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  1. For those not in the know, a heat pump is an a/c unit that runs in reverse when in the heating mode. They're not much more expensive than a standard a/c unit. A reversing valve and some controls. That's basically it. So getting a dual fuel/hybrid unit shouldn't cost you a ton of money. The reliability comes down to mainly the installer. If they do a crappy job, well your HVAC will be crappy. A good install with decent equipment will be very reliable and last a long time in addition to being efficient.
  2. Poor quality switches.... Half of the builders grade switches in my house pop when flipped. I'm replacing them with higher quality switches as they go bad.
  3. [quote name="Wyldk2" post="1088708" timestamp="1388788975"]Could tell the management of the "posted" establishment you will not be carrying your wallet with you if you cannot carry into their establishment. If i know a place is "posted" and I have to go in there ( say the post office) for example. I'll disarm just to follow the law. But if it is somewhere else where i can spend my dollars elsewhere, I'll politely tell the management, My wallet goes where i'm allowed to carry, not allowed to carry, then my wallet isn't allowed to go either. Anybody know where one can get those double sided bus
  4. [quote name="Steelharp" post="1087672" timestamp="1388621398"]Trust me. Nothing closes up ONE hole like the hole in a wedding ring. :([/quote] Strange.... I had a good friend of mine tell me once that he's never seen a ring plug a hole yet.
  5. [quote name="Erik88" post="1086135" timestamp="1388366393"]Apparently so. I titled the thread K W I K R N U without the spaces and it automatically changed it to Voldermort. I saw it before on here but had no idea why until now. :up:[/quote] Yeah, a google search with your terms answered all of my questions. We definitely don't need guys like this 'helping' with any 2nd amendment issues. TGODavid, I understand the forums needs to change the name to not send him anymore attention. The only attention he needs is from a cell mate.
  6. What's with the Voldemort name? TGO nickname?
  7. So he's the douche that walked around Nashville with an AR case on his back?
  8. I'm going to ask the stupid question.....sorry for the ignorance. A Internet search pulls up plenty of Harry Potter crap. Who is this guy and what's his issue?
  9. I keep coming back just for the fireworks in these threads. Too funny.
  10. But why ruin a perfectly good Cummins?
  11. [quote name="Garufa" post="1082820" timestamp="1387759732"]FYI for anyone who doesn't know, Cracker Barrrel was started and is still headquartered in Lebanon.....Tennessee.[/quote] That just proves we have some of the largest morons in the country right here in TN.
  12. Cracker Barrel? Meh.... I really don't need a meal of gravy covered in gravy with a side of gravy. I don't hold the same beliefs as Phil Robertson, but I'll defend his right to voice them any day. I also support A&E's right to make a dumb decision.
  13. [quote name="Mike.357" post="1080995" timestamp="1387421504"]crap, i drive a Ford truck[/quote] Sorry you had to find out this way.
  14. [quote name="Capbyrd" post="1080735" timestamp="1387387463"]I beg your pardon sir. I drive a Ford truck. What are you trying to say?[/quote] I think I've already said it. :lol: Surely you can tell I'm 100% serious in my claim that all Ford truck owners are gay.
  15. [quote name="Capbyrd" post="1080726" timestamp="1387385709"]Its the libertarian part. Thats the part. I'm sure of it[/quote] He drives a Ford truck. It clearly has nothing to do with anything else.


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