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  1. I once had a cat that could jump from the kitchen floor onto the top of my standard-size refrigerator.
  2. Yep, inches. I couldn't imagine what trouble one foot would cause around here. Things would be shut down for weeks
  3. We ended up with about 5' where I am in Spring Hill. I think we've had more snow in the past three weeks than we have in the past three years.
  4. I think someone had one in the classifieds not long ago, might want to do a search for it.
  5. I think there's a member selling a big one in the non -firearms classifieds for about half that amount. Just FYI.
  6. I loved reading this. The Glock thing was great. I will say, I give Taurus a bit more respect. I've never had one problem, not once.
  7. I hate this. I loved him as a broadcaster. I remember watching games with my dad that he coached in the 70s.
  8. I'm with ya. Kinda off topic, but I used to have a '75 F-150 with a 460 and C6 trans. Still kicking myself for letting it go. What a beast. GLWS. Free bump! Edit, good luck with search!
  9. I looked into a used Leaf recently as well. Not to go 'green', but to keep from beating the snot out of my car doing the daily work commute on I-65. Your findings on the used battery are exactly what I found. Fully charged, the thing's range wouldn't get me to Nashville and back home again. Guess I'll keep using gas and diesel.
  10. That dog looks like it's starving. Trust will take time- if it's that timid, it may not have been treated well. You'll obviously need to get it a sheltered, warm place to sleep or shelter in. The cold is coming.
  11. Every team has to deal with refs and injuries during the season. Just the way it is.
  12. You could look at Cedars of Lebanon SP too. Not too far to the east.
  13. In a 24 hour time span, the Vols won, Alabama lost, and the Titans won. A rare weekend in TN.
  14. For what it's worth, I use old transmission fluid as a lubricant and protectant on my press. Works great.
  15. My FIL used to have that problem in East TN, and found out weasels were the culprit.
  16. Vandy won after getting thumped at home by ETSU. Go Bucs! And yes, welcome to the SEC, Texas.
  17. "Some people did some things." My flag Is flying.
  18. Depends where you are in TN. We could use some. High 90* temps every day dries stuff out quick.


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