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  1. Sorry, not really interested in selling. Just thought about trading for something I like
  2. My dad gave my son a HS 21 revolver in 22LR. It was distributed thru Sportarms of Florida. It came with 22LR cylinder only but the box shows a 22mag option. Can a 22 mag cylinder be added to this revolver? Anything else need to be changed? Where would I find said cylinder?
  3. I have an older pencil barrel 700 in 308, if your interested. It’s black on black. Only catch, I’m in Murfreesboro daniel
  4. gomer pyle


    I have thought about the 17 Hornet. I would like more opinions/info on it.
  5. gomer pyle


    5 years ago, yes. Now, with a 9 yr old who loves to shoot, once they come home they stay.
  6. gomer pyle


    Honestly, I like the fact of less recoil and less noise. I’m not set on the Hornet, it just meets all the things I like. The 17 WSM is another round I’ve looked at but I just keep coming back to the Hornet.
  7. gomer pyle


    I’ve got a hankering for a 22 Hornet(or possibly a 17). I’ve been wanting something more than a 22 mag but don’t like how the wind effects HMR. For some reason, I keep coming back to the Hornet. I will mostly shoot targets with the occasional groundhog, but do plan for a Prairie dog hunt sometime in the future I like the looks of the Ruger 77 but keep reading bad reviews and that it would need to be sent to CPC. I'm not big on a CZ, mostly because of the magazine hanging down. Thoughts on a Hornet? If I go 22, do I need a K chamber? 17 better or worse? Which rifle?
  8. I built one with a pond pump for my current tankless. All I’ve ever done for my tanked was to drain them once a year.
  9. I'm trying to stay away from gas if at all possible due to not having any gas on my property. If not for that....
  10. Is the rescale done the same as a traditional tanked heater or do you back pump it like a tankless?
  11. The house we purchased has an all electric tankless water heater. It is awful! It pulls 120 amps every time it comes on(I checked with amp meter, not guessing) and still can't keep up with demand in the winter time. I have been looking at tankless outdoor gas options but I'd have to buy a tank, run lines to house, mount the unit outdoors(with fear of lines freezing) and the cost is a lot more than I can spend right now. We really don't have run in the laundry room for a tank water heater but we may have to work around it, so I've been looking at tallest, skinniest options(due to EPA regs these are not that much skinner than a standard). I've been looking at the hybrid option, are they worth the extra $$$? Then again is there too much electronics to go bad? Anyone have a hybrid? Thoughts?
  12. I did a monolithic slab on a shop at my last house. The exterior look wasn’t quite as nice and I’m wanting to go 3 block high as a stem wall.


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