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  1. SOLDTHANKS TGO!!! This is a bushmaster carbon15 with chrome lined barrel flat-top. Gun has less than 150rds throught it. Its in fantastic shape and i have added a few goodies. Come comes with box and 1 magazine. Also this AR feeds brass and steel no problem. Runs like a machine... $875.00 $800.00.... This weekend only...I have over $1000.00 in it. EDIT: Will consider trades on nice 1911s or revolvers only. Bushnell Red Dot Quad Rail System YHM Flaslight Mount Caldwell Bi-Pod with flip out extensions Pro Mag Fore Grip Hogue Grip Rubber butstock pad 423-650-8349
  2. i just posted one on here...pm me if interested
  3. SOLD Thanks TGO I have a very good condition glock gen 2 with a bunch of goodies on it. Gun will come with the case, 2 mags (1 10rd, 1 15rd), original parts (minus barrel), and a top rail mount. I would say the gun cosmetically is at 90% there is a nick on the rear sight which could simply be coated or painted if need be no other scratches. Cash Price/Trade Value: $575.00 Now the good stuff: 2 port extended barrel ( i believe its a storm lake) Aro-tek Ghost Ring Fiber Optic Sights Extended Slide Release RYG stainless guide rod 20lb Recoil Spring Wolff 6lb striker spring New Pins I want something in larger caliber: 10mm, 45acp, .40sw, .357 magnum Text your offers: 423 650 8349 or PM me Will trade for: Sigs, other larger caliber glocks, 1911s, xdm or xds, kahr, walther
  4. Fantastic thats good to hear and i completely agree im sure they need attention. Thanks again!
  5. So to make sure im understanding you correctly you are saying my lock lever (the lever near the muzzle used for stripping the slide from the gun) isnt correct? What should it look like? Thank you
  6. Well it appears my glock already has an extended slide release...never really looked at other ones to see a difference
  7. Very nice that would be very generous of you... I certainly could use them... Let me get a picture real quick of the slide....I know its a gen 2 (2pin).
  8. Thank you guys....i love the gun it shoots great. It was a breeze to tear it down. I am gonna go ahead and get a rebuild kit with an extended slide lock. Thanks for the recommendation.
  9. Hey guys purchased my first glock this week. Went to the range and had a few malfunctions. Pistol is a used glock 19 Gen 2 with a stormlake ported barrel. Ammo used was monarch and hornady brand FMJ First issue appears to be a light primer strike pics below of one of the rounds that failed and one of the spent cases....obvious difference between the indentations. 5 out of 100rds had this result. Secondly the slide lock engaged 2 or 3 times while there were still a few rounds in the magazine. Now possibly i flipped the lever up? Not sure.... When i got home and field stripped it the slide lock seems to be "loose" flipping it up requires hardly any force....maybe a new spring is needed? Also i inspected the firing pin and channel there was a little grease or residue on the pin and in the channel which i cleaned.....I havent fired it again yet. Any help or thoughts on anything else i should inspect or replace? Thanks people
  10. It is difficult to say on a gun like this because i know they sale all day long on sites like gunbroker for $550-700 yet the msrp is $415. I am not saying thats what im looking for but the current market speaks for itself. Worst thing i could say is no.
  11. GUN HAS BEEN TRADED THANKS TGO I have a LNIB Keltec PMR30 in green. I already own one of these pistols i dont ever shoot this one. This is the new run of this pistol with the upgraded barrel. I might have 50rds put through the gun. I am fairly open to trades. I would like another handgun preferably. Shoot me some offers.... Pm or call/text 423-650-8349
  12. SOLD This gun is like brand new maybe 50rds throught it. I bought it for my wife and she wants something different it doesnt quite fit her. I wanna trade for another handgun preferably in 9mm or i will sale the pistol with extras for $545.00. I can add cash on a trade depending on what you have. What comes in box: Pistol 2 magazines 2 backstraps 1 speedloader 1 lock What i purchased extra: 2 magazines with pinky extension 1 extra speedloader Pm me or Call or text: 423-650-8349
  13. My dads was issued sept 3rd and still waiting.....either way i hope it hits my mailbox within 5 working days
  14. Also me and my dad went the same day and he is still waiting on his so 30 days so far
  15. 30 days so far here...i called yesterday and she issued it while i was on the phone like it was just sitting there waiting for someone to click issue.... but my dads was issued 10 days ago yet we went together to the dmv and fingerprinted together....so im looking at another 7-14 days according to who i spoke with...ill be looking about 45 days from the day i paid and got fingerprinted
  16. Appreciate the help....Im aware of the rifle clubs and im not that lazy come on haha . I was curious if there were any more options in the area i wasnt aware of. It looks like it may be worth it to join a club.
  17. Hey guys looking for someone to possibly point me in the right direction here....looking for an outdoor range where 200+ yard shots can be made. Ive heard of a few rifle or gun clubs in my area but was hoping there may be another option? I am in between knoxville and chattanooga I am not completely against joing a club but it just seems like a hassle. Thanks
  18. If you are looking for a pmr30 for msrp contact b&h gun rack in Florida. I have purchased 3 from them in the past 4 months. I assume they are in tight with keltec and there very close to keltec's HQ. Youre welcome ..... keep in mind msrp is now $415
  19. Well really posting it up as a warning for those who either own this gun or are looking to purchase.
  20. http://berettaforum....ead.php?t=88881 Made this thread earlier today......just a warning if you own this gun.....look at your pin Edit: Beretta sent me a brand new pistol so kudos to beretta

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