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  1. Whittaker's seems to have good prices on everything, guns and ammo. I have a buddy that lives in Kentucky and he says there usually is the opening line each day though. Sales tax is lower too.
  2. I would ponder casting but I've been thinking the tire shops are getting raided for their lead these days about as bad as Wal Mart is for .22's.   Are there places that you can just walk up too and offer to take it of their hands?
  3. That's a good deal! The smooth finish of the pre-war receivers is nice. I wish CAI would be a little more discreet with the new serial number stamping.
  4. Hey David, My subscription automatically renewed but my Benefactor status hasn't been updated. Is this a related issue?   Thanks!
  5. Mmmmmmmmmmmm, woody... I'll trade ya a nice laminated stock for number 6 there. :dirty:
  6. Hey guys, I finally found myself a Garand last week and I've be perusing all of the info out there and I was wondering about some things. My serial is Feb 44 Springfield (Yay). I was wondering how far off the drawing numbers for the other parts typically were. Everything on mine is Springfield, but the dash numbers are from distant months/years. My bolt is a W9B which could have been any where from 42-44. i know this could have all changed at the rework but I just wondering how close to the serial number the rest of the parts usually fell. I actually would like the challenge of a little parts
  7. I was in the same boat but then one presented itself and I had to just whip out the plastic and grab it. I'm so glad I did. I hate using credit cards, but this one is justified.
  8. I've thought about that too. But then I can't hide behind a screen name when I have a horrible match like I did last time. 
  9. Are you using Pyrodex? I was only using a weighed 15g which was about 3 scoops of a .5cc Lee dipper. The weight vs. volume part of Pyrodex is a little confusing.   I sent the revolver back home to it's owner. If I were to get one, it would probably be steel. This poor little guy just had too many miles on it.
  10. My personal deal is you can get a piece of WWII history at a great price IMHO. They are about as bullet-proof as a bolt action rifle comes and surplus ammo is relatively cheap at the moment. Since I can't afford a Garand or a 1903 at the moment, I'll take one of these.
  11. They had a picture of an upper-half of a AR. Don't know what he planned on doing with that.   I'm really surprised this one isn't getting the total news freak out.
  12. Well, I tried it out and I still have all my fingers and nose. Glad I wear glasses though, got a little spit-back. I recon that's normal for the type? I was only using about 15g of Pyrodex and the ball set back quite a ways in the cylinder. Is it important to use filler to bring the ball up closer to the edge?   Thanks


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