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  1. Password / Email issues

    Definitely on your end. I still get the same message about emails from TGO getting bounced, but since I changed to the last email address, I actually get several emails per day from TGO. I have tried clearing cache, as well as logging out and signing back in, the orange banner is still at the top of each page here.
  2. Your memories!!

    Well, I can remember, as a child, ...... What were we talking about again?
  3. TWD Season 8

    I gave up worrying about goofs, inconsistencies, technical errors and anachronisms on this show long ago, makes watching it more enjoyable ...
  4. TWD Season 8

    Well. That assumption certainly wasn't right. Lots of plot twists in this one ...
  5. Password / Email issues

    I'm getting email updates from TGO on the latest account now, but I still have the orange banner stating: "Emails that we send to you are being returned to us. If our emails continue to bounce, we will stop sending emails to you and require you to update your email address. " at the top of each page on the site.
  6. Password / Email issues

    Not sure, however I updated the email to yet another account and got the confirmation link to go through, however I still have the same message appearing on TGO pages as the OP, even after updating the email address.
  7. Password / Email issues

    I'm getting the same message as the OP. Changed the email address, same message, except TGO now shows the updated email address as my current one. Suggestions?
  8. Vintage Gun Photos

    Not bad. The Russians had a better idea though ...
  9. TWD Season 8

    From the previews it seems that maybe we are about to see the apocalyptic battle between the Old Guard and Negan's forces, after all that storyline has been running what, 3 years now?
  10. TWD Season 8

    I think Eugene has gone over to the savior side permanently now. Having both of your old comrades swear to kill you while kidnapping you will tend to do that. I also don't think he much liked the idea of being locked up in a hole until called on to render ideas, after all that scenario isn't nearly as appealing as being Dr. Smarty Pants for Negan, along with the perks of women, wine, and especially garlic flavored sardine enhanced mac and cheese ...
  11. TWD Season 8

    50 "soldiers" wielding automatic weapons ( since it seems everybody in TWD has a FA) is going to really use up a lot of ammo, those 6 guys with the single stage presses are going to have to get after it ...
  12. TWD Season 8

    A half dozen RCBS single round loaders. Eugene needs to read up on progressives ... On the other hand, he does seem to have a massive melt pot ...
  13. Well 1st part is done fnally!

    Count me interested in any 357 brass you have, also the .38 as well ...
  14. Snow tomorrow ??

    Light snow for 2 or 3 hours this morning in Northwest Tn., enough to whiten the grass and leave some buildup on the trees. Interesting weather we're having this "spring" ...
  15. Only Bubbas ....

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