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  1. I have one with a Romeo 1 if you’re interested. I’m In East TN though.
  2. Northeast Tennessee Practical Shooters have a uspsa match on 3rd Saturday’s in the Nashville area. Oak ridge Practical Shooters Association also shoots uspa on 3rd Saturday’s. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk Pro
  3. I haven't shot 3Gun in a while but I still keep up with some of it. Raleigh Prince is the MD and is local to me. He has posted some of these things to our local Facebook group. He's been running the club matches over at Cleveland for the past couple years. It will be a mix of bay and natural terrain and a jungle run. I believe I read 5 stages on a post... Max distance is 500yds. I think it is similar to the UML rules. Heavy division is offered. Hope this helps.
  4. Not having one this year, Toby. Match director will not be able to put it on.
  5. I've used most of the popular products these days. Currently using weapon shield and just finished up the small bottle of solvent that came in the kit on amazon. The needle oiler is real handy and it cleans up real well, which is one of the things I look for in cleaning products since my guns see a lot of rounds. Just bought the large bottles of Weaponshield CLP and solvent.
  6. There's a drawing for permits in Birchwood, TN. You have to be physically present to obtain one. Check TWRA. Didn't hunt from a blind like ducks or try to call them in. Never hunted geese but we hunted a farmers field next to the hiwassee river and you could hear hundreds of them squawking on the other side of the trees. So we hid in the tree lines and picked out ones that were flying low enough. In my county you can see hundreds in fields driving down the road. The guys I hunted with said the numbers were low compared to years past and they weren't even all here yet. We probably saw over
  7. Haha yes! They are massive birds. My buddy had a 10ga out there and he definitely made farther shots than I did. Of course he is also a better shotgun shooter than I am... I had my best luck with some 3in winchesters out of an A400.
  8. Man, unfortunately not. Wish I had. Never heard anything like that hitting the ground. Great experience though. Maybe next time.
  9. These were taken in Rhea County, little north of Chattanooga.
  10. Put my 3 tags to use this morning with some of the boys for my first Sandhill Crane hunt. Very neat experience. Recipes welcomed.
  11. I believe I was at 3.3 or 3.4 at 1.135 OAL
  12. Haha, just now seeing this. Looks like I missed out with that Middle Tennessee crew.
  13. It was okay. The lens scratched a bit from the brass. It definitely gave me a good base line for what I wanted in a red dot if that makes you more hopeful, haha.
  14. Yeah it'll take some getting used to getting that dot to stop moving so much. I am thinking about picking up a delta point pro and moving the rmr to a rifle or something.


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