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  1. Ok Greg, my daughter who is a bible scholar said yes because we were all made in His image, but medically not needed because Adam was made from dust. We are awaiting the Dr's answer.
  2. Greg I will have to ask my SIL who is a Baptist preacher with a doctorate in theology and get back to you whenever I get an answer. My Daughter and family went last year and really liked it.
  3. Hey John sorry to be so long in thanking you for putting on a great class. To all who want to know about wild edibles, John is the man. However I did learn 1 valuable thing. You do know that vegetarian is an old Indian word for "poor hunter". I learned to find some wild carrots and sit there waiting for a wascally wabit to appear and shoot and eat him!! LOL I am afraid I would starve to death waiting to find something to eat. But all jokes aside go to one of John's classes if nothing else meeting a really good man.
  4. Just watched it Greg, thought it was a pretty good movie.
  5. Prayers for her and your family.
  6. Our infrastructure was mostly built to last 50 years ago and much of that is 75 years old or older. Thanks to the U.S. being so generous with our tax dollars giving to every country on the planet instead of keeping up with our infrastructure. Not to mention the thanks we get for giving billions of dollars to say Honduras, Argentina, Columbia, Guatemala, Mexico.
  7. He would take his birth certificate, but it is inscribed on a huge rock, because he was born in the stone age. LOL I couldn't resist Doug!!
  8. Chuck that would be a reason not to come, clipping your toenails. LOL I asked a few retired, bachelor neighbors about going fishing and I swear one of them told me Saturday was his wash day. Now I am not a slob, but really you are retired, live by yourself and you can't wait a few days to do the washing. I am scratching those 2 for asking about fishing. If I didn't know them better I would say they didn't like me.
  9. That's funny right there, I don't care who you are. Never, ever let a chance to make fun of Yankee's go untouched. LOL Current transplants not included, if you behave. LOL
  10. Hey John with the way this weather is going, we may be in prime Morel mushroom hunting weather. If you know of good place to look for them that would be a bonus. Can't wait to go to this class, all of the previous classes I had other comittments.
  11. Young people will see this and go Huh?? It only fits older model DeLorean's
  12. When our kids were younger and wanted something more than we had the money for they would tell mom "just write a check". That is our standard reply if we don't have the money for some big ticket item. Thanks Greg, now I will have to buy a lottery ticket in order to just write a check. LOL
  13. Sue the fork and spoon manufacturers over all the obese people that got that way because of their forks and spoons!! It makes the same amount of sense. It is never the person that uses the weapon, but it is always the weapon If it is a gun, if it is a 6,000 lb. pickup truck then there is no foul. I hate to tell them, the little idiot Adam Lanza stole the gun from his mother, so how does Bushmaster become the bad guy?? Put the blame on the murderer not the murder weapon. It is just an inanimate object.
  14. Yes and all private property has about $3,000 worth of posted Keep Out signs. LOL!!
  15. Hey Doug, I think that was a Smith & Wesson quote. LOL Sorry guys I couldn't resist!!!
  16. If you moved from Smellanoy it doesn't matter much does it?? Just avoid the large cities, depending on what you are looking for, get on Land and Farm or Landwatch and plug in what you are looking for, raw land, horse ranch or whatever. But I will tell you, you will forget all about Smellanoy very quickly!! PM me for more info. Mac
  17. Put me in rain or shine. Just PM me directions etc. Thanks Mac
  18. Last Wednesday paid $1.83 came back from trip to FL. on Sunday it was $2.03 same station in Algood. Could be worse, what ya gonna do if it was $4.03?? You have 2 basic choices buy it or ride a bike. We have little to no control over what they want to charge us.
  19. He looks like he needs psychiatric evaluation. Would gamble he wouldn't pass it. He is very lucky he didn't require an ambulance ride!!
  20. That is so right, GOD is still in the miracle business. Glad she wasn't seriously injured. When your kids start driving, that is when the grey hairs multiply exponetially.
  21. You are correct, this happened many years ago at an intersection with 2way stop sign and I stopped looked both ways and pulled out right in front of a woman riding a bright yellow motorcycle, I don't recall if she had her light on, but I think drivers get conditioned into looking for a car or truck profile. That is why it is so easy for pedestrians and children especially to be hit. Have you ever seen the video where sun was bright and there were shadow on the cars and a kid darts out to get a ball, without good polarized sunglasses all you see is glare. But all that aside the most dangerous thing we all do is drive a motor vehicle, an average of 3,287 people die each day because of vehicle crashes. And they say guns are dangerous. Be safe out there people.
  22. Peejman, I have taken countless safe driving schools and 1 thing they all had in common was the fact that running your lights all the time helped to prevent accidents. Especially on rural roads with curves, you will see a car with lights moments before you would have seen one without. Just my $0.02
  23. If you already have a .243 just shoot it. It isn't overkill for sure.
  24. Just shows how soft Americans have gotten. It's real odd that Al I invented the internet Gore changed his tune from Global warming to climate change. At least that is exactly what it is, today may be warmer than the day before or could be colder. Duh!
  25. Thanks Mike, looks like I need Quickload software.

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