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  1. Perhaps I am not well versed in local tradition, but I went to the gunshow today in Cookeville. Sadly, it was one of the more disappointing events of my recent experiences. Now if I wanted bags, jewelry, flashlights,watches, knives and windows....yes windows, it might have been a worthwhile trip. The vendors ( all that I spoke to) were pleasant, cooperative and genuinely friendly. Oh there were firearms available but it seemed that guns were just a secondary item. IMHO, the venue itself really doesn't support a "trade show" but is more suitable for a horse show or sheep shearing demonstrations. I may have figured out why the flashlights were so available, the lighting was sorta dim. Next time I will aim for Knoxville or , just wait and head up to Louisville in a few weeks
  2. Couple of observations. 1.Before doing anything commercially with these, I thought it was a good idea to try the 82. All I can say is WOW!! Had to move the sights a bit but now at 15 yards mine is right on, reliable and aside from the butt-ugly importer engraving, nice looking. I have begun to carry mine on a semi regular basis. I like the caliber ( always have) 2. As far as holsters go, there aren't that many. Seems that there isn't a metal blank made around which the leather can be formed, so it's difficult to get a custom made holster. I have been informed that PWL ( one of the premier leather/holster companies out of GB) does have a holster made for the 82. I am trying to get more info on the type etc. All things considered, the CZ82 is a more than acceptable carry piece with a superb record of reliablity and accuracy. IMHO a whole lot more of a pistol than my Stasi Mak for a whole lot less moolah. And just as an aside comment, the 82 seems to fit my hand better than just about any handgun I have fired and with a "right to point of aim".
  3. Finally went ahead with the impulse regulated by research and cost considerations this week. Got a 799 in the 7.62x39 version. Nicely made with only one complaint...the ammo feeding takes some effort. Had to get the special scope mount and mounted a "bargain basement" 3x9. Took about 20 rounds but it is dead on at 25 yards. Feral harvesting will commence shortly. All joshing aside, I do like this Serbian made piece. And, it's light enough to haul around and not aggravate the arthritis
  4. Indoor ranges may pose a risk for lead and other toxic metals. No matter what the air handling systdem or filtration system, the risk is there. If I have to shoot at an indoor range, I do wear a mask and leave as soon as I can. Easiest solution IMHO is to use an outdoor range. A little cold now though.... Lead is one toxic mutha
  5. The Front Sight endeavor has had its troubles. The information that is available online reveals that the company had that "receivership" matter removed in a week or so after it was judicially imposed. They have had some really bad public exposure and press, and it seems much of it goes back to that "resort with guns" marketing. Currently, from what I can read the Front Sight program has not continued the marketing that is based on a resort and land sales. IT has seemingly focused the sales and marketing on the firearms training. I was at that site this summer and would never buy land or a villa in that place, no matter how much hype and bullcrap was laid out as a sales pitch.( Hint: When the rest room facilities at all the ranges are porta potties, it says everything about the infrastructure) One needs to keep in mind that it was a sales gimmick..land development...ala timeshare in the future. Different sales gimmick now. The coursework at the site is intense and focused, but directed to a large class. The instructors are reasonably competent and do pay attention to the coursework. The facilities are pretty decent are clean. Safety is stressed and emphasized ( and given the propensity to get bad press this really makes sense) From what I experienced, the course work was good and helpful. However the classroom material particularly on legal issues was pretty poor...but then again these instructors are not lawyers and really shouldn't play one up on stage. ( In other words, have a lawyer on tap who will tell you to say nothing... Ask a lawyer about this for it is a major issue that is rarely discussed) The courses are expensive and from my perspective priced out of the range of most folks. From here in TN it's a really costly choice and I suspect there are plenty of local choices available. Much of the bad publicity for FrontSight is misplaced. But there is a real oversell that goes along with the place,and if you get on the emailing list you will get loads of sales stuff. If you have a few thousand bucks to blow, try it. I'd think there are local courses that are as good if not better.
  6. From what I can gather from the really rather sketchy articles, the legal problems seem to have had their origins in the sales promises and promotions of houses and resort like features at Front Sight. The sales pitch is still there but quite subdued. ( There are two issues for Piazza and company, the other being some death resulting from an accident on one of those towers and rope courses. ) On the resort matter, it did go to court in California and some settlement was reached. Then, as I can glean from the news articles, the plaintiffs said Piazza was renegging on the settlement agreement. A federal judge appointed a receiver and the whole Front Sight operation was placed in "receivership". Then it seems, within a week or so, the judge reversed the receivership designation. Then the news articles end. The Front Sight operation continues to market its services with "legacy memberships" from folks who failed to make payments, etc. These memberships, if they are still open, ranged from the "pay now" level of just under 2K to about 7K if you paid on time. I think this is a fairly accurate representation . Why anyone would ever buy a land parcel in that godforsaken hellhole between Pahrump and LV is beyond me. God help you if you were to get seriously hurt out there and chopper seems the only fast way to care. The sales pitch had to be awesome., Sort of a timeshare-healthclub-resort-pieinthesky steamroller. The "memberships" at 2K probably are a good deal if you are living in the area and can commute by car. But when the actual costs are calculated, each class attended gets expensive if you have to travel and lodge and eat ( not to mention ammo at somewhere around .25 a round). And of course there is always that nagging thought that if you shell out 2K to a company that has had a history of legal problems and , frankly, what I see as somewhat shady practices what are you buying?? But, this is written by a guy who bought a Daewoo auto. But I still have the car...... As to the membership offer, I think I'll pass. As has been noted on here, there are some really good courses much closer. If someone lives in Las Vegas or over in Kalifornia it might be worth the cost.
  7. Was out there for a short course in mid-June. The place is in the middle of the desert but of course ya need a car. Coursework was fine, competent instructors. All in all, glad I went. Learned a lot and met some fine folks. The issue with the legal problems seems to be resulting from the marketing and sales gibberish about making it a gun "resort" When you drive up to the place it's obvious it isn't a resort. There are berms and ranges everywhere, towers and such for those brave enough to do that sort of stuff. It's a far off place from TN and whatever course you take you have to factor in cost of travel, lodging ( no lodging on site) and food. Makes it rather expensive from the east US. Small but annoying issue is getting the equipment there including the 300-500 rounds of ammo. If you do go, I would not recommend planning on buying ammo there. Really costly. The place has been pushing memberships that allow you to take all the courses you want. If you lived in Las Vegas, it might be worth it. But from Sparta.....eh not such a deal. But for a one time deal, I would recommend it for the learning how to mess with your gun inside an oven. There are course certificates on Ebay...but be cautious since there are lots of scams.
  8. Looks like I will be headed out that way in June. I thought about shipping the ammo but probably will opt for getting ammo there from the local WallyWorld or just bringing it. The airline folks advised me that I could ship in my baggage up to 11 lbs and by my scale that will cover 300 rds of 9mm. My experience flying out of Nashville is that TSA isn't the problem, it was the airline desk help. The ammo has to be in the right container including the box of purchase or something designed to carry ammo....not a ziplock baggie. And shipping out the handgunS is by the book...just as it's written. Allow plenty of time at check in and if you get an incompetent nitwit at the desk, just ask for the supervisior. Just do it as it is written. ( Bring a copy of the policy copied from the airline site) . Just make sure the airline will allow the firearms and ammo. I know some airlines dont...and I think Allegiant is one of them. Have fun and let us know how the course went.
  9. An FR8 at the range. The rifle was presented to me as a lightweight 308 that was fun to shoot. It was lightweight and I hurt for a week with several deep bruises . My advice is to use a rubber butt adapter, and let your friend shoot it.
  10. In the for what it's worth department, read that Fed Ex policy again. Despite the endorsement by the NSSF ( National Shooting Sports Foundation) Fed Ex is quite gun unfriendly. There are two sections to Fed Ex, Express and Ground...two different companies from what I am told. Anyway, Fed Ex at most places will demand the shipper show a license (FFL) before they ship. Last go around with Fed Ex to allow mature law abiding citizens to send firearms to themselves was met with a stone wall. UPS will too, but makes accommodations for shipping to yourself. UPS can go ground and it's quick enough and a whole lot cheaper than overnight. All handguns must go overnight with the theory being thieves take a long time to steal a handgun package. What's the issue?? If you travel and plan to use your rifle for, oh let's say hunting in Michigan, and you want to fly you have several choices. Pack it a case and ship it on the plane as baggage and pay the extra price for the extra baggage. And if its over 61 total inches on some airlines you get hammered with another charge. Or, you pack it in a box ( wrap it well) and go to UPS and ship it to yourself at the destination. Or you drive and dont worry about it. Or you can disassemble the rifle, put it in a locked case and stick it in the baggage. From the hunters I know that go to Wyoming and Montana now....they try and ship by UPS. Less hassle, cheaper and pretty reliable. Or like a neighbor of mine did....he purchased a 30-30 out west, used it and sold it to another hunter at the lodge. Worked for him No I am not affiliated with UPS but I have a son that works for FedEx
  11. Lessee here. If Joe Joe Jones from Knoxville goes to Dalton GA to see his friend Bobby Joe Jones and Bobby gives Joe a 1954 .410 as present, and Joe brings it back to TN did anyone break a law?? As I understand it, if TN law says you can only get firearms in TN, then there was a violation. But if there are no TN laws saying that and there are no laws in GA prohibiting the giving of a firearm to Joe for any reason, then Joe and Bobby seem to have all above board. Joe goes out and gets some squirrel. All is OK. Now Bobby can't ship it to Knoxville...that is interstate commerce and an FFL gets involved. There are plenty of hunters who go out of state to hunt, particularly since elk and moose are not so common in TN. If the hunter acquires a hunting rifle and uses it and ships it home to himself, he ( or she) is not violating any federal laws. As long as the state laws don't prohibit some activity, then it's pretty clear what the federal requirements are. The ATF folks generate a book every year or so that includes all the state and territory laws. Some of the laws in the states are somewhat stupid..( NJ says it's ok to buy a Siminov (SKS) but not a Kalishnikov ( AK) ) When I last spoke to the ATF reps at a major trade show in Las Vegas this winter, the issue about shipping to yourself was clearly defined. As long as there is no "transfer" ( from party a to party shipping is fine. Heck, we all do that when we transport firearms from place to place even on airplanes. They made it clear...you can ship to yourself. When in doubt get that ATF book and read it. When you do, you will be better versed that most ATF inspectors and agents
  12. Now it all sorta depends on how it shoots in your hand. I do quite well with a Sig 226 and 239 but can't quite handle the awkward cant for me of a glock. If you haven't tried the usual variety of handguns...Sigs, Beretta, CZ etc I wouldn't buy a Glock unless it were for $19.95. I had one and I got rid of it.
  13. Admission as noted on the crudely hand lettered sign was $10. First show I have been to in the area and I was a bit surprised. I found plenty of knives, holsters, ammo, tools, bags and uniforms and clothing articles, and lots of printed manuals and brochures in addition to the firearms and parts. The vendors were uniformly polite and easy to get along with. There were only a few of the C&R type firearms seen, and I saw a Swede 96 go for what a 94 was going for several years ago. Gasp!!! Without any intent to disparage the show or the promoters or the vendors or patrons, I think one would be better off to head off to the big Louisville Show at the Expo if one is looking for a wide selection of firearms and assorted items,. The vendors might not be as pleasant, but the selection of firearms is significantly better. Just an observation or two.

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