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  1. I feel like it's my job to keep general as general as possible lol.
  2. Agreed on the cheese part, haha. When someone says "Hey, be sure you get cheese on the pizza!" I die inside.   If you're remarking about the first, line, that is totally in jest. Every time I visit this site I learn something new, and if I remember correctly, you helped me out on a thread in the past.
  3. This seems like a very strange thing. I've heard the leprosy rumors my whole life, and now I hear about them being full of gristle, so Idk if I would try it to be honest. Rare that I say that as a culinary student, but that's my stance for now.
  4. I figured I should come to the most knowledgeable group of people I know with this question, then I realized I don't know many knowledgeable people, so I came here instead.   I'm just gonna go ahead and let it be known that I'm not in the mood for a 3 meat combination, but I'm open to different sauces. Crust will most likely be pan.   Aaaaand most importantly, thank you!    
  5. I'm gonna throw my lawncare/landscaping experience in on this and guess sod? Sod weighs about 1300-1400lbs a pallet
  6. I did, and was met with "Well I don't really know," and "It's been great talking to you, but my lunch is over in 5 minutes" from the people working the festival, and most of the people attending that I spoke to couldn't help me out to any degree.
  7. No pictures available at the moment, but I have a 6 year old black APBT mixed with Chow named Petey, and man he's the most timid big dog I've ever seen
  8. I'm a really big history buff, and have always been really interested in the workings of Medieval Europe. Recently I've accrued interest in re-enacting and the like, and would like to talk to someone who could give me some direction on things related to that. I'm kind of a stickler for historical accuracy, and the internet only has so much knowledge that's available within a reasonable number of keystrokes and clicks.   TL;DR- I need someone who is as big of a nerd as me to help me with putting this outfit together.
  9. I've heard the terminology from time to time in the past, but I've never gotten a precise explanation of what it means. Everytime I think I've figured it out, someone else has another explanation of what it is. I figured I'd come here to ask you studied lot of scholars  :biglol:
  10. HillyKarma

    Vz 58

    Out of stock  :shrug:   I have the advantage of this being my first purchase, so I don't mind  :x:
  11. That looks phenomenal, man. Can't wait for you to invite me out to shoot it :x:
  12. HillyKarma

    Vz 58

    That's a really great deal. How are you liking it?  Any complaints so far?
  13. HillyKarma

    Vz 58

    So, you guys may remember my thread from a few weeks ago titled "Starter .308?" I've finally made a choice after going out and doing some shooting and looking further into things, I've finally decided on the 7.62x39mm  instead, and also decided on a Vz 58. From what I've been told, there are currently only 2 American manufacturers importing the rifle: Century Arms (ewwww), and Czech Small Arms. So my question is this: Should I get one version over the other? Is it worth waiting a bit for a particular make to pop up over another, or should they both be alright? Also take into account experiences with dealing with issues with the company. Which has better customer service? Thanks for reading.   EDIT: Forgot to mention, both companies are building the rifles out of parts from the same factory 
  14.   I've never seen one, but I've heard about them! I'm very interested in getting one now, haha. Be sure to post in Show and Tell when you get it!
  15. I understand. I got it, and some things were included that weren't listed in the kit online, including oral airways (but strangely, no shears, go figure) and this was one that I just couldn't figure out. I've recently started going camping and hiking a lot more, and have had to deal with large gashes, breaks, and sprains. The only medical training I have is a basic course on simple injuries. I really appreciate the insight though, guys.


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