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  1. Why is this even coming up now. Her remarks were made in 1993, 23 years ago. I see no new material on this, so why the issue? I don't doubt that she does have an anti-gun agenda, but we could discuss it more clearly if we used material a little newer than over 23 years old!
  2.   Same town. Agree completely.
  3. Following the law to its logical limit would mean that no manufacturer could make weapons for any civilians.
  4. You shouldn't be looking for "X-Ring" accuracy in a defensive shooting. You are looking for an effective grouping <5". I shoot revolvers all of the time and I shoot double action at all times. My triggers are standard (Approx 8#), it just takes practice.   As LtCol Cooper told us at Gunsite: " If you have a small group, you're shooting too damn slow!"
  5. You can fix a lot of things, but you can't fix stupid!
  6. A badge denotes authority and some sort of jurisdiction. Way too many HCP holders think the permit makes them into some sort of LEO and public guardian. As HCP holders they are still private citizens and have no authority except to defend themselves and their family members. With all of the "Sheep Dog" talk going around, it is important to remember that neither a gun nor a big diesel pickup changes the size of your natural equipment. You are just a private citizen.
  7. A J-Frame Smith either OWB or pocket carry. I have had several of my fellow HCP holders explain to me that I stand no chance against the ISIS battle group that inevitably assaults my neighborhood Walmart. Whereas, they with their neato double column semi-autos will be able to save the day by taking out the entire ISIS organization with two extra magazines of 9MM. This is based on their combat experience at some neat school at some pistol range. I spent a total of 60 months in combat in VietNam (4 Tours) with the USMC so I am in no position to question their superior logic. I only need 5 shots
  8. I'm holding off on buying a Barrett until someone comes out with a good pocket holster for it.
  9. wjh2657


    Coming down so hard I can't see my neighbors' houses. Love being retired: Food for five days, a freshly cracked bottle of Monkey Shoulder and plenty of Samurai DVDs. Don't intend to crack back door until Sunday!
  10.   If it isn't broke, don't fix it. Model 1911: 105 years and still just the one gun design! (And still one of the best) In guns, innovation isn't necessarily better.
  11. Welcome to my parlor said the spider to the fly. Mossberg 500A (12 Gauge) with Overmold stock and lazer/light combo. S&W 686 .357 Magnum.
  12.   In many parts of this country being combative with LEOs doesn't get you arrested. It gets you shot! I am 72 years old. You don't get to 72 by being nasty with cops. Be nice and report the LEO to his superiors later if he is really out of line. Live sheep breathe better than dead goats!
  13. I have worn Perry's from the day I got my HCP. I buy mine at Walmart. A real big advantage to the Perry's is when you have to go to the bathroom in public. You don't have to take your shirt or jacket off to drop your pants. Easy off and easy hook up! Get the ones with the nylon keepers, they last longer. I am 72 years old and don't have any rear or hips to hold my pants up anymore. Everything migrated to my belly!
  14. The one single factor not being considered is how a civilian with a handgun of any type is going to be perceived by the LEOs at the scene. With police officers shooting preteen kids with squirt guns many times (10+ shots) do you really think that in a SHF situation they will hesitate to waste a guy with a shiny new 10MM? This the single scenario that has been keeping me worried .Chances of encountering an adrenaline pumping LEO is a lot better than encountering a terrorist. BTW the cop is right, anybody with a gun and no badge or uniform needs neutralizing, sorry, but that is pretty much


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