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  1. They were one of my early boycott YEARS ago.  Noticed in the last couple years that a lot of the local 7-11's changed signs from Citgo to "Gas".  Always wondered if they no longer used Citgo or just removed the sign.
  2. I guess it was the (liberal) Washington Post that wrote an editorial that said his whole purpose, at this point, is to regain the Dems control of the House in 2014, so he has Nancy to implement all his Progressive(I know, I'm being kind) policies.
  3. Latest is sequestering has led to a shut down of the White House tours...........however, the tour guides are volunteers.............
  4. .........and we give fighter jets to the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt...........:rolleyes:
  5. See.  That's what I thought when I heard it.  I smell a conspiracy............
  6. Ok.  I admit I may seeing black helicopters soon, but........ My (quite liberal) aunt arrived in Tampa, from France, via London, and was met with a long line in Customs "for American citizens only".  She said the foreigners went right through while the Americans had "hundreds" in their line and it took "an hour" to get through. Anyways, when she did get up to the front, she asked what was going on and the TSA agent(although, come to think of it, it wouldn't be TSA, would it?) said "with sequestering, everythings been cut back". Really?  Within 2 days? Do you think there is some conspiracy going on here where "they" are being told to perpetuate the hurt whenever/wherever possible?  
  7. Do you remember the explanation about job creation when it didn't happen.  New jobs became "new OR not-lost" jobs. Maybe this is "new OR not-used" ammo........... Who the heck knows.  They just make this stuff up.
  8. Isn't some manufacturing based in NY?  I know there's a bunch in CT and MA.  Time for them to move to TN, TX, and FL!
  9.   <nodding>  Knew that but, I thought there was some "excise" tax or some other such nonsense on Corps?
  10. An "S" Corp is an alternative, but I'm not familiar with your State income taxes on Corps, if any. My "break-even" is about $20K in net profits.  If you are making less then that per year, stay a sole prop/LLC.  If more, with a CPA's blessing, then you may be able to take some combination of salary and draws that may lower your net S/E tax.  Seek advice, my friend!
  11. So, we gave them the goods to attack(fill in the blank) or We gave them the goods to defend against (fill in the blank).   Either one.  Go ahead........   Seems like the answer to at least one of those questions should/could be answered before shipment?
  12. Never was about stopping mass shootings.  All about doing SOMETHING.  "We have to do SOMETHING!"  If you don't, you are heartless, right? How about starting with enforcing ALL the laws already on the books?
  13. I'm not sure if the "most popular woman in America for 10 years" moniker is more of an indictment of America or women? ;)
  14. The most popular woman in America in each of the last ten years. 

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