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  1. Humm.. I thought Colt was already out of the AR business and on the verge of bankruptcy for some time.
  2. I thought I was going to end up with a handy list of companies to stop doing business with. By the time I finished reading the list I realized there wasn't as single company on the list we do business with.
  3. I know several people who are into sporting clays, hunting, etc that have this exact mentality. "I don't own an AR or AK so it won't effect me" thinking that if they sacrifice what other's like they would never come after their shotguns and bolt action guns. No one eats an elephant in one bite....
  4. Can you share with us what is so vague? Reading the language posted by Garfua I just don't see the innocuous language that would enable the government to start confiscating guns or create a registry of some sorts. To me this looks more like an advertising campaign that's designed to bring about awareness in properly storing guns safely.
  5. She is just looking out for American jobs. No import ARs, just ones make in the USA.... Moron..
  6. I've never understood the push back to this. Maybe it's because I like to keep my guns and don't want to make it easy on some thief trying to take my guns.
  7. The difference with the bumpstock vs. a suppressor is that bumpstocks were not tracked. They had no serial number and no record of who bought and sold them plus their intent was to exploit a loophole in the law. A suppressor is tracked, has strict guidelines on who can own them, how they are stored, transported, etc. The press and their masters in the DNC has not picked up on suppressors like they did bump stocks. I never understood how Bumpstocks lasted as long as they did before they were banned. I wonder how many thousands of people out there have them and don't even know they are banned now. I do wonder if this guy had a legitimate suppressors or did he buy one of those "solvent traps" from the idiots at a gun show. I stood there in amazement at one gun show in Chattanooga while the nimrods selling the adaptor to put an oil filter on the end of a gun openly talked about using them as cheap suppressors. I've not seen them at the last gun show or two. Maybe their dumbasses are in jail.
  8. Switching to an online class vs an actual class. How do they know you are the one that took the class and someone didn't do it for you?
  9. I'm another one that is not a fan of the bill. When I took my carry permit the second time (returning from living out of state) I was shocked that about 40% of the class had never owned a gun and at least 20% of the class had not pulled the trigger on a gun in the last 20 or more years. I think it's a valid complaint that some of these people should have some form of training so they know to keep their booger hook off the bleaping trigger. I too am concerned about what this will do for reciprocity with other states. Instead of removing the requirement for the class make a change so that you can show proof of other forms of formal training. Hunter safety course, former military, competitive pistol shooting etc. If you know how to handle a gun there is no reason to take the class but if you are not even sure which end to look at then you should have some kind of training.
  10. Idiots, complete idiots. Don't they realize they took the animals out of the cage and now the Lion is free to feast upon the other animals? What were they thinking?
  11. My wife is lactose intolerant so she can only eat cheese that does not contain lactose. Usually places like that offer at least one cheese or one pizza with lactose free cheese but they do not seem to care about that either. Even without the gun buster there are so many strikes against that place that we'll never find a reason to go back.
  12. I guess they are looking to be authentic to the name Chicago. They have an improper sign that just says no guns with gun buster so we thought we would try it anyways. The food was good but the service was extremely slow (4pm on a Saturday) and they have Pepsi products. Slow service and Pepsi are good enough reason not to go back to begin with but add in their stance on guns and it becomes a once and done.
  13. Chattanooga's Mayor is as liberal as they get. He is trying his best to turn us into San Fransisco East. He seems to care more about taking just about every major road and cutting down the number of lanes for cars to add unused bike lanes and making downtown more artsy fartsy. Strangely he doesn't seem to care much about guns which is odd for a liberal.
  14. Most places they use local PD for traffic control when they are working on the side of the road. Most around here (Chattanooga) use their personal car with lights. I often see them wearing a "casual" uniform and open carrying.
  15. I watched a Channel 3 broadcast and the reporter I would have thought would be as anti-gun as you can get said "Thankfully none of the guns were damaged" in his on the side of the road interview. I had to re-wind the DVR to see if what I heard was true.

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