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  1. Well this is all awesome information - thanks all! I hadn't thought about daytime squirrel hunting with a thermal - great idea. Animals have an incredible ability to camouflage, but they also tend to know when they're hidden - or at least when they think they are. I can see how thermal even in the day would be great. I'm going to pull the trigger on a high-quality scanner to get me into the thermal realm - at the very least it will be great for scouting, seeing where animals are and when, etc. Next up will be a thermal scope - and perhaps by then we'll be hunting coyote at night!! Sure appreciate it, all!! Can't wait to jump in.
  2. No kidding, Alley - well it's cool that you're able to get permits to hunt anything at night - I'm sure all the recordkeeping is a pain but I would imagine it's well worth it. Yeah, I would imagine ID-ing at night is an ENTIRELY different animal - resolution will be important for that for sure That NOX looks like nothing to shake a stick at...so do you also use it as a scanner? I'm trying to figure out if it's a viable option to use a small enough unit as a handheld scanner, then QD it back on the rifle when needed - but I've heard some people say that's almost impossible in the dark when your blood is pumping. What's your preference?
  3. !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! OK I knew that it was voted on in 2020 and it was 6/6 and the chairman, with a tiebreaking vote, was absent (mad that we were that close!!!) but I had no idea that it's looking so good for this coming year - hard to believe it may in fact become a reality!! And it should - coyote are out of control in TN. If it does pass and we can hunt coyotes at night (w/NV and thermal) it would be an absolute NO BRAINER for me - I've got a helmet-mounted PVS14 and I'd add probably a thermal scope as well as a handheld. I've been watching a LOT of youtubes of different thermals and I'm deadly jealous of everybody getting to hunt pigs and dogs in TX - incredible stuff!! So if I'm understanding correctly, you're able to hunt dogs at night w/NV and thermal because you've got permits - that's awesome. Any thoughts on 320 vs 640 thermal given the typical ranges of Middle TN? Just thinking if I don't get 640 I may kick myself later......but I sure wouldn't be needing to ID at 1000 yards like you all might when hog hunting in TX!! Sure appreciate the feedback!!
  4. Hey all - now that the price of thermal has fallen into more reasonable territory, I'm considering it yet again. But I just can't decide if it would be worth it. Since we're not allowed to use it at night, seems like the best setup might be a thermal handheld to help locate animals with regular glass on the gun. I could also use a handheld while bowhunting to give me a little advance warning when deer are heading in. I'd like to hunt predators and small game with rifles this year; seems like thermal might be a huge plus to find them or at least observe what they're up to. BUT, it still is a substantial investment - do any of you all use thermal to hunt - and would you say it's worth it? I mean thermal is ABSOLUTELY awesome tech - but is it worth it for our situation. Final question for the thermal master race - for the closer ranges of middle TN, is 640 any benefit over 320? Sure appreciate it, all!
  5. Yeah, I used to be a member as well, maybe ten years ago! I'm looking to get back into it; wondering if I should spring for the membership now and use the classifieds to look for a Bushmaster BA50. Any recollection if they had good classifieds? If not I'll just wait and rejoin when I find a rifle to get good load data and reloading info. Thanks a lot!
  6. Anybody here a member of the Fifty Cal Shooters Association? I've been thinking of joining and I've got a quick question. Thanks all!
  7. Hey guys - any idea how this is for hunting? Thinking specifically for coyote later this season. Do they smell it strongly? If so, any alternatives that they wouldn't catch as easy? I've recently become aware of the rare tick disease which prevents you from eating meat *ever* again without a severe reaction. NO THX
  8. Glad his big brass ones didn't get tangled in the swiveling chain gun...guess they make heroes all over.
  9. 40 bucks for a stripped lower?? What are they made of? Anybody used one? 
  10. That may well be the ugliest ship I have ever seen. 
  11. I was born behind enemy lines (people's republic of MA) and wasn't able to escape for the first 18 years. Now, 16 years later, I can happily tell you that Yankees have far more trouble in this crap than most TN folk. Note: idiot rednecks who floor it around corners in big RWD vehicles are not included.   1. Yankees have far more experience driving on treated roads, and the untreated roads they've traveled have almost always been snow, which is easy and gives a fair amount of traction. They have little experience with ice or untreated roads. Oh, your granolamobile can drive on plowed, salted, sanded roads? Tell me more.    2.  They're almost always so bound and determined to demonstrate that the natives are inept and lacking in winter driving wisdom that they drive around, and subsequently wreck, when everyone else has the good sense to just stay home.    3.  Unfortunately, the reverse once played to the North's advantage; the South was doing right well in the War until we got a half inch of snow, then everyone lost their minds and went home. 
  12. I've used Ewing Bass!  Used to work nearby and they were the shop my boss had been taking his cars to for 30 years.  They were honest and affordable, so if they haven't changed in the last ten years, I'd say you are good to go.   Another great garage nearby is Don Sadler Car Care, which operates out of the Shell station across from the gold dome Regions bank on Charlotte.  Good, fast, and cheap - they did it.
  13. About to pull the trigger on this myself.  Seems the best value around right now (for decent but not waaay pricey) is the Hikvision turret cam, available here for $170.   http://wrightwoodsurveillance.com/index.php?main_page=product_info&cPath=1_91&products_id=295   It's outdoor-rated and is 3MP, which is relatively good.  Here's an in-depth review with pics, etc.   http://www.networkcameracritic.com/?p=2135   Also, here's a neat article on Barfcom about how to make your own DVR out of an old eBay-special work PC - pretty neat!   http://www.ar15.com/forums/t_6_46/343054_How_To___PC_based_security_camera_DVR.html


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