number, unique transponder code, and manufacturer's number). As for why a new tail number was assigned, who knows, it's not something that occurs every day but is not unheard of, numbers are sometimes changed at the owner's request, expired tail numbers may have been reassigned by the FAA, and some have even been known to change tail numbers after accidents, to make tracing the history of the plane a bit more difficult for prospective buyers. As for the Volant corporation, a quick search shows dozens of "Volant" companies across the US, and many aircraft owners set up LLC's to register their aircraft with, most for tax purposes but there are other valid reasons as well. It's quite a stretch to make these facts into some kind of sinister terrorist plot, you can find hundreds of aircraft across the US with either inactive certificates, sitting neglected on ramps and no longer flying, numerous transfers of ownership, registered under corporate pseudonyms, and having had previous owners who have become somewhat famous (or infamous) for various reasons. Somewhere out there is a small plane once owned by Fred Smith, of Fed-ex fame, and an unknown TGO poster who is decidedly contemptuous of conspiracy theories ...
  14. Las Vegas Shooting

    The only thing that first post proves is that the author is clueless on how Flightaware, and aircraft registration works ...
  15. The Holster and Sheath Making Thread.

    Albeit one of us more successfully than the other ...

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