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  1. Yea Darrell I have learned to never say never!! In a few years $55 a pound will seem a mere pittance.
  2. The last U.S. lead smelter closed in 2013. Now all lead has to be outsourced from other countries. You know that lead which is a natural element causes everything!!
  3. Greg those are the "fun" times of driving cars and trucks that don't have a monthly payment on them. I would rather put a few hundred dollars into some repairs every now and then than pay $750 up for a monthly note. I own debt free 4 vehicles that cost me total $7,500. Now I have spent $9,000 or so in repairs over the course of 8 years,so that figures purchase price plus repairs to a little over $500 per year per vehicle. I am on the lookout for a pre computer truck or car, I know how to file points!!!
  4. I have read all 3 and they are good to read to show things we might not think of to have a few extra of just in case. We had some friends that had a vacation house near Black Mountain. That area of N.C. is very similar to East Tn.
  5. You are oh so right Mowgli Terry, the money is part of it, but certainly not all of it. The fact that at any time you want to go target shooting, competing, hunting, all you have to do it take the time to load up what you need and not worry about does the LGS or Bass pro have what you need. The only thing you need to stock is components. I probably have enough target and hunting ammo that it will take my grandkids to get it all shot up, plus I still have components to load!!
  6. You do realize the prudent thing to do is buy a gun in caliber that you have dies!! LOL
  7. Patience grasshopper, by 2030 or so there may be some available, but don't get your hopes too high. As long as there is a shortage of loaded ammo, the mfgs. won't be selling many components.
  8. The ones like in No Ones pic are the true Bronco. They actually worked!! 1966-1977. IMHO!!
  9. I think they should just crush those old cruisers, I see one from time to time still has the spot light on it. Too easy for some scum bag to use it as a way to either speed or pull over people.
  10. Are you alluding to the fact they may be "scared"??
  11. Hi all, I am not a conspiracy theorist, I lost my tinfoil hat in a boating mishap. But do any of you understand why Wells Fargo is shutting down all of it's lines of personal credit?
  12. This is significant, why was the cleaning person in the room?? Granted he was a putz for leaving loaded firearms unsecured. And I too would have to question why he had a loaded .308 rifle. A handgun I can understand. When I used to travel a lot I would put my handgun inside my laptop bag and go on about my business when I left the room for a meeting or such. Now I can understand him wanting more firepower than a handgun in the crime ridden chi town. It is folks like him that give gunowners a bad name.
  13. Thanks for the input, I am going shooting with my friend tomorrow and will pass along the info.
  14. Funny thing about the wild edible class I took, John would show us what kind of plant it was and describe it and then say it doesn't taste real good, go to the next one same thing it doesn't taste real good. So a guy in the group and me got to talking and we decided we might take 1 or more of the plants and use for bait to shoot a rabbit or other game as far as we could tell none of the plants tasted good!!
  15. I looked and Highwalker hasn't been on here since last September. I took one of his classes in '18 or '19, John is very knowledgeable. If someone here has his contact number, give him a ring and see how he is doing.
  16. Greg, the deer decimated my green beans last year, I know how that feels. As for the squash and zucchini what do they look like? Vine borers can kill them from the inside, look online to see what the moth that is active during the day looks like. They are nasty boogers for sure. Good luck!!
  17. Hi all, posing this question for a friend. He is looking at a Ruger PCC .40 cal and was wanting my opinion. I don't own one so am asking those that do. Thanks Mac
  18. Good thing I didn't have a mouthful of coffee when I read 2nd place prize. That's funny right there I don't care who you are!! Was that the mixer for the shine??
  19. If you haven't heard this song, give it a listen. Toby pretty much tells it like it is. THANK YOU to all service men and women who served and protected us while we were sleeping in our soft warm beds!!
  20. Same to you Doug, and all the great folks on TGO
  21. When I lived in Pascagoula, Ms. in the early 70's there was a black man that had a 55 gallon drum turned into a PIT MASTER!! On Friday's he would cook ribs and made what he called rib sandwiches, which is 2 pieces of white bread and about 4 ribs with the bone in stuck in the middle. He cooked at the back edge of a shopping center on a little side street. That was some lip smackin pig popsicles!! Fast forward to the early 90's and a customer's dad had a little BBQ place out in the sticks right next to his house and he had probably the best ribs. He was an older black man and me and him hit it off the bat talking about catching bluegills. He said the first thing to cooking good ribs is having a good rib, he said a #2 rib was his choice, the bone isn't too big. Makes my mouth water, when I cook my ribs tomorrow I will think of these gentlemen who were bbq masters!!
  22. Sounds like most everyone is having pretty good success. I thought my pepper plants were going to die back when we had all that rain. I put some calcium nitrate around each one and I don't know if that is what helped or drying out did the trick. Picked 1st grape tomato Saturday, pulled carrots up and blanched them and put them in freezer and should pick yellow squash, zucchini and cabbage by end of this week. All my veggies in raised beds, potatoes, green beans, cucumbers. For those that haven't tried it a fall garden is sometimes more productive because the pests and diseases aren't as prevalent. I have been doing 2 plantings of green beans for 4 or 5 years. Plus the brassicas like cauliflower, broccoli, carrots all do well. Glad everyone is getting some nice tasty returns for your labor.
  23. Has anyone wondered why you can now buy canning jars with lids and rings, but not the lids or rings separately?? Sort of like you can buy a lawnmower and when you need a sparkplug, sorry you have to buy another lawnmower.
  24. About like the daily 2 or 3 calls wanting to extend my warranty on my car. The newest vehicle I own is a 2006 Buick Lucerne, I don't think they really want to warranty it!! Pretty much if you call me and your name isn't in my phone you better leave a message noting who you are or you get deleted.
  25. Congrats Shaun. On the subject of turkeys I saw a program a few evenings ago and a lot of states are experiencing low turkey numbers and most say it is because of an abundance of predators. They say the low number of trappers trend with the lower number of turkeys. So get out there and trap or shoot some coyotes, bobcats,raccoons, opossums, crows. This guy had some film of a bobcat, coyote and hawk all attacking his decoy.


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