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  1. Welcome Tom. There's nothing wrong with military brass. Best stuff for reloading I can think of.
  2. I remember. If I[m right the ammo was corrosive as hell.
  3. gregintenn, you just ain't old enough. I got '68 American Rifleman magazines with carbines a lot cheaper than that.
  4. I remember going to the gun show and seeing guys with two wheelers rolling out the door with the two wheeler full of 762x39 ammo that they bought for $99 a case. The non corrosive had 990 rounds {I think} in a case and the corrosive had 1190 rounds in a case. AK's and SKS's were $69- $79 each depending on condition. Some were unfired, some had folding stocks. Who would have guessed that stamped out piece of crap would go up in value 8-10 times. I remember the rifle range at the club 4-6 inches deep with steel cases. Those were the days. The middle and lower income guys could afford to buy and feed a high powered rifle. The dealers were even selling the empty cases the guns came in.
  5. Has anyone tried them lately? They sure don't taste like the ones we had when we were kids. I bought some for my grand kids. They gave them back.
  6. I can tell you that my wife and I came to an agreement some time ago. If I buy a gun she gets equal money in jewelry.It's sure kept my gun buying to a minimum. But even so, she has a hard time getting through the metal detectors at the airports. Some how, like every other man, I end up on the short end of the deal.
  7. Oh WAAAA! Give it up. It's just a picture.
  8. If I were a lib I'd have to say it's the cop's fault for leaving the car unlocked. Let the boy go, crucify the cop.
  9. He saved Indiana a lot of money, and it could have been more if he shot the SOB.
  10. The 380 Hornady critical defense are pretty bad boys. Jelliton tests show the 12-18" penetration that the FBI require in their tests. And the permanent wound channel is pretty bad too. The retailers must know it because they want an arm and a leg for a box or them. Got mine at Benton Shooters Supply. They got $25 for 20 of 'em
  11. It's like a Doctors office. It's one of those places that have drugs. Carrying is a no no.
  12. I've got plates that I shoot at in the back. Dry firing after dark. The only match I go to is at ORSA in Oak Ridge once a month. There are other clubs that hold combat matches, I just don't want to travel any farther. Having a belly full of ulcers from being special layout in a sheet metal shop made me sit back and think of what it would take to settle me down. I started wondering which side of the grass I was going to wake up on.
  13. Have you tried something besides shooting cans in the creek? Try practical pistol shooting, USPSA and or IDPA. Great bunch of people you're shooting with and it's like plinking with a lot of others. That's where I went when I got to the point you are. That was about 17 years ago. Have been having a lot of fun, met a lot of great people, got a lot better with a gun too.
  14. This smells a bit to me. Is it possible that you all are being set up? Why would some lady tell a group that her husband, who is a felon, has a bunch of guns that have the serial numbers scratched off and were stolen.
  15. Ray Z

    S&W .380 EZ

    Just got one for my wife last week. Like what was said before, ez load, ez racking the slide, ez clear if it jams. BTW, it jammed on the first shot out of the box, and has eaten everything we put through it after that. Checked 380 on line. Not so bad with the right ammunition [Hornady Critical Defense]. 12"-14" penetration in ballistic jell, with a pretty nasty wound cavity. It ain't no 45, but she'll carry it.
  16. No, I'm suggesting that the drive-by-media takes it beyond that. But not this time, I'm pleased to say. Usually you read things that are not true, or twisted half truths. Are they selling news papers? In Tennessee, I don't think so. Most media have an anti gun agenda and write the story to fit it. That's what I meant. '
  17. This is crap! When somebody gets killed in a MVA the police stop traffic for a couple of hours, take pictures, ask questions, open traffic, and life goes on. Somebody takes a bullet and the media goes wild. I'm sorry that the doctor got shot, but #### happens.
  18. I've cast my own for a lot of years. Hard bullets and good lube have kept me going for a long time. Initial expense is high but will pay itself back quickly. Don't expect hi tech bullets with super expansion. But for plinking and target it can't be beat. Tried making my own lube years back. Butter flavored Crisco [what my wife had in the cupboard] and beeswax was what I used. Worked great but every time I went to the range, it smelled so good it made me hungry for a movie and a big bucket of popcorn.
  19. S&W M&P 5" very lite hits on primers. On my 1911's that means I got a bunch of crud in the firing pin hole. I can strip my race gun and limited guns down in nothing flat but striker fired I plead stupid in the first degree. What's up? How do I get access to the firing pin?
  20. It came from armslist. From a company that doesn't exist, with a phone number that isn't there. Had to dig for the name and number. Armslist refused to be a part of this. The officer I talked to in Las Vegas kept putting me off, and the ADA flat told me that they couldn't win so they weren't going to try. Funny, the person that cashed the postal money orders has their drivers license number on the front of the money orders from when they cashed them at the post office. I'm not trying to steal Sidewinders thunder. I'm just trying to show how futal a long distance transaction can be.
  21. My dad said that to me all the time. I should have remembered.
  22. Letter to LVPD.zip I realize Las Vegas has as many problems as anywhere else, But I did all the work for them. See attached
  23. Last year I got burned real bad on a Sig MPX. I bid and won one from a company in Las Vegas. To avoid the 3.5% up charge for credit cards I sent them money orders for over $1500. Making a long story short my FFL never saw the gun. Had the post office send me copies of the cashed money orders and took all my paperwork to my local police. They took a report and sent it on the police in Las Vegas. Who intern sent it to the district attorney's office. So even though i had copies of the money orders with the persons SS# on it and all the paperwork they wouldn't prosecute the persons involved. Even though it would cost me the up charge, if I had of used my credit card they would have taken the money out of their account and sent it back to me. Expensive lesson but I will never send money orders again.
  24. 31 bass!!! What the h+)& did you use for bate, dynamite?


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