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  1. Been there..............have the t-shirt. Never will forget the ones that didn't make it back........................Still after 47 years. Thanks to all that served.....in a very difficult war.
  2. I believe everyone has left a m/l loaded either on purpose or accidently. Not a good practice eithe way. I own 3-4 TC muzzleloaders and if you have the model name I may be of some help. Some older inlines did not have a removable breech plug...... If the entire breech opens and you have access clean it out form the back and take a fiberglass or aluminum rod and tap it out ...using a hammer and light taps...till it falls out in the breech area. If it doesnt have a removable plug.....use a bullet puller . I didnt read all 17 replies , so if anyone gave you the same advise........thank
  3. i placed a wanted 300 win mag barrel for a tc .......encore.....I found one yesterday ....what do I need to do to remove? Just edit? help ...thanks
  4. I shoot and reload 243 wssm.  I have had no problems finding brass.  And bullets are available by the drove.  How much do you shoot during a years time?   If you have 80 cases thats 4 boxes. I would be happy to let you reload them on my dies....takes about 2 hours after the cases have been cleaned...  I havent done the math...but depending on what type of bullets you want....probably your cost including primers/and powder and bullets would be around 50-60.00 for realoading all 4 boxes.  and you would enough powder and primers left to reload a couple
  5. If anyone has a good recipe this caliber please enlighten me.   Currently using a 257 wby with a 115gr bullet for shots between 3-400 yards.   Would like to set up up 270wsm for shots above 400. Only for deer or the occasional coyote.  Gun is a Browning X BOLT 24 inch barrel. Thanks.
  6. enjoy your crossbow dave...............as i enjoy my recurve......which is a stick and a string...............but do a little home work on the range/ and advantages and disadvantages of both.   and crossbows may be the best thing for you....but not for bowhunters................which crossbow hunters are not.............either way have a great xmas...or holidays if you so prefer.  
  7. for those who catfish,rockfish and troutfish..................below the dams it hurts.     for those of us who bowfish ................it also takes away prime water.....i havent read all the rules...........but, if they still alow shore fishing besides the dam...................then the terrorist threat doesnt hold much water  (no pun intended). We most likely will adapt to this situation........it will definitely economically have an impact on the motels/cottages and small stores that exist close to the some of the dams.  More fishing is done in these tailwaters
  8. if you are hunting with a wheel gun .....your taurus 454  at the barrel length you have is perfect.   I bought one ...same configuration when they first came out....it sports a leupold 2x8 vari x efr scope.  It is very effective on deer size game out to about 150 in my hands.....great knockdown power .  I shoot it with 300xtp magnum bullets in front of H110 powder.  A good scope mount is essential.  I went with the one taurus made for it.      MY favorite long range handgun for target or deer is a contender with a 14 inch barrel in .35 c


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