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  1. yep they do its about 269 has a bdc and some pretty good glass too
  2. ide look at primary arms 1-6 acss scope or if your heart is truly set  on 1-4 ide check out leatherwood hi lux i think its cmr  
  3. :O holy smokes !!!! *drools* i want  I WANT !!
  4. ok called the nras 800 number and got my number so ill see yall up there !! 
  5. ok got a question i put in for my nra membership  about a month ago and i still havent gotten my card will i be forced to rejoin them down there at the show ??
  6. i wonder if its legal to carry a tomahawk ??? this is just me being bored more or less im not really serious LOL
  7. all of you are heretics the almighty 45acp can kill all, it not only kills the body but the soul and this from the  holy book of jmb chapter 1911  /sarc 
  8. originally the ar  was designed in 308  as the ar 10 the ar 10 was for the most part a failure during the late 50s early 60s the us army was looking for a rifle chambered in 223 aka 5.56  so the ar10 was scaled down to the ar 15 and designed to fire the 5.56 
  9. whats funny is my grandfather always thought it was army rifle 15 LOL until i told him it was armalite LOL
  10. my grandfather has an old colt police positive in  38 and i asked to see it one time looked at the ammo its old half jacket ammo and i said to him you think you put a person down with it his reply ya i reckon not to many folks gonna argue with an old 38  so just left it at that 
  11. awhile back i was thinking about trading in my rock island 1911 in 45 for one in 9mm but a buddy of mine (thats a glock guy none the less) talked me out of it and said" just save up your money and get a double stack rock island in 9mm"  so here i am saving up my money LOL 
  12. http://www.washingtonexaminer.com/police-say-ar-15-bullet-up-for-ban-is-not-a-threat-countering-atf-white-house/article/2560964 well more news 
  13. http://www.washingtonexaminer.com/police-say-ar-15-bullet-up-for-ban-is-not-a-threat-countering-atf-white-house/article/2560964 this article is showing 235 memebers have signed 
  14. yall need to read the wound and kill reports for mk 318 and mk 262  5.56 ammo 


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