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  1. HIPAA laws are largely misunderstood. Pretty narrow coverage scope, actually. Here’s a link that will tell you who is/is not a covered entity/individual under HIPAA: https://www.cms.gov/Regulations-and-Guidance/Administrative-Simplification/HIPAA-ACA/Downloads/CoveredEntitiesChart20160617.pdf And a link that explains where the exception fits: https://www.hhs.gov/sites/default/files/covid-19-hipaa-and-first-responders-508.pdf I don’t like it, but it is, and has been legal.
  2. Fancy and high tech! But I prefer good ole carbon steel and a hone. I trust myself more with those.
  3. I’m working from home, my daughter is schooling online, my wife is taking online college courses. My office is set up in the garage, my daughter is using the office, my wife has the dining room table. We’ve got enough supplies to last a couple of months. So, our only contact with the outside is virtual or when I have to restock the occasional necessity. Even so, both of my gals are in bed with 100 degree fever, aches, chills, cough, dizziness. I’m not sure if it came home from my daughter having worked 12 days ago or on my clothes from an early grocery run a week ago. At this point, their symptoms seem to be improving. So, it could be a seasonal flu. I did have a flu shot in the fall, while they opted not to so that others could have theirs. That would explain why I feel fine and they don’t. I’m hoping that’s all that it is.
  4. I’m the one who adopted the Karambit. Gotta say, not only is it a sharp, hefty beast, it’s purty too! Great craftsmanship, as usual.
  5. I’ll take #1. PM me the payment and shipping details please.
  6. HR policy is typically adopted by either ordinance or resolution, depending on the charter language. Likely the mayor is seeking to amend the policy. I’m aware of several city policies that are silent on the issue, they don’t post, and they typically have a clause about personnel observing laws while on duty; and at least one that actively allows it but requires a copy of the HCP on file in HR. Best way to address it is to silently allow. Active support could invite unnecessary risk on the taxpayer if an employee acts irresponsibly, or worse.
  7. Thanks all. That wood stocked one next to the Barrett has me really stumped.
  8. Lol. He does look like he's at the mall. I'm sure he is having a blast. He's retired 18z working civ contract for Africom so he gets to play with toys.
  9. All you world travelers, help me ID any of these weapons from somewhere in Africa. Interesting lot of toys my friend is playing with.
  10. Awesome piece. Back in the '80s I was young and somewhat ill-informed. Bought a gun at a pawn shop for $250 in very good shape chambered for .38 (I thought .38 super at the time...didn't even know wadcutter pistols were a thing). Slide locked back after each shot of .38 super (yeah...I know now) so I sold it for what I had in it. Found out years later from Dick Binkley (once was an AMU armorer) that it was an early Colt .38 AMU. Didn't have the exact markings as yours, but was marked US Property. Still kick myself to this day.
  11. And when you're out of the tender stuff, braise a whole shoulder in beef stock and red wine, with garlic, onions, potatoes, carrots, mushrooms, salt, and pepper till it falls off the bone.
  12. Backstrip filets about 3 inches thick wrapped with bacon, a bit of kosher salt and ground black pepper grilled to med rare over hardwood coals.
  13. Spoke with UTK PD today, as well as other jurisdictions where my work takes me (Oak Ridge, Cookeville, Chattanooga, Metro PD, etc.) as most of my work locations aren't under campus PD jurisdiction. UTK was surprisingly positive and helpful, as were other agencies...even Commander Drake's office of the Central Precinct for MNPD. Will need to fill out a UTK form for their campuses statewide. Some municipal PD's and SO's as well as metro allowed me to simply fax a letter to them. Overall, somewhat simple, considering having to send upwards of a dozen letters throughout the state. Here's UTK official policy promulgated today: http://policy.tennessee.edu/safety_policy/sa0875/

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