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  1. I can sympathize with them though. Although I know what Hi-Powers are, most of the time I'm totally lost when folks on here are discussing the latest whiz-bang, plastic fantastic Glock 62-whatever they're drooling over ...
  2. The pic Chuck posted was loaded on Springfield's site earlier with the caption "we're bringing it back".
  3. Comment found on another site in response to this being posted: "Given that the Tisas Regent BR9 has disappeared from the market, my bet is on them being rebadged by Springfield. There is a distant outside chance that Dasan Machineries of South Korea has tooled up for BHP without anyone noticing, but at last check they only offered barrels. Dasan has definitely been providing support for SAI’s M1A and Saint lines, and probably their M1911 as well after SAI cut ties with Brazil’s IMBEL – Fabrica de Itajuba roughly a decade ago. Dasan clearly lost out when their biggest US client, Remington, tanked. SIG-Sauer Inc. reportedly dropped them as a subcontractor a few years ago. Dan Wesson has been another client, and it should be interesting to see if their parent company CZ drops Dasan in favor of Colt’s in-house production capabilities."
  4. The first non-corrosive primers were made in the 20's, but didn't become very popular until the mid-50's when many of the world's military organizations began switching over ...
  5. Not to mention the fact that, whatever it is that Vandy does on Saturdays in the fall, it hardly deserves to be called football ...
  6. I'm surprised this wasn't already in effect. Transplants are risky enough when the recipients and donors don't already have communicable diseases, and typically require that both are up to date on about every vaccination available. Given the expense, risk factors and long waiting lists for organs i would have thought most places were already doing this ...
  7. "Bargains" are still out there, they're just not $79 anymore ...
  8. I'm not sure what your definition of "cheap" is, but the Rossi and Taurus revolvers are inexpensive as compared to the name brands ...
  9. Yes, their prices are up significantly as well, compared to years back. What's your point?
  10. True, but as a poster recently pointed out over on Gunboards, completely irrelevant. Prices from 5, 10 or 30 years ago have no bearing on today's market, and it's obvious that collectors are more than willing to pay up for examples to fill (or in some cases, start) their collections. The waves of cheap imported milsurps are over, and prices aren't likely to fall significantly in the future ...


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