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  1. A tall oak tree and some rope would be a good start to straightening out our political mess!!
  2. I didn't see this yesterday or I would have commented. Thanks to OP for your post. I know you didn't just join, but welcome to the site anyways. And resurrection Sunday is the brightest day of the year, no doubt. Jesus is King, Savior, Waymaker and to think that we as sinful mortal men can become a brother to Jesus and be rewarded as his kinfolk. Only if we believe that He is the Son of God, born of a virgin, died on that cross at Calvary and arose from that grave 3 days later. This isn't in the Bible, just my take on things. When each person dies, God will be interested in 1 question more than any other. What did you do with my son Jesus? You either accepted Him as Lord and Master, or you rejected Him. It is just that plain to me. I always try to tell people that you have to decide on this side of eternity, where you plan on spending all of eternity, because once you cross over that line, there will be no 2nd chances to change your mind.
  3. We as gun owners find it very hard to believe things like this. Somebody either had their gun stolen or somehow the kids got the gun. Very sad for all concerned. Prayer lifted up.
  4. Sorry to hear this Grunt. Will pray for all involved. Thank you both for your service!
  5. Yea what Red said, soy product in insulation. I had a friend back 10 years ago that went to crank his fairly new Tundra and it wouldn't even click, towed to dealer and they said he need a new wiring harness, he said splice it and tape it up. Chipmunks are also pretty much a menace!!
  6. It's all a shell game boys and girls. It's hard to stay focused on anything as much as they have going at any one time. Yea the last time I saw a POTUS motorcade on T.V. they weren't driving Prius's, I think they were Chevrolet Tahoes. The green deal people can preach all they want about green, it takes oil to make plastic, to mine for lead, copper, zinc. I can't keep up with the gas prices, about every 2 days they tack on another $0.10-0.20. Last time I looked was Sunday and it was $4.29 for the cheapo ethanol blend.
  7. I'm in Large please. Like me some Mac tools btw.
  8. Sorry to hurt your feelings, but the time and place to score deals was some years back when items were in stock and prices were reasonable.
  9. Really? it's a gravel road, cut the downed trees and truck on!! I've put enough money in their tip jar to fix that road.
  10. Glad for you Pop pop!! You and a bunch of other guys deserves all that money and a whole bunch more!! I am also very glad that you give God the credit as all blessings come from Him. A big bank account stuffed with money isn't anything unless it is shared with those less fortunate. Thank you for your service brother!!
  11. Also if you have never driven out Parson's Branch road, that is an experience. There are several low water crossings. It comes out on Hwy 129 , take a left and it takes you to Fontana dam and lake. I wouldn't try it in a Tesla or a 'vette, a pickup or Jeep would suffice nicely.
  12. That is sad, but also should be a wake up call for all of us. Never, ever let your guard down. Unless you know a person really well, keep an eye on him or her. You can't be too safe.
  13. Hi all just received an email with this info. Here is a link that explains.
  14. So according to the idiots at BATFE what you have rolling around in your head that you might be thinking of building a suppressor counts as much as having the piece of tubing, a lathe, a drill press, a welder, etc, etc. I would really like to know what they are so intent on banning suppressors for. I don't recall any recent shootings where a suppressor was used, unless I didn't hear that one!! Yes I intended to say hear. LOL
  15. Hi Jeff it isn't just here, I have seen that several times when we lived in Mississippi. I think just fishin, it is very annoying to say the least.
  16. check out the phone number MI 2-2623, been a long time since they used letter prefix's probably 60's or earlier.
  17. There is a $22,500 reward for the 3 inmates that crawled out thru the HVAC ductwork Friday morning. Ya'll keep your eyes open.
  18. Great story, but we had cell phones in 1987. Pearl river in Ms??
  19. Hey all you guys and gals in West Tn. and N. Mississippi, the freezing rain will make travel pretty dangerous and power outages are expected to be 100,000 or more and the outages could last for a week or more. Prepare now if it hasn't hit in your yard yet!! Prayers for everyone.
  20. 4 Krystals with cheese combo= $8.88 that is far too high for that!!
  21. I said hispanic, not illegals. But I don't know who is illegal and who isn't.
  22. I have long wondered if everyone is supposed to have liability insurance on their auto, why in the world do we have to pay for uninsured motorists?? Back in Mississippi there were quite a few Hispanics and they were pretty bad for driving without license or insurance. After one hit me while stopped for oncoming traffic, I told the Highway patrol that instead of arresting these people and us supporting them in jail, that I had a much better idea. Tow their car to the impound and charge $25 per day storage until they could provide proof of insurance and license. They would either comply like everyone else or run out of cars.
  23. First and foremost if the "criminals" are felons and in possession of a firearm, they should be imprisoned for about 25+ years and see it that solves some of the GUN VIOLENCE. It is always the gun and the legal firearm owner that doesn't break the law that the liberal left want to penalize.
  24. Yea I routinely see a rap sheet for some thug and they have multiple possession of a firearm by a felon. Unless they make the penalty stiff enough, they will continue to break the law. If they would give them about 25-50 years for possession of a firearm by a felon, that would slow it down quite a bit!! The slap them on the wrist and crap don't work.


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