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  1. My stance on gunfighting is that one should avoid one if at all possible...
  2. Why do you say that? Seems like this country could use as many of them as possible right about now.
  3. I have to disagree just as much with that statement as with Change You Can Believe In. As everyone in this country has seen, change for the sake of change can be change for the worst... Not dogging Cece Heil, just the last line of your post.
  4. XD-40 subcompact - I can present from concealment and put 2 shots to the thoracic cavity in 1.5 seconds up to 10 yards away consistently. I can usually do the same at 15, but sometimes I rush for the second shot and it's off a bit. I need to dry practice more to keep that consistent smooth trigger control.
  5. Green cards haven't been hot pink for over 10 years now. My wife has hers, was issued in 2000, and it is a cream color. The new ones issued in May of this year are less creamy than white with lots of digital printing. So, you're info is bad at several levels...
  6. The one you hit your target with...
  7. I had no problems when a friend and I flew out of BNA to Vegas. They just assumed and asked if we were LEO's - that's literally how they asked it. Then looked confused when we said no, but still no issues. Just do the common sense stuff - be discrete, make sure it is obviously unloaded, follow the rules on transporting ammo and you'll be fine.
  8. Here's the inside of my business:
  9. I live in the Nashville area between Hermitage and Mt. Juliet. Haven't noticed a problem or price increase yet. FWIW, I grew up in Florida around hurricanes and just prepared for this as I would any hurricane. As soon as the flooding looked like it was coming on Saturday I made sure both vehicles were filled up and made a quick run to Wally world for a few things like water. I was surprised at how few people were at the store and that we haven't had gas problems, but today I have been absorbed in trying to recover my business warehouse that flooded and haven't needed gas or groceries so maybe I was ahead of the rush of the unprepared. Hope all of you are safe.
  10. I don't answer the door either, and have told my wife to do the same. We have a glass storm door that I insist is always kept locked in the rare case that someone does open the front door if someone were to knock - lots of effort to get in for the BG. Once when my daughter was a newborn someone did ring the doorbell and knock on the door. I answered it to keep them from waking daughter. It was a guy on the porch who parked his truck at the end of my driveway. his wife was in the truck. He wanted to mow my lawn or something. I have a small porch and opened the door and, looking as friendly as can be kept moving forward confidently into the dude's personal space as I asked if I could help him. He found this awkward and kept taking steps backward until he was off my porch and down a few steps. Conversation didn't last long, but getting inside his space threw him way off immediately and he didn't want to talk much. Of course I am always CC'ing and getting unexpectedly inside his comfort zone was an offshoot of my aikido training and worked well. But we don't answer the door for people we don't know and aren't expecting.
  11. To make you feel better as they write you a ticket thereby bringing in revenue, which fulfills the political aims of those who sit behind desks and want to be re-appointed I think they could protect and serve the public much better by waiting just down the road from bars every night and pulling over everyone who drives away from one to make sure they are sober. Talk about an influx of DUI convictions and less drunk driving deaths. Oh, and position an officer at busy intersections to write tickets to those who litter by dropping their cigarette butts out of their windows. MASSIVE revenue generator there... That's serving and protecting...
  12. I think anyone who takes personal defense seriously would learn how to defend themselves without a weapon, too. This is why I choose to train in a martial art 6-8 hours a week. Actually, deciding to get my HCP came as a result of that training. Carrying a firearm was just a natural extension of being in control of my surroundings and dealing with a threat further away with a gun if necessary. We train quite a bit on disarming an attacker(s) with a knife or gun and many I train with carry everyday too, so we incorporate weapon retention as well. It is nice to know you have more options in your arsenal... Including the option to choose not to seriously injure someone even though you have the means to do so. Just because you can doesn't mean you should.
  13. I think the most overlooked/hidden tax is the devaluation of the dollar. The Federal Reserve has printed more money in the last 18 months than in the previous 200 years... U.S. government debt is increasing faster than the gross domestic product. Every dollar the Fed prints increases national debt. We pay interest on every dollar printed. Each passing day the dollar is worth less - it costs us more to buy the same thing. If we paid back our national debt a dollar per second, and started 150 years ago, it would still take over 150,000 years to pay back... And that was before the bailouts and Obama's spending spree. Read this in an email from Robert Kiyosaki the other day: Politician: “Step right up here voter. Let me tell you what I’m going to do for you. First you need to lend me a hundred dollars.†Voter: “But will I get my money back?" Politician: “Sure! Lend me a hundred bucks, but only give me fifty now. That way, you’ll owe me fifty bucks, I’ll owe you fifty bucks, and we’ll call it even.â€


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