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  1. I'm looking to consolidate down into calibers and have found myself yearning for other toys - thus I am putting my M&P up for sale. It's seem very few rounds and is an excellent shooter! Pictures can be sent upon request, however it is an M&P 5" without blemishes. Included in the package is the following: M&P 40 Pro 5" Barrel Competition Trigger Storm Lake .357 Sig Barrel Storm Lake 9mm Barrel 4 magazines .357 sig Defensive Ammo I'm looking to get $650 OBO FTF in East TN. I am open to trade offers (could add cash). Not looking for anything in particular so let me know w
  2. $3,500 If you can meet in east TN.
  3. Price drop - $3,900 for this week!
  4. For sale today is my very lightly ridden 2011KTM 150XC. It has been a fantastic bike for the trails, and provides more low end torque than any similar bike - no doubt its a rocket. Unfortunately I have only ridden the bike once in the three years I have owned it, so I must sell it to fund other projects. It was outfitted with a Factory Connections suspension system (front and rear), fatty bars, black powder coated Excel rims, and a few other small items. It is in great running condition. I would be willing to meet as far as Knoxville, Chattanooga, or Nashville for the right deal (I n
  5. wk05

    Glock 43

    I own a 43 and have ran about 100 rounds of +P through it as thats what I intend on carrying once I get my HCP.  I'm extremely happy with it. I think it's heavily criticized as its late to the game, but coupled with the +2 baseplates, I think its ONE of the best options in the single stack 9mm carry realm.  I wouldn't hesitate to get one at all!
  6. I'm headed up that way soon too(living in JC and working in Greeneville)!  First full time job out of school.  Looking for a good range, and recommendation for a HCP class instructor.  
  7. I've seen plenty of RMRs on shotguns.  While they aren't cheap by any means, they sure are tougher than nails and would make an awesome optic for shooting big ole toms! 
  8. Damn!  If you ever decide to split up that Longevity - let me know!  I've had my eyes on one for a while, they're great little machines!
  9. There are so many options!  Honestly, I would invest in the scope first.  Spending $200 on a scope for a precision rifle wouldn't be the best choice in my opinion (which is just that).  Personally, I'd look into a Vortex Viper HST 4-16.  Its an awesome scope you can find for anywhere from $500-600 and will serve you will as your rifle progresses.  Plus, better glass will give you a better idea as to how your rifle shoots stock.  Putting a $100 scope on a 700 isn't the greatest way to test accuracy.  I owned 2 700s and this was the case for me.  On one of
  10. I'm anxious to give the new long slide 10mm Glock a try!  I've waited some time for them to make one!  Looks to be a great HD/Woods/Farm/Vehicle gun.  
  11. If this passes, I will post a picture of my pet unicorn....
  12. Believe me!  I respectfully explained that AG opinions do not have the force of law, but there was no reasoning.  I even showed him the TCA codes and explained how it was not federally illegal for me to own one...  I tried to explain that for over 30 minutes with no joy from the LEO.  He called his Sherrif buddies to "check the law"...     OS - I went back and checked and like you found nothing good.  He actually showed me on his in-car computer and there was some form of legal document.  I am wondering if it was some internal directive from a state at
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