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  1. Sorry for the delay guys...Brentwood and Franklin...no box or papers at that price.;-)
  2. If I didn't have two of them, I wouldn't let this one go.
  3. Colt collectors are welcome to correct me but believe the Series 70 is a 5".
  4. Amazing...if you get a hankering to trade, please let me know.
  5. I purchased this one from another TGO member...shot it a couple of times and has been sitting in the safe. It’s a fine suppressor host.
  6. I have a period correct box in rough condition but not matching. (If it had the original kit, it would be priced $100 to $200 more though. BR, Brian
  7. BTW...not 1st of 1,400...the gun was the 1,386th made...I was trying to post as my four kids nine and under were going nuts in the house.
  8. I’ve got a couple blued colts listing tonight - stay tuned;-)
  9. Colt 1911 Series 70 in excellent condition and very few marks especially considering the gun was manufactured almost 50 years ago! I have two of these so this gorgeous Pony can be added to your collection! $1,000
  10. This is a really fun suppressor host as the suppressor sits below the sights. The pistol is in excellent condition and very hard to find threaded! Comes with one magazine. I’ve got less than 100 rounds through it. Classic Firearms had these for $500 when they were in stock and it would cost you shipping, FFL transfer, NICs and then the cost of threading, adapter and wait time! This is one of my favorites but have an abundance of suppressor hosts if you can’t tell!;-) $700
  11. Solid suppressor host and great for first time shooters. Save on purchasing thread adapter, tax, shipping and NICs. Less than 250 rounds through it! $250 SPF
  12. Ruger Mark II with a fluted and threaded paclite upper. The gun shoots flawlessly, great trigger, excellent condition and comes replete with red dot, soft case and 6+ magazines. As a suppressor host, it’s a joy to fire but I have way to many suppressor hosts as you can see by the three I’m listing today! $700.00
  13. Smith 39-2 with a manufacturing date around 1975. This little piece of history is in excellent shape and looks minimal fired at 95%...super clean and the bluing is gorgeous. Grips are perfect with no chips or cracks. Price is $650.
  14. This little Colt was born in 1905 and it’s an example of what was to come with the 1911! As you can see, the pistol has no bluing but it doesn’t have any deep pitting and features new period correct grips. I have 6 examples of these and I’m looking to thin the pack. Price is $2,000 but I’ve had a tough time researching comps because there are so few round hammer models produced. What is clear is that this beauty is 115 years old and part of the first 1,400 produced! Feel free to PM questions or guidance if you are a collector as I’m wanting to ask a fair price but GB, Rock Island, etc., didn’t
  15. I’ll see if my father in law wants this amigo - it’s a great firearm - seeing him tonight
  16. Colt 1911’s, Hammerless, Pocket Hammer, No, Sir but I do have an unfired HBAR with the original Accessories in the plastic bag that’s very retro and nothing short of collector grade.
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