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  1. Tear it up, throw it away. Do the same with the followup letters, including those from the collection agency they sell the ticket to. They give up after a while.
  2. Now we have it, Jesus is officially gay ...
  3. Have him get in contact with somebody who does that routinely, like Simpsons, et. al. as quoted above.
  4. I agree that the shipping cost in the post I quoted above does sound unrealistically expensive, but from what I've gathered throughout the years, the other prices are typical, again depending on exactly where you are importing from. As for the dealers who bring them in by the thousands, they are normally already set up to do these types of importation by virtue of being bonded importers, with the right type of FFL license as well as ATF and customs credentials.
  5. Quoted from a similar thread on gunboards.com recently: " It's more than that Martin. It's whatever the cost of export permit. Shipping to and within the US, broker fees, excise tax and any other crating fees. I am at the start of this for myself for a gun from Sweden. My experience thus far: Export permit $86 Aluminum case $50 Shipping to US. $350 Broker fee - currently unknown Excise tax 3% total retail value of gun ~$25 shipping to Simpsons from port of entry (Chicago) $50 Import paperwork $200 for 1-5 firearms. Shipping to my location $50 Background check at local FFL $20 "
  6. You are going to need the services of dealer's who import arms as a specific part of their business. They will handle the business end of it, including customs duties and overseas contacts for a specified price. Be aware, it's not just US customs and the ATF you will be dealing with, other nations have their own set of rules and regulations regarding exports, these can vary from place to place, and often include export duties as well. It can be done, but it's going to be a much more expensive and time consuming process than a routine transfer between FFL's.
  7. Don't forget the concrete needed for the foundation. For a 24x40 slab, that will be another 9-10 yards. I always used 80 sq. ft for the amount of square footage that a yard would poor on a 4" slab, which allows for small differences in elevation and some waste. Figure about 21-22 yards to include a perimeter foundation of 1x2 ft. in addition to the slab. I always liked pouring on fill sand and gravel as a base, along with wire for reinforcement and plastic for a vapor barrier which will also figure into the totals. Admittedly I've been out of that line of work for many years, folks may have very different ideas about how slabs are poured these days. These estimates do not include anything for the cost of finishing, I have no idea what that runs now.
  8. It means if you check it, a pop-up will appear when you have personal messages, replies to a thread you posted in, etc. If you disable it, it will drive you nuts with other pop-ups asking if you want to enable notifications every time you open something up here. Kind of a damned if you do, damned if you don't scenario ...
  9. Ammo rebates may move slowly, but not as slow as some pf the computer parts rebates I've got out ...
  10. Nope. Nixon was going to be impeached, and rightfully so, and the Senate was going to convict him. This was ultimately why he resigned when he did ...
  11. The deciding factor for Nixon's decision was when Barry Goldwater told him that he (Goldwater) would vote for impeachment on several of the articles under consideration in the House. Nixon knew that if he had lost Goldwater, the game was up ... Also true ...
  12. So is this going to be the new chat, or what. Looks like the experiment is over, one way or another.
  13. Translation, Nicky broke the chat again ...

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