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  1. Same here. I usually carry my 642 or my LCP. Hard to beat a 642 for often carried seldom fired.
  2. When they were cheap it was hard to beat an SKS (of any flavor).  Now they've dried up and fetch much higher prices - hard to find a paratrooper model under $400.  At that price I think an AK is a better choice, but the SKS is a great KISS rifle.  I've owned a couple over the years, including a "M" and they all were 100% good to go with whatever I fed them.  My fav tho are the fixed mag "paratroopers" with the 16" barrel.  One you get decent with the stripper clips it's a lot of fun to shoot that rifle.  I need another one!
  3. Thanks Bubba, think I will give him a try. 5l
  4. Same here, can any members provide first hand feedback on these guys? They offer a trigger job for the Judge, and I have one that could sure use one! 5l
  5. 5Legion


    A bunch of these on gunbroker, I'd buy a nib one and have it delivered local.
  6. Hey I'll take you in a different direction.  I've owned several PTRs, and a Ruger GSR.  For shooting it at the range, get a 5.56 platform like an AR or Mini-14.  Get a decent bolt gun in .308 for hunting, right now my deer rifle is a .308 Howa Ranchland and I love it, for hunting.  No .308 is personally my choice for plinking.  The Ranchland is very handy, 5 round internal mag, and about 1/2 the price of a GSR.  Not to hate on .308 semi-autos, I've always just found the .223/5.56 rifles cheaper and more fun to shoot, especially for new shooters. Typically even ent
  7. Walmart in Sango area of Clarksville has one.
  8. I bet for what they'll want for one of these you can buy an nice AR and AK!  Just sayin' :rofl:
  9. 5Legion


    Have the same grip on my M4-gery, it rocks.  I love Hogue products.  I've got a set on my SP101 and a Hogue stock on my Howa 1500 Ranchland and Mossberg.  Funny I've got something Hogue on almost all my "go to" guns!
  10. Thanks - love the 590.  This stock fits the sweet spot for me, comfortable and handy.
  11. Aimpro Tac short Hogue stock, Choate +1 extension, CDM gear mount and Streamlight, Mesa side saddle, Wilderness Tactical sling, and a Meprolight tritium bead. In my view the ultimate combat shotgun...
  12. Check out the Howa 1500 Ranchland. Holds 5+1 in 308, handy, and more accurate than I can shoot. Nice trigger and smoth bolt. Love mine, in fact. I sold my Ruger Gunsite after shooting one. Can be had for under five bills if you shop around on GB.
  13. Check out the Howa Ranchland.  I got rid of my Ruger Gunsite after I bought one.  I picked up one with the OD hogue stock and no scope and put a nice Redfield on it.  As accurate out of the box as any Savage, Ruger, or Rem that I've owned. 
  14. 5Legion

    Need Input.

    If I wanted a PCC, I'd look for a Ruger PC-9.
  15. This has always been an age old question...seems most favor the AR.  Understandable, as any male with military service nowadays grew up shooting the AR, the AR has flooded the market, the AR is more "tacticool" and customizable with a lot of stuff most average Joe don't need (but want!).  The Mini is a bit more nostalgic, less evil black rifle looking, a mini-M14 that really is better described as a .223 M1 Carbine.  I've owned a Mini-14 Tactical (sold it, sort of miss it) and currently have a nice SS Mini-30.  The 580 and newer series with Ruger mags ar


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