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  1. Because you were implying I'm affiliated with some patriot "group" Which are demonized by the criminal MSM and Govt. Thus painting me as some kook, "conspiacy theorist" I know the talking points and the game. What Govt. agency do you work for man? Because all i see from you on here are attacks against anyone who wants to stand up for our Rights. The more I read your Sparing, the more convinced I'm becoming that your an agent provocateur. Either way, I don't much like what you have to say, and i'm pretty much in direct opposition to your views..Which is fine. As long as you and y
  2. Oh..and I when I say "Patriots" I mean Constitution, Founding Father loving, law abiding, red blooded American's. Not crazy Militia running around the woods. 
  3. Think what you want man..EVERYTHING I have seen coming down since 911 HAS. I have no reason to believe what I Said will not happen. Save my post and if we're still alive we can come back here and see how close or far away I was. :)
  4. I think it's coming down though. Like I said. I see where it's heading and we're looking at blood in the streets. One way or the other inside a dozen years on the outside. By the end of Hillary's 2nd term.
  5.   No. We do not compromise with basic liberties. If a person does he is either one that seeks control over another or coward who will let another man rule him. Most are the former or the latter. Liberty or Death. Seriously.
  6. Yes to all. I'm a Doer from way back. I do not belong to the NRA though as I feel they are a wolf in sheeps clothing and I do not trust them.    You're Condescending but I'll let it go. In person I wouldn't but everyone is an internet Ninja.  Carry on.       *Edit: I did not donate money to candidates because I don't have enough to donate number one and number two, I'm still researching if anyone on the state level are Constitutionalist Libertarians. I know there aren't any in the Federal Government. If anyone thinks there's anyone I should support here in T
  7. Sad...Just sad to see.....THERE IS NO COMPROMISE ON OUR RIGHTS!!!!!......This is why we are here today...No worries because once i get so bad they are killing Patriots it shall all be rectified. Guess it's inevitable that it had to get to this point up to the tipping point that is now appearing on the Horizon. Resist Tyranny. 
  8. Obviously i'm in complete agreement with you. Cold Dead hands days are coming. Mark my words. Remember I said this:   1. 4 more years of Obama and things will get much worse for Patriots. We will see the degradation of the 2nd, 1st, 4th and 10th amendments at least and the Idoits on the left and most mainline repubs on the right will go along with it. The former gleefully the latter, grumbly.  2. Hillary Clinton will be elected in 2016 and serve 2 terms..By the beginning of her election you are going to start to see some flare-ups between jack-boot minions and Patri
  9. This is why I support Gun Owners of America...The NRA is bought and paid for and the so called "pro gun" Democrats are a joke as well.         A-rated, endorsed ‘pro-gun Democrat’ shows true colors as NRA stays silent
  10.   Great insight. Our enemies are well known thanks to former Military just like yourself. If this goes hot I'm quite sure those that would fight against the Tyranny would know exactly who to arrest.    Another point, being former Military, do you believe a majority of the troops and the higher ranking staff officers would support gun confiscation of American citizens thus voiding their oaths? I myself believe there enough true patriots in our Military to thwart such an event and if things ever did go hot the Patriots would have a sizable percentage of the Military o
  11. Totally right! This is the entire crux of my issue. Why are those of us who want to live under the Law of the land in such a minority? I've never understood how so called liberty minded people can just accept these chains we live under. I'll never get it.   And Robert, Why are you so afraid of Anarchists? Anarchy doesn't have to be what you see on TV.Marauding gangs. A True Anarchist has a moral compass just like us and understands right and wrong. He just doesn't want to be a part of any "system"...Why is that bad? Who is anyone to try to force another sovereign human being i
  12. Do you understand what an Anarchist is. Anachism is EXTREME self sovereignty without a Government over them. It's not evil. It's just a philosophical belief system..Kind of like those that just want to be left alone to live life as they choose....I do not describe myself as Anarchist. I'm more of the Jeffersonian bent. 
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