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  1. Well that judge needs a sanity check just for that comment! Really don't think he should continue to be a judge anymore...
  2. I figured the video looked a little old, so I did some digging: http://www.factcheck...l-in-australia/ http://www.gunsandcr...g/auresult.html While I CERTAINLY wouldn't want to give up my gun since criminals wouldn't just line up and give theirs either, what the OP posted is not really correct. I also believe (and the data that I've linked to supports that to an extend) that if attackers don't have guns, they will find some other kind of weapon (e.g. knives, hard/sharp objects). It's not like criminality will cease to suddenly exist, especially considering just how violent criminals in this country are!
  3. Great! I'm glad she enjoyed it so much . Did she request her own gun yet? Is she going to shoot just every now and then or is the goal to get her a permit?
  4. So that was at the Hendersonville Walmart? I'll have to check them out!
  5. Shocker! Do you think you are the first one they've seen in a T-shirt like that?
  6. If she doesn't like the .40, let her try the .380 again so she can build confidence first if you want her to get her permit. She'll ask for the bigger guns on her own once she's more confident. And then you get to buy two of everything .
  7. 100% Agreed! You can always lay out the data to suit your need, make it look different by taking certain subsets and excluding others. Don't just believe what some doctor says! Trust me, there are a lot of not-so-bright doctors out there. Perfect exmple: One day a certain food is good for you and cures cancer but the next day there is a new publication showing how much pesticide is used to grow that food and that's why nobody should eat as it can cause cancer!
  8. FYI, http://www.stardustdrivein.com/ in Watertown, TN
  9. OK, here is a good quality, thin holster for you: http://theisholsters.com/holsters.php Kydex/leather hybrid, my friend, for a measely $55 (the cowhide one). It's custom made to fit your pistol, has very good retention, trigger guard is covered on both sides, and since I've got one as well I can say the quality and service from that guy are great, too. Sticking a rod up your barrel that is even smaller than your caliber size makes no sense. I'm not sure what is supposed to be holding the pistol snugly in place and keeps it from just falling off the rod in that case? Why not just save the money for the holster alltogether and just stuff the gun in your waistband ? Seriously though, I've only ever heard good things about the leather/kydex combo holsters and as far as I know Tommy Theis is one of the makers with the lowest prices for the same item. He also gives you the option of returning the holster if you don't like it.
  10. Love your story - nicely written ! If you really liked her though, you shouldn't let her wait too long or she'll find somebody else...
  11. Good question! I'd like to know as well.
  12. Took the class today and no asshats . Hehe! I was surprised, however, that about 50% of the attendees were women!

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