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  1. We got the first measurable rain in weeks yesterday here in Spring Hill. I haven't mowed in a month, and wont for a few more weeks I guess. The non-stop heat and lack of rain is tough.
  2. One last note that I'll add... and take it for what it's worth. If you are into RVing, the cost really isn't about fuel, etc. It's about time with your family. I've spent a zillion bucks on my truck, fuel, and the RV I used to have, but it's all been worth the experiences I've had with my family. It's all been worth the cost, a million times over. Money is tight these days, but if you can make some memories and spend some good times with your family, go for it.
  3. "New Colt AR15- same rifle now being used in Vietnam". I've been to Mahoney's many times. I'd have to believe that these advertised prices are a bit over the actual value at that time.
  4. We had a 27' Jayco travel trailer that we bought new and just sold a few years ago when the kids got too old. One thing we really wish that we'd had was a camper with at least one slide out. I dont know if Airstreams have those or not. One really cool thing about Airstreams is that they don't have a rubber roof that eventually breaks down and causes leaks and water damage. They can last a long time.
  5. Yeah, you'll need to get it to them. See my edit above. You can test the battery yourself if you happen to have and know how to use a voltmeter. Letting the car sit for a few days shouldn't have killed it. Ten bucks says you have a bad battery or alternator (perhaps both).
  6. Do you drive it every day, and this just happened? If so, my first guess would be your battery has died, and/or your alternator has gone bad and is no longer charging the battery as you drive it. The last time you drove it discharged the battery too low for it to handle the load of another start. Advance or Auto Zone will test both for you free. Edit: if you try to jump a low battery in your car from another vehicle, let the 'jumping vehicle' run for a while while connected before starting. Sometimes it takes a hot minute or 10.
  7. Man that must have been one nice Norinco SKS for that price.
  8. Coming down pretty hard south of Nashville right now.
  9. Owl Hollow (Charlie Haffner Memorial Range) is still open, and it's just down the road from Franklin in the Spring Hill/Thompson's Station area. TGO David posted about new hours and prices in a separate thread.......you should be able to find it pretty easily.
  10. What are you fishing for? @bersaguy might be able to give you some good info.
  11. I hadn't heard that - that's good news. I would imagine that they will make a mint once the Russian supply dries up.
  12. You might consider starting by reading the book "ABCs of Reloading". Its a bit dated, but has solid info.
  13. 1966 Pontiac GTO. Got it in 1985. My first car, and the one I drove in high school. Still have it


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