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  1. Beautiful piece of workmanship. I hope somebody buys this fine piece and cares for it another 73 years. I would love to have it, but I don't feel like taking the verbal abuse and possibly physical abuse if I bought it. LOL
  2. A.J, I am glad to hear of her great recovery. I used to use the work coincidence quite a bit, I rarely use it nowadays. I have witnessed too many miracles of God healing folks. That is what we all need to remember, God is still in the healing business!! Any you my friend said it best, God shows us all his mercy and grace and I pray he continues to give this country His mercy and grace and not his wrath. Keep us updated as we love to hear how our prayers are being answered!!
  3. Grunt you have that exactly correct, the reloader community gets what is over what the ammo mfgs. need to make loaded rounds. They aren't in business to keep us going that is for darned sure. I wouldn't doubt if they didn't increase the prices to just the breaking point for us reloaders and keep it there. They could care less if we reloaded or not, in fact they probably would wish we didn't then we would all be at their mercy for ammo. They can quit if they want to, me and my family shouldn't run out for at least 25 years, and that's if I can't get anymore components.
  4. Hey David, $35 a pound sounds like what they are charging for bacon now days!! LOL
  5. If the powder looks and smells fine, load it up and shoot it. In all my years of reloading I have thrown out about a 1/4 pound of 800-X that wasn't all that old, but it smelled like vinegar and got tossed.
  6. Prayer lifted for her and the family. Yes you are correct on the power of prayer and ALL healing comes from God!
  7. Yep that is just what Memphis needs an electric vehicle plant!!!
  8. Well I think if we eat food that isn't GMO or synthetic, we would all be better off.
  9. Computers and all the new gadgets are really great, when they work as they are supposed to. Which is sometimes seldom!!
  10. Hey Greg, always keep a hammer near any computer, it scares the crap out of them. You know where I live although a fair distance couch not occupied, at least for the moment!!
  11. Hey Grunt if that happens I always heard the attackers will bring you arms and ammo, all you have to do is be fast and accurate!!!
  12. Heck I may as well I have give them a whole lot more than they have given me!!
  13. The Gadsden Flag, at least it somewhat represents how I feel!!! Hey 10-ring, tell us how you really feel!! LOL
  14. If things keep going like they have been, reloading as we know it may be a thing of the past. You can have a press, dies, scale, powder measure, calipers etc and if you don't have powder, primer and bullets all you have is expensive equipment collecting dust!! And guess what, the ammo mfgs. could care less!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  15. A nice piece of American history right there, somebody needs this for their collection.
  16. I have a solution, it is called 1 coil, 1 set of points and a condenser in a vintage distributor. But that would be too simple and we couldn't pump all that money into china if we did that. Or go to an old school diesel with no electronics and a mechanical pump like Cummins had. Throw all the electronic, digital, computerized crap in the dumpster!!!
  17. That sounds great, thanks for the heads up!!
  18. Funny thing I have seen no more than 2 or 3 people O/C in 5 years, but I saw a fellow at Murphy Oil in Algood O/C a compact pistol in line in front of me on Friday.
  19. I was at work and secretary had to go to bank and I was manning the phone. Her mother-in-law called and told us. I went down the street to a business that kept the t.v. on and saw the 2nd plane go in real time. Let's hope this never happens to U.S. again!! But I don't feel very comfortable about all these Afghans coming here!!
  20. Greg I think you would feel them suckers bite you, but according to my search Macon county does have fire ants. Coming from Mississippi we made sure not to bring any with us, I hate them suckers.
  21. Let us never forget how this country was devastated that morning. I know everyone recalls where they were that day and how for days and days there were no sounds of airplanes in the sky. How there was a solemn quietness in everyone. I remember there was no laughter for quite awhile. I hope and pray this country never experiences this kind of sucker punch again.


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