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  1. If it's not, you're on the wrong SKS sites. The website referenced by the OP has been around forever. I'm not into SKS's, but even I have known about it for ages ...
  2. And with this year not counting towards eligibility, Gitmo could be quarterbacking for the Vols again next year too ...
  3. No_0ne

    TICS Denied

    Good luck with that one ...
  4. AMC is ending TWD after season 11, which will be aired in 24 episodes during 2021-22. This in addition to 6 add-on episodes to the current season 10 which will begin this November. Counting tonight's "season finale" (which really isn't) means there are 31 episodes remaining ...
  5. I've owned a blue. 4" Security Six since about 1978. Never owned a snub, but I did pick up a very nice 6" stainless model a couple years ago ...
  6. Don't expect the used truck market to cool much, if any, between now and spring ...
  7. No_0ne


    Any takers on how long before it becomes a "gays" thread ...
  8. Some will, others won't. Probably the easiest way would be for the OP's friend to pick the gun up, take it back to Kentucky, then do an FFL to FFl transfer ...
  9. Thrust has to be more than the weight of the engine, fuel, etc. plus the pilot and any other hardware onboard. As for fuel, that depends on the weight, type of engine, type of fuel and several other factors. If this contraption has no lifting surfaces, i.e. wings, then yes it takes a lot of fuel to lift you that high ...
  10. Yes, it violates both separation regulations and common sense. I doubt he has the capability of moving out of the way as fast as the jet flies on approach, and he obviously wasn't sporting a transponder or other means of identification, so contact with other airplanes was a natural outcome of being where he was. I don't have a LAX Terminal Area Chart available, but I also doubt he was in one of the VFR corridors that don't require a bravo clearance, so once he gets tracked down he's liable to have a number of violations charged against him. He should have gone well outside the bravo airspac
  11. At the same altitude, negligible. Wakes tend to travel back, and down from the wings ...
  12. I an see where this is heading ...
  13. Good luck in your hunt, but I'm afraid you'll find that the ship has sailed on $400 SKS's. If by original you mean non-refurbed rifles, Russian examples have been &700+ for a few years now ...
  14. Nope. In 1972 I was out in the yard, blowing stuff up with firecrackers and such ... Thanks, but it remains to be seen how much determination I have. As for skill, I'm afraid not very much ...
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