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  1. Hmm, talk about random things you find when you check the forums for the first time in a year... But you do have a PM to read at your convenience. Lucky for me it seems... You seem to be looking for someone with roughly my qualifications and I happen to be looking to move home to TN after three years in Yankee hell.
  2. Where in Maryland? I relocated to Northern Virginia, Reston specifically, late last year.
  3. I bought my 9mm P250 last year, and the trigger is around 5.5lbs right now. Mine started out kind of rough and closer to 6 or 6.5lbs for pull, but after about 500-600 rounds it smoothed out and qualified for broken in. I'd have to check my other computer, but I think I've put about 4500 rounds through it since, and the trigger has gotten much smoother with use. The compact shoots a bit low and right, but it's dead on with the full size barrel I picked up for it. Now, if Sig would only bother with making a .22LR kit for it...
  4. SkWaShDeM

    Sig p250

    I have one. Get the short reset trigger from Sig and have it installed by your local Sig Armorer/Gunsmith. The long reset travel on the standard trigger can be annoying for most people. I don't mind it, but I like the feel on the short better. Otherwise, I've got no complaints. Accuracy and reliability are the same as any other Sig as far as I've seen. It is a true DAO, which is not for everyone. I think Coal Creek or Gunny's had a rental P250 in 9mm, it'd be worth spending the $20 or so to take it for a test drive if you're on the fence.
  5. As requested, here's a group photo of everyone who came out for some food and conversation at Knight's in Johnson City. Apologies to the ladies, I'm horrible with names for the first three or four times I see someone. Left to Right: titan14, Mrs titan14, skwashdem, foister82, illumina, Mrs illumina
  6. Nah, you want East Side power, we'll go find somebody from Sugar Creek or Trade, TN to show you how it's done. Mountain City will do in a pinch though.
  7. I should be there at 7:15 as well. Just look for the TGO hats.
  8. Yeah, David's got some valid points. I know it's going to be painful for the beer lovers to pass up on the different 40 taps to choose from at Knight's, but everyone should stay sober for this one just to be on the safe side.
  9. I'm planning on getting there at 7:30, or slightly before. Will be flying solo Tuesday night. Can we try and get a headcount on people who're definitely attending besides myself, Titan14, & Mrs Titan14?
  10. I'm still planning on showing up. I suppose we should get a rough headcount beforehand though.
  11. No, Sig only ships one mag with new pistols now. If memory serves, they started doing that around the beginning of last year. Could be wrong, maybe someone who remembers for certain will come by and clarify. I just know when I bought my P250, I got one mag and it took about a month to get two more mags for it. I got that phone call from Sig a couple of months back, but didn't really need anything for the P250 at the time. Might have to call them back and see what's in stock now.
  12. OpenCarry.org - A Right Unexercised is a Right Lost! is probably the best place to find a quick and dirty version of the open carry laws in your destination state.
  13. Alright, I've put it on my calendar for 7:30pm at Knights on the 14th. Hopefully we can get a reasonably accurate headcount beforehand so they can shove some tables together for us that night. If people want to bring spouses/significant others, I say the more the merrier. They do have 40 beers on tap, and I've only tried about 25 of them thus far, so I might end up leaving my sidearm at home in the name of satisfying my taste buds.


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