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  1. I got into reloading several yrs ago. It’s addiction worse than guns. I bought supplies and when the 22 shortage happened, I bought more. While I see srp for stupid prices, I can go load for days upon days. Had a friend stop by and ask if I reload... yes. Carried him in and he freaked out on how much I can load. Wanted to buy some and got a big nope because I don’t have ffl to produce and sell. I’m looking into casting now just because I think I need to.
  2. I found the first link. Have to read up on the second one Been on gb and the 99 comes in a lot of calibers.
  3. Been thinking about getting one. Been looking at a Rossi 92 in 45 lc at the local gun store because of its price.
  4. I got prices on ar500 in 1/4&3/8. My friends supplier has a 4x4 of each he’s had in stock. 300 for 1/4 and 375 for 3/8. Does not include cutting of them. Bad news is my buddy had a motorcycle wreck and got a few broken bones and has to have a few surgeries. Arm in a sling for a couple months.
  5. Update on this after spending a day fixing my phone. As I’ve been researching on some new nfa laws and such since I haven’t bought any in 5 yrs, there’s a link out there that says atf floating around. I had to completely reboot my phone.
  6. Has this popped up when y’all use gunbroker search? It says “Do you want to download ids”. I can’t post a screenshot for some reason. Just started a couple hrs ago on me and very annoying. I’m not a computer guy but I’ve done everything except to reset my phone completely
  7. I stopped by a local gun store and they just happened to have a Argos in stock. I was impressed with it for the price. Also met a guy there that does nrl22 down in Cavern cove area and found out there’s 4-5 guys working there that’s getting into it. I’m in the middle of Eagle eye, Strategic Edge and Cavern cove, so I can have some fun at least 3 out of 4 weekends.
  8. That’s the best thing I’ve ever heard
  9. I bought this several years ago because I got a unbelievable deal on it. I’ve only shot a box through it. I don’t have a nice scope for it and has just sat there. Guess I’m not enjoying life it the way I should. Anybody else have guns they never use?
  10. It’s an obsession worse than guns
  11. This is what I’ve hoarded, maybe it’s time to set it free
  12. I didn’t expect those numbers!!! Guess I’ll have to rethink on how to make more money.


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