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  1. Nice job with the flipper one, Capbyrd.  I thought for sure it was assisted.   I am with Oh Shoot, I want to carry a big knife.  Maybe a Spyderco Police 3.
  2. http://www.bladeforums.com/forums/showthread.php/1132909-Knife-Rights-Gets-Jump-on-2014-FL-amp-TN-Knife-Rights-Bills-Filed Here is the thread.  Have a look at Mr Critter's reply to a question.  Have a feeling that this bill will go through thanks to Knife Rights. 
  3. OK, cleaned up the first post.  Sorry about that.   Citizen_B, I would like to know what is changed from last year as well.
  4. Kniferights is going to try again.  http://www.capitol.tn.gov/Bills/108/Bill/SB1438.pdf   Tennessee Bill to Repeal Knife Restrictions Filed Tennessee State Senator Mike Bell has introduced a bill to finish the job of updating the state's knife laws. Last year Knife Rights and Senator Bell passed knife law preemption, but the effort to repeal the antiquated ban on switchblade knives and possession of knives over four inches in length failed in the House due to opposition from the Tennessee Sheriff's Association (TSA)   Knife Rights has worked very closely with the TSA Exec
  5. I have been without email due to computer problems so I just got the email yesterday.  SUPER GLAD TO HEAR SHE IS HOME!
  6. I have a friend who is a minor and he wants to know what the knife carry laws are for minors.  He knows not to take his knife to school.  But he wants to know if he can carry a knife under 4 inches.   I have been all over 
  7. Marble's with out a doubt.  I have found them to be super easy to sharpen and they hold their edge long enough to do the job.   I am mad at Ontario right now.  I got one of their cutlass machete's and the grind on it was super obtuse.  Not just the grind but I am going to have to thin blade behind the edge just so I can sharpen it.  Several hours worth of work with a file.  Yes, I should have caught the grind at the store.  I expect to sharpen any machete I buy but I don't think you should have to regrind a new machete.
  8. Words fail me.  I was just starting to think it might actually pass.
  9. You gave me a bad shock!  I thought you said: "It looks like it won't pass."
  10. Terrible confession time:  To me, the most interesting thing in thing in this thread is that paper on how to open the Startac.  Could I get a picture of it?  I would like to read it.
  11. So, do we need to write the full committee like we did the sub committee?
  12. I made a unique Email for Mr Harrison and the sent a copy to the rest of the subcommitee. Here is what I sent them:   Dear [Rep name here]     Thank you very much for hearing HB0581 in your subcommittee.   This knife bill updates the law concerning switchblades and blade length.  It also establishes statewide regulations on knife carry.    Please vote "yes" when this bill comes before your subcommittee on April 3rd.      I have heard many complaints about the knife laws here in Tennessee from residents of other states
  13. I really like the way the 350 feels in hand but I have been totally unable to make myself like the recurve on the blade.  My version of the 350 is my Para 2.  BTW, if any of you guys are in Sevierville, Sevier Pawn and Loan next to the court house has a ZT 550.
  14.   I agree with you.  But it is a bit hard to cut my lunch sandwich at work with a Glock.   "I told them to cut my sandwich in half, and they didn't do it!  Oh well, *ca chack* BOOM!"
  15. Should I email or call him even though I am not in his district?
  16. Hate to be the bearer of bad news but it is a crime.  The discussion on Bladeforums: http://www.bladeforums.com/forums/showthread.php/1023824-Shipping-Automatic-Knives?highlight=shipping+switchblade  If you will put "Federal Switchblade Act" in to Google or Bing you will find many results.  Take this one as an example: http://www.ebladestore.com/federal-switchblade-act.shtml   I really do hate to rain on your parade but I don't want anyone to go to jail.  If the law passes, I am planning to find a dealer in state and pay the price to not commit a federal crime.
  17. Thanks!  I know the Senate to House to Governor but the committee/sub-committee is new to me.  I really appreciate the help! 
  18. Help for the uninitiated please.  What does that mean in plain English?  I know it is not a full house vote.  And who is on that panel? 
  19. True, true.  It is meaningless with out an actual case # to back it up.  Always glad to learn something.
  20. Here is a link: http://knife-expert.com/tn.txt The "case law" is at the bottom of the page.
  21. Dumb question.  Knife expert.com lists "case law".  I don't know anything about the website or their "case law' but it does have this: " Butterfly or Balisong knives are not switchblades..." (1986)   This "case law"  was what made me think that butterfly knives were legal.  Does this "case law" mean anything?  Or is this an untrustworthy website?
  22. I did not know that.  I had thought butterfly knives were legal.
  23. I actually just put a small Wenger on my keychain.  I realized that the full size, two blade + can opener/screwdrivers was too large.  I just need something to cut tape on boxes and the Wenger was perfect.
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