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  1. Whittaker's seems to have good prices on everything, guns and ammo. I have a buddy that lives in Kentucky and he says there usually is the opening line each day though. Sales tax is lower too.
  2. I would ponder casting but I've been thinking the tire shops are getting raided for their lead these days about as bad as Wal Mart is for .22's.   Are there places that you can just walk up too and offer to take it of their hands?
  3. That's a good deal! The smooth finish of the pre-war receivers is nice. I wish CAI would be a little more discreet with the new serial number stamping.
  4. I might be a little too far north for you. I'm about 20 minutes north of Nashville.
  5. Hey guys, I have a tacticool scope mount for your Mosin. I mounts without any permanent mods and install pretty easily. It has side rails if you really want to make Captain Sergei roll over in his grave. They are detachable, though. It has a tang that slots in the rear sight mount. Worked great.   $20 - Can mail for $6 more.   Thanks
  6. Hey Guys,   I have 1000 Federal LPP - $35   1300 Winchester LPP - $40   Thanks!
  7. Sold, thanks TGO   $36 shipped or Meet in Greenbrier, Springfield or Joelton.   Thanks
  8. Hey David, My subscription automatically renewed but my Benefactor status hasn't been updated. Is this a related issue?   Thanks!
  9. Mmmmmmmmmmmm, woody... I'll trade ya a nice laminated stock for number 6 there. :dirty:
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