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  1. Yea buddy!! The very first one I saw was in 2004 USPSA in Dickson, Tn. sectional championship match. I was shooting production class with 10rd mag and it wasn't static, you pulled a door open and it had a stick holding it up, I was sweating I could clear by using all my mags, I think I cleared it in 7 or 8 rounds. Whew!! There is a best way to shoot it if it is static, start at the top and then left or right to keep weight to the bottom to keep it from swinging. If you happen to shoot one towards the bottom first it can get ugly.I have seen guys just shoot and shoot and either run out of ammo
  2. Moped I just have to ask is this the layaway on the $249.89 22lr?? Just kidding I had to do it.
  3. And who in their right mind would go against a blind person with a gun, say a mossberg shockware or such. Hi cap mag and spray and pray,the shooter that is. The house would be full of holes where a mouse had ran across the room. LOL I bet nobody would even knock on his door after the word got out, hey old Coley must have lots of ammo we heard him shooting 4 times last night.
  4. Yea that's the low low price before you have to get a small business loan to buy some!! This time next year that could be $249.89 per round. Sad thing is I think some people might pay it. I have seen some crazy priced stuff on GB sell. Right now they have 1k Federal Gold Medal Match small pistol primers with 6 hours left for $330.00 plus $35.00 shipping. They must be made of gold to fetch that kind of price. Update the primers sold for $355+ shipping. That fellow was needing some primers pretty bad.
  5. Hey Red that is a really good idea. When I took my enhanced CC course in Mississippi we were told that the odds of surviving a gunshot is 80% but surviving a knife was 30%. He said unless you are shot in vital area you can generally get to hospital and they can save you. However if you are cut in a big enough vein or an artery you could bleed out long before an ambulance could get to you. In my case where I live that could easily be 30+ minutes. About the same time it would take to get a LEO here as well, that is why firearms with sufficient ammo is necessary here.
  6. David do you not reload? I can load target 9mm ammo for $0.122 per round or $6.11 per box. If it were legal I would love to sell you a couple of thousand at $0.49 per round, let's see that is 400%+ profit. Not bad for a day at the reloading press.
  7. Dang it a year later and getting comments. Ya'll must have something better to do than stay on TGO??
  8. If you do it will make your drive to and from work more fun!!
  9. We have raised chickens for the past 6 years and they are not that much trouble. You can make it easy or hard. Clean water is a priority, they can last for days without food. I have had 2 batches of red sex links and they are superior layers. I currently have a small flock of Black copper marans and also a flock of Dominic's. Dominic's are considered the oldest breed of chickens in the U.S. As mentioned by others, most critters like chicken. Domestic dogs are the #1killer. Do some reading at backyard chickens they can answer any questions. A 8X8 coop is big enough, the run where they spend the
  10. I have some old staynless primers like that, a friend got them from a friend that passed away and he gave them to me. No telling how old they are. I need to load a couple up and make sure they will still do the job. I have some old 9 1/2 Remingtons and some old cci's I think. I have some Winchester spp that I bought around 93 or 94 that has sticker $1.86 per 100. I have about 300 left, they are going into some 9mm brass shortly. I ran the numbers using those primers and some old red dot that was $19.99 a pound and a box of 50 9mm cost $5.21. It's a shame I can't sell them and make about 1500 p
  11. Hey David, go get a square body S-10 they are easier to find and will handle the ls.
  12. No it's not going away unless the Chinese makes a more potent disease. Mighty suspicious to me that you rarely hear of the flu anymore? And since this chicom flu is going to be just like the common cold, there is no cure. The shot that people are taking won't cure this virus.
  13. I still have an idea that the supply chain has a broken/bent link in it. I think between the distributor and retail store there are people able to get the primers and sell them for their own profits be it on GB or elsewhere. Otherwise where do all the brand new primers come from on GB. I can see folks selling off some old stock they have, but seems suspicious to me. No tinfoil hat needed btw.
  14. Prayers for the family. May God comfort you in your grief.
  15. Do you have any 10mm and 7mm08?
  16. Should have reversed it and fly it upside down, because we are in Distress!!!
  17. Hi all, I ran across this and thought some may find it informative. https://www.shootingtimes.com/editorial/38-special-200-grain-police-load/387763
  18. Just saw this. On Sunday 2-14 about 8pm we lost some power, heat pump went off, sounded like a truck hit the house. Went out with flashlight can't see anything wrong. Long story short huge white pine limb fell across vacant house across the road, and our house and that house was attached to same transformer, it puller both of their wires off and 1 of our hot legs. About 4:30 a.m. monday everyone in neighborhood lost power until about 2pm. I shut off main breaker after talking to a guy that said may not be good for our electrical system. We have fireplace with insert and it has 2 blowers on it,
  19. No sir Beltfed I didn't buy any primers from you. I am still working on some from 2007 and 2012.
  20. Looking at this situation from my side of the fence, I see the ammo mfgs. are wanting to make the ammo today and put it on the truck either today or first thing in the morning. They do not want to warehouse 1 case more than they can sell the next day. I understand a part of that, but do they ever look at the trending data, before an election the buyers get antsy and will purchase more than usual. That goes for completed ammo and reloading components. Now I may not be the sharpest knife in the drawer, but I think I would have started slowly building stockpiles of both the loaded ammo and the re
  21. You my friend are very optimistic. I wouldn't guarantee anyone they would see powder, primers for a few years if ever. I certainly hope you are correct.
  22. Greg what powder are you looking for? I may go shooting Friday and the range has some supplies at times.
  23. There you go David, but the catch is they are $50.00 each primer. LOL Sorry Beltfed didn't mean to steal your thunder.
  24. Gregg the line crew that fixed mine yesterday said the 7,200 volt lines are supposed to have a 20 foot on either side of blue sky. The lines from transformer to your house are supposed to be 10 foot on either side of blue sky. There is a cedar limb about 2 foot over my line and main line there are trees withing 3 feet. I will be taking some pictures and meeting with the UCEMC manager after the power is restored and let him know.


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