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  1. Worth noting that 71 years ago today (March 4, 1945), William H. “Bill” Genaust, a Sergeant in the USMC and a war photographer who is most famous for capturing the Flag Raising on Iwo Jima on color film with his 16 millimeter camera, was killed when he entered a darkened cave and was shot to death. He had volunteered to use his camera light so that he could light the way for other marines entering the cave when he was killed. The cave mouth was covered over by bulldozing equipment, and his body was never recovered.    
  3. Yup:
  4. I guess the witnesses seeing a 'single speeding car' were lying, then. It was the car's fault - they were doing the 45mph speed limit and the car spun out and was nearly cut in half while taking down a light pole. Stupid car.
  5. So you think the car just lost control on its own, eh?
  6. Meh - play stupid games, win stupid prizes.
  7. Somebody got a smoking deal. Looks like I was too late... dangit...
  8. Great news, made my day!
  9. Prayers lifted, TDR...
  10. Win.
  11. LOL, do you really think they're concerned with CC? If it's concealed, why would they care? They care because the kwik-wannabes couldn't control themselves and forced their hand. And no, this isn't about OCing in general, but the OCers are the ones who caused this.
  12. Yup, and it was welcome before, until the OCing idiots had to force their hand, despite the fact SB made it clear they'd rather not play. I'd like to hope these 'activists' would learn from this, but based on what I've seen in the gun forums and the feedback on Starbucks' FB page, it doesn't look like that's the case. *sigh*
  13. Perfectly stated, thank you.
  14. Were any of them concealed-carrying? I'm guessing it's tough to CC a shotgun or an AR, but I'm not a bright man... Look, dice however you wish - obviously OC is a hot-buttom for you. Thats fine, we get it - doesn't change the fact that the douche bags who caused this were all OCers. If you somehow feel vilified by that, I can't do anything about that. Unless you were one of the clowns who showed up at SB OCing on one of those dates thinking that buying one cup of coffee and a danish would have some sort of impact aside from scaring the soccer mom who isn't accustomed to see a bunch of armed folks walking around, then you're good to go - OC at will. If you *were* one of the idiots who thought that this 'show of force' would do anything beneficial, then nothing I can say will begin to register with you...
  15. *sigh* It's only about OC because those are the fools who wouldn't let this go. They are the ones who pushed SB's hand in this decision. SB had made ti clear they were happy to sit on the sidelines for this one - a position I respect - yet the Rosa parks wannabes werern't happy leaving well enough alone and just had to force SB's hand in this. OC isn't the issue, outside of the fact the dillweeds that caused this response were all OCing.