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  1. You guys have nice firearms AND bikes! The FZ8 looks pretty cool........first pic of one I've seen that wasn't a stock Yamaha pic. Really like the FJR too. garethsk, back in the day I had a 1984 CB700SC, aka Nighthawk S. Bought it brand new. Red and black of course! One of the sweetest and sexiest bikes I've ever owned. Good luck with your rebuild.
  2. I realize this isn't a big deal to a lot of you here, but a I acquired my first box of ammo yesterday! A salesman/ friend of mine walked in to the store and handed me a 50-count box of Winchester .22LR. Hopefully real soon I can see what my little Beretta pistol can do. :up: OK. All of you may go about your normal lives now. :rofl: Jim
  3. Thanks for posting that video tribute. Kyle was a great American and patriot, and was a BMF besides. Although I never served my country, I am always deeply touched by military funerals. Seeing the other SEALS/navy men salute Kyle's casket brought tears to my eyes. Thanks again for your post. RIP Chris Kyle. :usa:   Your country will miss you.
  4. AWESOME!!!! I like stirring things up! I also like the ZRX series of Kawasakis. I will check out that section of the forum.
  5. Motorcycling has been a life-long passion of mine. As stated in my intro post, I would like to post some pics of a couple bikes in the Plungerhead stable....... 1983 Honda CB1100F...Only produced for one year.. 2001 CBR1100XX (with 2002 paint), aka "The Beast".... ...and THIS is what I have the hots for now....2013 CB1100...
  6. Threeeighty, Make It So!!! Seriously though, I would hate to rip you off! Although there are many new parts included with the Connie, it does need a lot of work. At the same time, there are some pretty cool parts you could list on ebay and get in return way more than you have invested. At this point, with just having moved to a new home, I'm ready to get it out of the garage. If you are serious about trading some ammo for it, shoot me a pm. It does have a clear TN title. Jim
  7. "decotriumph"  Cool username! I'm sure there is a great story behind it. I've been riding most of my life as well, although there was approx an 18-year absence between the first and second go-round. My current stable consists of a 1993 Concours project bike, with title, that I would let go for a box of 22LR!!!! :rofl: Also have a 1994 VT500 Ascot that I bought for my girlfriend to learn on. She still hasn't been on it OR learned to ride. :blush: Now to the serious stuff................I have a 1983 CB1100F (the much faster blue color) as well as a 2001 CBR1100XX "Super Blackbird", aka "The Beast".  I need to sell either the F or the Blackbird because at this point in my life I need a contemporary, "retro" UJM......I seriously have the hots for the 2013 CB1100. I will try to post pics, but I am somewhat of a techno-doofus. Jim
  8. Thanks for the warm welcome, everyone. Haven't found ammo yet, but haven't had much time to look. I have a couple friends that are regular shooters that are keeping their eyes open for me though. I'm REALLY looking forward to getting comfortable with the gun. Hopefully this weekend I can get a few rounds off. The sad thing is, I have a few motorcycles and haven't ridden in two months! I'm in retail wine & spirits (OK, Fine! I run a liquor store!!! We did $5 million last year though. :up: ) Had to deal with Oct/Nov/Dec; also had to move at the end of the year due to lease expiring, AND I just had knee surgery! Yea, been a little busy but I MUST take the time to learn this gun and others!!!!  When I bought the Beretta last Monday, I got a clear understanding what it is like for non-drinkers coming in to the store asking questions. I was definitely a fish out of water! Thanks again for the welcome folks, Jim
  9. Hi ladies and gentlemen. I am a 58 y/o guy that just bought a home in Fayette County. 18 years in Shelby County was enough for me, especially having moved from Texas in 1994. I've never owned a gun before; only shot a couple of them 30+ years ago. I thought it was time to jump in, especially considering they might be illegal someday. :rant: My girlfriend and I went to Range USA yesterday. They were busy as hell. One clerk talked to us but wouldn't let us shoot for lack of experience. What the hell??? Isn't that what one goes to a range for, to shoot? Anyway, we were disappointed but understood. We then went to Bass Pro...............Heck, we couldn't even get close enough to view the guns on display! So we blew off buying a gun on a Sunday. However, I stopped by a gun dealer this morning to ask a few questions. The people were extremely helpful, and I ended up buying a .22 caliber Baretta target pistol. The gun and an extra clip cost me $325. I figured it would be fine to learn with, then a couple months later I can step up and buy another pistol or two. Funny thing is, they had no ammo for it; told me to go to Bass Pro! For most of my life I've been heavily involved in motorcycles, but came to a conclusion yesterday that guns don't have tires, batteries, carbs, chains, and most of all I won't have to worry about old ethanol-contaminated gasoline! I guess I'm saying that instead of spending all that money on bikes I should have been spending it on guns! Jim Here is a link to my first....... :usa: http://www.berettausa.com/products/u22-neos/?keywords=.22

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