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  1. Bump with 2 additional holsters added.
  2. Selling an excellent condition FNH SCAR 17s in 7.62 NATO/.308. This rifle has the black finish, has a round count of approx. 500 (all G.I. ball or M118LR) and is a Belgian-made rifle. This rifle has NEVER been fired with a suppressor on it. Included are 15 factory 20-round magazines (12 of which are still in the box), a PMM modified Magpul grip, several sections of Magpul rail covering and the Geissele Super Scar trigger. All of the original paperwork, the OEM grip, the factory trigger and the FN cardboard box are included. I have installed a Silencerco (I think) 3-prong flash hider on it, but will include the factory muzzle brake (this was done so I could use it in a 30-round modern military match under CMP rules). I live in Maryville and would be willing to drive a reasonable distance to meet with a buyer. TN residents only, as I don't wish to ship (valid DL and current HCP preferred). Not interested in any trades. $3900 SOLD
  3. Relisting my 2018 WC EDC X9 9mm (finally back from travels). This has the black Armor-tuff finish, strong side thumb safety, green fiber optic front sight and has the light rail. It is fitted with the small backstrap and medium trigger. I'm the original buyer; it's been fired and carried (a little), but is in very good condition with minimal marks to the finish on a couple of high points, the slide release and thumb safety. Round count (estimated) is a flawless 600 rounds of factory JHP and ball ammo. Comes with the Wilson Combat zippered case, all original paperwork and five 15-round magazines. Also included is a JM Custom Kydex right-handed OWB holster (1.5" belt loops). 2 additional holsters added 10-6-21: Wilson Combat Low Profile II with sharkskin trim and Precision Holsters appendix inside-the-waistband holsters. Both accommodate 1.5" belts. I live in Maryville and will happily drive a reasonable distance to meet with a buyer. Sales to TN residents only (current TN driver's license and HCP). Not interested in trades. Asking price is $2400. Reduced to $2200. SPF 10-18-21.
  4. tnb77; You will, oddly, find the Glock subcompacts not much easier to carry. The better IWB holsters have a "tail," extending downward to prevent the gun/holster combination from being too butt-heavy and wanting to climb upwards. The thickness is the same between the two platforms, so there's no savings there. The shorter grip helps to prevent printing, but typically only without the use of extended floorplates. If you look at a design like the Milt Sparks Versa Max 2, you can see how the belt loops being so far apart spread the weight of the gun over a wider area. And, not being on the side of the holster, allow for a thinner package. Plus, the angle of rake helps keep the butt from digging into the kidney area when worn at 4-6 O'Clock. Being new to CCW'ing, you will adjust to the weight and size of anything you would reasonably try to conceal. Get a proper belt (look at belts designed to support a firearm), along with a top-tier holster and life will be much better. I'm not affiliated with Sparks' holsters, but have used them everyday for almost 30 years and love them. John
  5. Sorry, I saw this and confirmed it was available. Within 60 seconds, I'd posted on here about it. Must have either been a small quantity, or a lot of folks were laying in wait.
  6. http://www.aimsurplus.com/product.aspx?item=AW22RMATCH&name=SK+(German+Lapua)++Rifle+Match+.22LR+50rd+Box&groupid=18 Works out to .14 a round. In today's climate, pretty darn good for match ammo.
  7. Ever since traveling through TN in the 80's, I've wanted to move here. Well, I was finally able to retire, find a home in the Kodak area and relocate from California last month. I fear that a career in law enforcement left me a bit worse for wear, but I'm so happy to finally be a resident of "Free America!" I am certainly looking forward to finding a range, meeting forum members and just enjoying everything this area has to offer. John


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