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  1. I don't mind that people own AKs but I don't understand why they have to post them in forums that I visit. What if my son sees one?
  2. Razz

    Glock 42

    I'm not saying that .380 is out of the question but that looks fake. The muzzle looks nothing like the other sub-compacts, including the G36. Edit: The grip looks nothing like the other gen 4's. Weird.
  3. Razz


    Will I need a slug barrel for tulip bulbs?
  4. Funny that pitchforks are still brought out long after all parties involved have made up and moved on. Fist shaking: An American Passtime.
  5. Burnt Bronze. The rifles I've seen in this color look really classy. I've got a Troy hand-guard on the way and I'm looking at the Magpul PSR stock. I know I want upper, lower and hand-guard coated but I'm also thinking the cheek riser on the stock might look nifty, as well.
  6. Looks nice. I'm dropping my set off as soon as my hand-guard arrives.
  7. The series 80 was introduced in 1983, and came with a firing pin block and plunger, acting as a drop safety. Was the series 70 more prone to discharge when dropped? Beats me. Just thought I'd add this to the discussion.
  8. I just want to say what a GREAT experience this was. Everyone knows what it looked like on the site, here at TGO ,but I had some issues on my end that CMT dealt with like absolute professionals. I will be purchasing a complete set from CMT again. Thanks again!
  9. Got mine this morning, as well. Great store, great staff. I'm curious if anyone knows how high the serial numbers on the lowers go...
  10. Another asshat who brings up gun-violence stats between US and UK but ignores "all violence" stats. I wonder why they do that.../s
  11. I was planning on swinging by tonight but was convinced by my wife that it would be prudent to go in the morning, since I'll be over in that area. I tried telling her that I would sleep better knowing I had my new toys but she wasn't having it...
  12. Here's my recipe for chocolate soufflé. I've been using this recipe in my restaurants for goin' on 12 years. As long as you've got those nice ramekins from LagerHead's custard recipe...might as well use 'em here, too. I recommend cutting this recipe in half but the batter will stay good in your fridge for a week if you make too much. WARNING: If you make this for any women in your family, you will be expected to make it often, for years to come. CHOCOLATE SOUFFLE Makes 20 8-oz servings ​2 pounds Vairhona, chocolate pistols, 56% ​1 pound butter ​2 each whole eggs ​8 each egg yolk ​16 each egg whites ​1 ½ cups sugar ​1 tablespoon cornstarch 1. Melt the chocolate and butter in a bowl over simmering water bath 2. In the mixer whisk together the whole eggs, yolks, and half the sugar until thick and pale 3. Fold the sugar & egg mixture into the melted chocolate 4. In the mixer whip the egg whites & the rest of the sugar until soft peaks then add the cornstarch and whip until stiff peaks 5. Fold the whipped egg whites into the chocolate until well combined then place in the cooler until firm and well chilled, then wrap with seran 6. Once the mixture is cold and firm, spoon into soufflé dishes. Fill the dishes and level the top. 7. Bake on 350 for about 18 minutes. Center should still be liquid. ​ Notes: -It's best to let the batter sit in the fridge over night before you spoon into the ramekins. -Coffee cups work in a pinch but instead of filling them to the top, fill them 2/3 full...or you have a mess to clean up. -the air you whip into the egg whites is the key to the recipe rising. You can over whip and under whip. If you do the full recipe perfectly, there will be exactly one gallon of batter. Most people are shy by about two cups. That's ok. -You can mix the air out of the egg whites by working the batter too hard when mixing everything together. The idea is to incorporate everything in steps, with as few strokes as possible. Melted chocolate and butter into whipped yolks. Choc yolks batter into whipped whites. No streaks. -Worst case scenario for this recipe is you make kick ass flourless brownies. -serve with GOOD vanilla ice cream.
  13. Don't these two rounds have completely different uses? If that's the case, I'd make the decision based on what I want out of the rifle. If money is an issue and if using components that are widely available is an issue...what not just stick to 5.56?

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