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  1. So basically if anyone knows you have firearms and they want to cause you lots of misery and money all they need do is call 911. My neighbor Bob pointed a gun at my child, or he threatened to shoot my dog because he doesn't like poodles, or any of 1,000,000 other crappy lies to get poor ole Bob thrown in the pokey and his nice collection of guns confiscated. Sounds a whole lot like some crazy nutcase named Hitler, Stalin to name but a few. Rule # 1 live in the country, way out in the country where your neighbor can just barely hear you shoot a gun, Rule # 2 have a big steel gate and a lot of not so nice German Shepherds and a clear view of the gate at about 600 yds. Put up a sign, turn around and leave or I have to fire up the backhoe, Again!!
  2. And if one can't be rehabilitated don't put them in prison where we have to feed and house them, eliminate the threat. And not by a $40,000 lethal injection, just hang em.
  3. Exactly criminals don't abide by laws no matter how many hundreds or thousands of them are passed. They only harm or impede the lawful citizen that wants to buy a gun to give his grandson or buy one to shoot sporting clays. This all started about 50-75 years ago. Parents quit disciplining their children, the Bible says if you love your children you will discipline them. Proverbs 13:24. It is all about not loving, it all boils down to a heart problem.
  4. I don't know it anyone saw this, but I saw the news that Neil deGrasse Tyson tweeted this comment: In the past 48hrs the U.S. horrifically lost 34 people due to mass shootings. He then commented that on any given 48 hour period in the U.S. 500 die due to medical errors 300 die due to flu 250 die due to suicide 200 die due to car accidents 40 die due to homicide with handgun Sort of puts things into perspective. This in no way condones what the "idiots" that murdered these innocent people did, it just shows that on most any given 48hrs. in the U.S. about 1,240 people die not related to a gun, 40 due to a gun. Now I for some reason don't hear the left or right complaining about these 1,240 people and how we need to police our medical errors, find cure for flu, give people mental health help so they won't kill themselves. Do something about these car accidents. All of these deaths with the exception of the flu, is due to humans, either there incompetence, lack of training, poor attitude, or a host of other issues, but it is the human. Not the car, not the medical procedure. There is a definite pattern. Not the gun.
  5. You didn't know you were so rich until you started packing up huh? It is amazing at the amount of "stuff" we can accumulate. And some of it is actually useful. Welcome
  6. It seems to be always the weapon be it a gun, knife or vehicle. There is a human body with a finger, hand, foot and part of a brain that does the ASSAULT. The brain is the ASSAULT weapon, not the tool. Which a firearm, hammer, knife or vehicle can be used as a tool. The liberal left won't be happy until all citizens are helpless victims because they won't have any tools to defend themselves. But I bet you all the money you could stuff into Fort Knox that the liberal left will still have walls around their compounds and their personal bodyguards will have all those EVIL black rifles and other assorted weapons. Put the blame where blame belongs and it danged sure isn't at the feet of the law abiding gun owners. Rant ended for now.
  7. Exactly why I don't have an NRA or any other gun sticker on my truck. Anyone can call 911 and say a guy in red chevy tag# just pointed a pistol at me. Most folks with NRA sticker probably has a pistol in truck. Cop stops you and you have pistol. Lawyer fees may be least of your worries.
  8. Thanks will go try it out, need more real practice.
  9. Hi I have been trying to find a good place to shoot closer to Livingston, but having a hard time. I see they have a BUG match 2nd Saturday. Has anybody shot this match. Thanks, Mac
  10. Dirtshooter


    My wife's mother and grandma both quilted. Her grandma evidently was pretty forgetful, they pin with straight pins the batting or whatever prior to stitching and I have had a pin stuck deeply in a foot when getting into bed a few times. That totally wakes you up!! The pins are in between the layers so you have to find a way to pull them out. Ouch!! brings back memories.
  11. The reason we shoot deer in the wild, Pita wouldn't allow us to shoot the tame deer that aren't wild.
  12. I recall laying in front of the T.V. and I have the sound recorded on a reel to reel tape deck. For our younger members that pre dates 4 track tapes, 8 track tapes, casettes,cd's bluetooth,etc. LOL
  13. That ain't nothin, gas jumped $.20/gal in 3 hours at Speedway in Cookeville 7-2-19. As for the levee's they shouldn't be needed because anyone with half a brain wouldn't have built a city on cotton bales in the middle of the danged swamp, several feet below sea level. DUH!!! Marquis De LaFayette didn't listen to his engineer.
  14. So in essence if we happen to have an evil black rifle, we could paint it or cerakote it dark brown or green and then it wouldn't be an EBR is that correct???
  15. Dirtshooter


    It does Greg if you grew them yourself. If you had to go and buy them nah.
  16. Church security is a hot topic these days with all the crazy incidents. Security of all the church members and visitors are a must. Short list below. 1. All persons taking care of nursery or kids need to be vetted, you may not know if you have pedophiles, but do you know you don't?? 2. The team needs to be trained to handle the situation with the least amount of force, ie. don't shoot a guy that can be escorted outside and the cops called. But if shooting him is the only course of action do it. 3.Sometimes things like fire extinguishers, first aid kits, AED are overlooked. 4. Computer security. 5. Cameras at every entrance and as many areas like parking lots as possible, with multiple monitors and multiple people viewing them. 6. Everyone needs to take the security of their church seriously. 7. As many people watching as possible, my son's church also has 1 or 2 guys in their trucks in the parking lot keeping an eye on the entrances. The guys in the trucks have rifles just in case. You know a van with 4 people could roll up and do a lot of damage real quick. FYI we just joined a church last month and 1 of the reasons was their security team, I am getting older and it is comforting to know that somebody is watching out while we are in our services. Hope everyone helps to make their church safe.
  17. I have pondered what would have happened if our patriots hadn't been victorious at Yorktown, Lexington, Concord, Bunker Hill just to name a few. Those patriots layed it all on the line and by signing the Declaration of Independence basically defied King George III and were subject to death. Had these brave patriots not succeeded in winning those battles, the United States of America would never have been. Kind of sobering isn't it? Here is a link to how the war was paid for. https://allthingsliberty.com/2015/02/how-was-the-revolutionary-war-paid-for/
  18. Also from a safety aspect, make sure if you use bleach that you either wear a mask to keep from breathing fumes or work with wind. I was washing our Aunts house years ago and was using bleach and it made me sick. You can get pneumonia and other breathing issues so be careful.
  19. Because their wife wants it painted. LOL!!!
  20. But I shall not quit telling people that my AR-15 isn't an assault weapon. And I stand corrected on the truck and 2 iron as an assault rifle. I meant to say that they could be an assault WEAPON!! as they are not firearms or rifles.
  21. I hate to say it but don't believe everything wikipedia says!! Multiple times in that article they said assault rifle, that isn't what an AR-15 is. It is a sporting rifle. My old Winchester model 1862 pump .22 could be an assault rifle if you assaulted someone with it. So could a 2 iron golf club. Or a 5,000 lb. pickup truck.
  22. I will let ya'll read this as it is kind of long but very informative. https://gundigest.com/reviews/the-ar-16m16-the-rifle-that-was-never-supposed-to-be
  23. Dirtshooter

    V B S

    Gary consider yourself one of the fortunate ones. I grew up in a home where the only time we went into a church was when there was a funeral. Basically we were pagans. My parents were good providers and loved their kids, but church wasn't a part of it. I got saved as a Senior in high school, but really didn't do much in church for quite awhile other than keep the bench warm. At least I did get smarter in my adulthood, I did take my kids to church and them and all grandchildren will be joining us in Heaven some day. Yes I am thankful for my Church family that do all the VBS, plus many other ministries. Some children only hear about Jesus at a VBS somewhere.
  24. I take exception to them calling an AR-15 an assault weapon, it isn't until someone uses it to assault another person. The hammers in my shop are also an assault weapon if someone chooses to assault another person with it. I am TIRED of this cr@p!! So for an uninformed person they don't know an AR-15 is considered a long gun, at least if it isn't an AR-15 pistol.
  25. Dirtshooter

    V B S

    Pop Pop, sad to say but this isn't the world in which we grew up. Thank you for sharing your faith with us!! As for Church security, I believe that every church big or small should have a team that includes someone on the parking lot, someone watching the cameras that should be at all entrances and just keep your head on a swivel. We recently joined a Church and 1 reason was they have a security team. My SIL who lives in another state carry's a Kimber .45 on his hip every Sunday, he keeps it covered with his coat but it is there if needed. Sad but that is the facts. Church buildings didn't used to be locked either, but now are because people will steal and deface.

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