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  1. That's... remarkable!   I'm glad you shared, and looking forward to more summary, especially since I've got several 452s myself!
  2. I know several shops in Chattanooga offer them frequently. Have you checked with any?
  3. The 700s are awesome, but probably more $ for what I want to do. I saw those a while back, maybe it was you who pasted a link to them going for a pretty good price? I think you're right, and it would be a similar, but much better option to the Handi Rifle. Given that I want to do something subsonic, and 22mag subsonic is, well, 22lr, I think I'll just stick with the 22s I've already got. Maybe I'm missing something? Feel free to call me out if so! This was super helpful Dolomite. Thanks, as always. I was thinking they were pretty similar in capacity and functionali
  4. Ok TGO, it's time for everyone's favorite game! "Who wants to spend Mechanically's money vicariously and without negative reprocussion from your better half?" Here's the scenario for your enjoyment today: I have a 1st gen Liberty Mystic in jail awaiting transfer. I know the new Mystic X is better, but this guy was $399 out the door with free shipping. $200 to uncle Sam and $50 to my FFL and we're in business. The Mystic is multi-cal. .22 up to many rifle cartridges including .223, 7.62x39, and .300BO among them. I have a CZ Scorpion Evo which will be the primary device the Mystic lives
  5.   Interesting. Why do you shoot your singles more if they're not your preference?   And, any Handi's gathering dust in the safe?   :cool:
  6. Thanks for the help, guys! So, is 1:7 adequate? Would something else be better for a strictly subsonic suppressed setup? I prefer this bolt action to a single shot, but I seem to recall seeing handi-rifles being sold for a pittance and with great accuracy reports. Maybe that would make a better platform?
  7. Man, that's a compelling pricepoint! I have yet to dabble in 300BO, but can someone smarter tell me if twist rate mattes for 300BO? And if so, I wonder what the twist is on this barrel. If I got one later this year, it would be strictly for work with a can and subsonics, so I'd want to have the optimal setup for that type of slow, heavy load...
  8. Tagged to follow. OP; what holster setup do you use for your daily carry?
  9. mechanically

    Kel-Tec RDB

    I shoot left eye on my left shoulder, and I'm pretty intrigued at the ejection concept. I have been close a couple times on a Tavor, but want other folks to be able to use it too... we'll see.
  10. mechanically

    New toy

    Had a Miata. Sold in on the TGO board. Wish I never had, miss that car a lot.
  11. That's the challenge... They're awfully hard to track down. I saw a CZ sign on the wall at the new Gander Mountain, but I'd be surprised if you came across anything other than the standard 75B.    It's worth the effort, though!
  12. I agree, I wouldn't pocket carry it either, just thought I'd mention it.    If you're ever down here, you're welcome to take it for a spin of the scheduled worked out. 
  13. I started with Glocks. It's what you're supposed to buy, right? I was younger and didn't know any better. The marketing machine chewed me up and spit me out, and I ended up with a 21, 22, and 27. That was my initial foray into the carry world.    I never liked them, they were just easy to find.    Then, I realized even the 27 was a little heavy for some situations, and picked up y first J Frame. Very handy when a lightweight is called for.    After a couple years, I'd added and removed several platforms from the safe. Ruger P-series, a couple Hi Powers, Sigs


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