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  1. I love Dobermans. I grew up with one. (Charity) We were allowed to ride our bikes threw town and neighborhood when we were kids. She was always with us. Never did she bark or go after anyone. If you got to close she would growl. When Xdshooter and I were talking about a breed of dog we would like, that was the one I wanted. My kids have protection. The kids and I were home without Allan one day, a stranger came to the door, Wesson was about a year old, She was not letting anyone in that door. I did not tell her it was ok, So if I would have opened that door.......... We tap their shoulders and tell them it is ok. They smell you and go on about their business. I think as any breed, it is all how you raise them, how much time, and attention, it takes alot of time and patience.
  2. A little late but, and to all of you as well! I enjoyed my day with my better half snd kids.
  3. I love my S&W M&P9. My first gun was a Tauras 24/7 9mm. I sold it for my Smith. I made a great choice. I shot a clip through my kel-tec and I called it quits. I was soar. I also love that I can put it in my pocket and no one knows but me. My xdshooter carries a Sprinfield XD 9. He likes it better than my Smith, but he does give it good review.
  4. She turned 5 in December. She thinks she is grown.
  5. I think she is so pretty! I love that the purse came along! That's my girl!! We hadn't tried to find a sitter for her so we could go, I looked at her and asked "Do you want to got to the range with us?" Her eyes lit up and she was getting dressed and rushing us out the door. She had a 100 questions and was really trying to keep up with her big brother and Dad. So proud!!!!
  6. Congrats! There is 8 yrs between mine. I can Say at 20 yrs old I was a freak to do everything the right way and be the best Mom. At 28 with our daughter I was much more layed back and didn"t have that feeling I had to be perfect. I still am a freak on somethings but, MUCH more layed back. I think it is the confidence! "Hey we have done this before,We got this."
  7. This is Wesson. She likes to sleep Xdshooters spot
  8. Kids and Wesson loved it! Saturday morning Saturday afternoon Wesson
  9. I have to go everyday for work and maybe once every 3 months to my bank. There is no signs posted. All I am saying is Concealed carry. No one knows it's there but me.
  10. Yep, still around! I usually read under Xdshooters name, Because he likes to hog the computer! I've been trying to keep up. My job is very demanding. So I love my little bug. I have only shot it a couple times, so the amount of ammo I need for it is not an issue. I keep it loaded with hollow points,and in my pocket. Shooting it was not the most comfortable but, if needed it is realible! I would much rather go shoot my 9mm. for fun or xdshooters AR-15. I keep trying to claim it!
  11. I keep a Kel tec in my pocket. I also get froggy sometimes and carry my S&W M&P9, on my hip at 4 oclock inside waist band. Also no tight shirts!
  12. I love my job! But, I think with all the hours and time I am away from home I realize my children are the ones that are suffering for me wanting to be a successful woman. I want them to have everything I never had. I begining to think that all they want is my time and attention. Balance is what I seek!
  13. Congrats. I had my husband to compete with!
  14. All my friends thought I was crazy to want a gun. (they know my personality). I have taken them to the range, one of them was so excited! She asked about buying a gun and the permit classes. I was so proud. Another smart woman!!!!!!!!!!!!

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