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  1. No_0ne

    Fun pictures or videos.

    He probably didn't marry her for her brains ...
  2. No_0ne

    Clueless teens, 17, baffled by a rotary phone

    I'm not sure why this should be a sign of the imminent demise of western civilization. There's absolutely no need for teens or anyone else to know how to use a rotary phone, these were analog devices which are no longer functional, as the phone companies moved to digital transmissions years ago. Rotary phones are a technology that has no discernible use in the modern world, it's akin to expecting somebody to know how to make a mud and wattle hut ...
  3. No_0ne

    Words to live by....

    Me either, and the world is a better place because of that ...
  4. No_0ne

    Words to live by....

    "It's hard to remember that your main objective was to drain the swamp when you're up to your ass in alligators".
  5. I don't know Florida laws, but here in Tennessee, Sheriffs are typically removed right after their first felony conviction ...
  6. No_0ne

    Vintage Gun Photos

    What gun?
  7. No_0ne

    Go Tigers!

    By that standard, Clemson was the only good team in the nation this year ...
  8. No_0ne

    Go Tigers!

    It's not often you see somebody put a whipping on Alabama like that ...
  9. No_0ne

    Vintage Gun Photos

    That's easy, the Cleveland Browns vs. the Chicago Cardinals ...
  10. No_0ne

    Vintage Gun Photos

    The earliest known hipsters ...
  11. No_0ne

    Vintage Gun Photos

    Guess these two never got the memo about the whole drinking and carrying thing ...
  12. No_0ne

    car title transfer

    1. Have whoever's name is on the title now sign the back as the seller 2. Take signed title to your local County Clerk's office 3. Write a check for title fees and applicable sales tax If the sales price falls below what is known as "fair market" value, you will have to prove the actual selling price by some sort of affidavit, the folks at the Clerk's office can explain all that to you ...
  13. No_0ne

    Wounded Knee

    I also had Tennessee History in 7th grade, circa 1973, but I'm pretty sure we didn't use the Blue Book as a textbook. Maybe it was used as a supplemental source for the section on the government of Tennessee, but not as the main text. That's been a few years ago, so my memories of the text are fairly vague, but our teacher was a retired career soldier, having served as a Command Sgt. Major. His class was the one we had directly prior to lunch, one of his duties was to take the class to the cafeteria before offloading us to whoever supervised there. Early in the year, he taught us to march, we made quite a sight and got a lot of stares marching to cadence into the lunchroom ...
  14. No_0ne

    Wounded Knee

    I don't disagree, but that's always been true. Professional historians have always had disagreements in their interpretation of historical events and even what those events were; as new data, primary sources, written accounts, and previously unknown details are uncovered not only are interpretations and viewpoints constantly changing, but even accounts of what actually happened in one era or another change. Many of these same historians have been forced to revise and update their previous assertions regarding past events, often in relatively short time periods. This process is an integral part of the study of history now and has been in the past as well. This doesn't imply that historians, like all people, have not sometimes interjected their personal viewpoints, opinions, prejudices and beliefs into their professional work, but that characteristic is not unique to later scholars only ...

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