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  1. I carry a Ruger RH .454 Casull. It’s like the hand of God reaches down to touch them and said “lay down”.
  2. Good job! I went through a tough period in my life that saw me concentrate on only furthering my career. Pretty single minded conviction. I went from a very athletic 220lbs to 293lbs over the course of about 8 years. I took no time to take care of myself mentally or physically, and it took a tremendous toll. Since January of last year, I have dropped 60lbs and lowered by body fat % from 33 to 15. I will likely not hit my previous mark of 8%, but am really targeting 10%. For me, seeing my 40th birthday on the horizon last year really kicked me into gear.
  3. Attaboy!!! I love the bee threads here.
  4. Huh? Someone attempted to murder the guy and it's his fault???
  5. If by bear repellent spray you mean a .454 Casull, I agree wholeheartedly... :) 
  6. hey, it only took me 7 years to get to a grand. I should hit your number in 21 total years. 
  7.   Correct me if I am wrong: I read your posts as simply saying that if you are on a bike, you have to keep your head on a swivel and be very, very alert of your surroundings and ride very defensively. I agree with that. Bikes are a thing of beauty. I don't know what I would do without that outlet, but you have to be 100 times more cautious because you are far less noticeable and people, in general, drive like assholes. I would certainly agree with all of that. As far as rider / driver fault, this video is a clear indication of fault at the feet of both. It's just that one had overwhelmingly more severe repercussions for his lack of judgement. My $.02. 
  8. In this particular situation, they were both driving / riding like assholes.  I agree with you, though. We all have to be on the lookout for each other. Couldn't tell you the amount of times i've nearly been splattered all over the road because of some jerk playing on his/her phone while driving. 
  9. 1 click will excorcise this demon. Zeiss be with you, my son.
  10. Holy oil being Kroil, right???

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