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  1.   I think, if all adults were trained in the proper use and safe handling of a gun, practiced using their gun(s) and were allowed to carry it, we would hear the wailing of thousands of families crying out "but they were good kids, you didn't have to shoot them just cause they (insert your own thug scenario here)". Eventually, some thugs would die, some would change their ways, and the more hardcore would likely focus their activities in a smaller, more urban area during the night. Security companies would see a huge boost in business as w
  2.   Judging from the state of things, you're not getting paid anything.   :2cents:
  3.   To bolster JAB's point, imagine if local jurisdictions were allowed to pass their own laws regulating drivers licenses and car registrations. In one town you can only drive if you're 18 to 68 years old but in the county you have to be at least 21. You need full coverage insurance to drive a car on Knox county streets but not on roads owned by Knoxville or the state. Cars have to pass inspection to drive through Franklin but Brentwood requires their own and doesn't accept any others while Williamson County only accepts their own inspection stickers. How does that local co
  4. I have to call bs on this survey, this reads like a MAIG troll at work. Anyone that wanted legitimate survey results would avoid forums about guns, defense, survival, politics, ecology, green living etc, etc. You go where a wide variety of opinions would be expected such as forums about cars, cooking, family life, hobbies and such.
  5.   To answer your question, - indubitably!   One of my favorite words to describe many politicians is "insensate" - without sense, understanding, or judgment;
  6. Glad it wasn't a doughnut shop. You don't want to see where he'd store them while driving.
  7. I'd test drive that puppy in a heartbeat.
  8. I'm confused about SB1612. In reading the bill and amendments it appears, to me at least, to say only State and Fed can ban firearms use and possession from most places. In the summary it says:   Which is correct? Does it stop local governments from banning in parks or not? How about government buildings?
  9. I wonder if anyone will sue fedex for making them defenseless with their "no guns" policy.
  10. Not only was that a blessing for all involved, it was a great lesson for your daughter and nephew. Well done sir.
  11.   It's not the conservative lawmakers that we have a problem with, unless conservative is now defined as one that says they support something, then vote against it.
  12.   What about your vehicle, did it get one too? :shrug:
  13.   Actually... um, yes. No flexability in the metal framework will eventually lead to metal fatigue, cracking and breaking. Too much will cause damage to the attached structure.
  14.   Just google "criminal sues victim and wins", then start reading. The other problem of course is, even if the criminal loses the case, the victim has to spend thousands of dollars defending themselves. In effect, the victim loses twice, even when the case against them is dropped or unsuccessful.


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