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  1. The sheriff here in Henry County told me that a new law had been passed, effective 1 July this year regarding application for carry permits. He told me that the 8 hour class and qualification had been done away with and that applications would all be done online, requiring only that the applicant fill out the online forms, watch a 30-45 minute video and take a 10-question test, again online. You would then download a certificate that you passed the test, and take it to the driver exam point. I've been checking and there's no such setup on the Dept of Safety website. Has anyone heard anything like this?
  2. I use the NATO ammo in my Canik SFX for USPSA matches. It's surprisingly accurate, but has a "thump" to it. My Canik is fitted with a muzzle brake and needs the extra oomph. Only downside for me is it is extremely dirty. After every range session or match I have to literally scrub the feed ramp to get the carbon off of it and the internal parts get rather sooty. However, given the cheap cost and accuracy in my gun, I'm willing to donate a little elbow grease.
  3. I've seen rounds from every major ammo maker with no powder, no primer, primers in backwards, split casings and bullets pushed back in the case.
  4. I've got two RIA's, but both are 9mm's. One is a Rock ULTRA 5", the other is the Officer size CS. I've got 5K rounds thru the 5" and 2K thru the CS (bought used) without a bobble. I agree the finish could be a bit better, but mine are reliable.
  5. I own 2 1911's and a Glock 19. Both 1911's are RIA mfg, a full-size Rock Ultra bought new, and a TAC II CS, both in 9mm. Only change I made was to replace both front sights with a narrower FO from Dawson, and added an extended safety to the CS. Both have been flawless in their operation through several thousand rounds. No need to change anything else. The Glock 19 has been trouble free as well. The factory sights were scrapped for a set of Warren-Sevigny Tacticals, and the trigger group was replaced with a complete custom kit from DK Custom Triggers. The only thing I don't care for is the grip angle. If I could give it the same angle as the 1911 it would fit me a lot better, but unfortunately I can't.
  6. jdw174

    Permit Reciprocity

    That's the way I read it.
  7. jdw174

    9mm 1911

    I've got the Rock Island "ROCK" Ultra FS in 9mm. I use it for IDPA in ESP class. Through 2500 rounds it hasn't skipped a beat. Best of all, it's very reasonably priced.
  8. I've heard of prices being near to the $4K mark, not to mention the cost of ammo.
  9. I've got a RIA Tac II CS that I'd like to get an extended safety installed on, and I believe the extractor needs either adjusting or replaced. I live in Paris and would like to find someone as close as possible who knows what they're doing. Any help?
  10. I replaced the triggers in both my 34 and 19 with the competition units from DK Custom Triggers. Take-up was reduced to almost nothing, and no overtravel. My trigger scale shows 3.5lb on both using the 4.5# striker spring. He makes different versions of his triggers. I highly recommend.
  11. JMO, but if those targets aren't shooting back.....it IS a game. :cool:
  12. Gunwriter/author Evan Marshall was competing in a PPC match and while checking targets a younger shooter next to him started telling him how the wind was affecting his sights/blowing his rounds off center/he had too much caffeine before the match, etc.  He looked at Evan's target and said what happened to you?  Evan's reply was, "I missed".   As for me, the truth of the matter is that I'm not a young pup any longer, and I got so farsighted that I couldn't see the sights clearly at all, so I fixed that with Rx shooting glasses.  I guess my main excuse is the onset of "essential tremors" in my hands.  It's partially controlled with the use of Propranolol.  If I shoot in the morning it's not too bad, but as the day goes on and the drug wears down, things can get worse.  The last classifier I shot was held in the afternoon and by the time I was called to shoot I literally couldn't hold the sights on target and actually had misses at 7 yards!  Fortunately, they're not always that bad.  I normally end up about middle of the pack in our monthly IDPA shoots and I realize that unlike wine, I'm not getting any better with age.
  13. That 2.5" K frame is one of the best looking wheelies S&W ever produced, IMO.
  14. I believe that Charter Arms makes a 9mm snubbie that doesn't require moon clips.
  15. www.henrycountygunclub.com .  About 2 hours from Nashville.

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