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  1. Thought I would bump this up, for anybody looking for the chatroom now.
  2. Bermuda will stripe beautifully, even when cut at 5/8", but you need to spend a bit more on a mower ...
  3. My utilities, phone, and whatever else I could get on it have been drafted since way before there were e-checks, internet, or anything remotely similar. It's kind of a set and forget thing, the bills get paid on time, I don't have to screw with them, no fees get charged, everybody's happy ...
  4. Except some of us like our guns to be old as well ....
  5. I can't help you with a quote, as my experience in this is decades old and I'm not up on current pricing. What I can tell you is to avoid any estimates on price per square foot, as it's one of the most useless methods for estimating construction costs, due to the vast differences in what people consider a "typical" home. Get in touch with some builders who are active in the area, they are much better equipped to give some ballpark estimates if you can provide some minimal expectations as to what you are interested in ...
  6. Looked like he was on the verge of a stall several times. Good thing his new ultralight was mechanically and structurally sound. He's very lucky that his stupidity didn't cause him to become a statistic ...
  7. Per forum rules, you must list a price David ...
  8. I did, but you'll never hear me admit it ...
  9. SJewell already pointed out the problem with this one. By the time Pearl Harbor occurred, that "little island nation" had developed one of the largest and most powerful navies in the world, conquered a good deal of China, and were well on their way to driving the world's greatest naval power (Great Britain) out of the Pacific entirely. In addition they had established enough bases throughout the Pacific that we had zero chance of getting any planes, ships or other armaments anywhere near enough to do even minimal damage to their occupied and territorial areas. It took us years to work our way across the Pacific to finally be able to drop the bombs that literally only became available a month before we used them, at the cost of many lives. You can make a valid argument that we could have done it somewhat sooner by concentrating forces there earlier, or bypassing the conquest of the Philippines which had little strategic value to the end result, but the fact that it also took years to ramp up our production of war materials to the point necessary to accomplish the victory over Japan would have precluded that it could have occurred much sooner than it did. Meanwhile, Europe, Africa, a good bit of Russia, and probably Great Britain would almost certainly have fallen to Germany, and we ultimately would have wound up fighting there anyway, except in a much more precarious situation ...
  10. That shipment was most of 2 containers that Bob Bowman of Florida manged to get out of Ukraine a while back. The uproar there has pretty much shut down all shipments of 7.62x54r out of that country for the foreseeable future. SG probably had that ad up by mistake, a newer version of the ad had it for about $280 per crate, the old one was still visible to members when they posted the ammo. Both the ammo and the ad were gone very quickly, that shipment was the first to the US in over 2 years, none since. Unless something changes radically in the world, those prices are most likely gone for good. A lot of the old Comm-bloc countries sold out of this ammo several years ago, it's not available out of Russia since the Clinton years, anything that comes out of Ukraine will wind up in the middle east as they are paying 70 cents and up per round for it. There are a few other places that still have some, but bad logistics, political concerns, and supply and demand pretty much preclude the old prices being seen again.
  11. It has one, it's removable. He has a wife and young son, keeps the stick out for their convenience when entering and leaving the plane ...
  12. If they were going to install aftermarket general aviation avionics from Garmin and Dynon, they could have at least sprung for what this guy did in his RV-10 It's a Garmin G3X touchscreen system, by the way ...
  13. As long as you're using them for solvent traps, i.e. to catch waste fluids and debris when cleaning, you are good to go. Fire a round through them, different story ...
  14. Nice work, good luck with the sale.
  15. It was a good episode, but I thought they gave some plot points away throughout the show. Saw Sasha's ploy coming, as well as the Benedict Arnold move by the Dumpster Divers, still overall a good way to wind up the season.

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