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  1. Thanks for helping me this year Dolo!   Sign me up!
  2. Luke turning into Vader?   Yes please.
  3. How old of a gun is it? The gen1's were problematic.
  4. How many times has this thread been resurrected now? Please, close this thread and give it the rest it deserves.
  5. I do and AFAIK Hendersonville does as well if you can't find anyone closer.
  6. Had a guy come into the shop about this time last year bragging that he bought two German MP40's from a buddy of his' grandpa. I said, "Sweet man, I always wanted to play around with an MP40. You got the paperwork right?"   He did not know what I was talking about.
  7.   I'm kind of in the same boat... I ship USPS flat rate every week and have for a couple years. I have never had something not arrive when it was supposed to. I'm not saying it doesn't happen, I've just never actually seen it.
  8.   Ahhh my bad then. Looks like I have things to work on this morning.
  9.     Ahh, oversight. I'll get it fixed.
  10.     You know, for some reason I figured someone would say something like this. I am not incorrect. That is Jeff's schedule. This week however, he had some personal matters to attend to and took off on Friday and Saturday iirc. You sound like the man can't take some time off if he needs to.
  11.   This is incorrect. He is there Thursday-Monday. His "weekend" is Tuesday & Wednesday.   Sunday's used to be his get shit done day, and he would lock his door and work without interuption, but I'm not sure that is still the case, I'm not usually there on Sundays.
  12.   OK that's pretty cool. Reminds me I need to get the compound out now that it's warm and do some practice.
  13. I wonder how long it will take for this to catch on in more places.
  14. http://www.dslreports.com/shownews/Chicago-to-Apply-9-Netflix-Tax-134367   Netflix service in Chicago is about to get notably more expensive. On the hunt for new revenue, Chicago's Department of Finance is applying two new rules that would impact companies like Netflix and Spotify. One covers "electronically delivered amusements" and another covers "nonpossessory computer leases"; together they form a unique and troubling new attempt by cities to tax any city resident that interacts with "the cloud. According to the Chicago Tribune, streaming service providers need to start collecting the tax starting September 1.   The new tax is expected to net the city of Chicago an additional $12 million annually. "The amusement tax applies to charges paid for the privilege to witness, view or participate in an amusement," states the city's new ruling (pdf). "This includes not only charges paid for the privilege to witness, view or participate in amusements in person but also charges paid for the privilege to witness, view or participate in amusements that are delivered electronically." "Jurisdictions around the world, including the US, are trying to figure out ways to tax online services," a Netflix representative tells the Verge. "This is one approach."
  15. I think you are misunderstanding me but I gotcha.
  16.   Open carry is fine, but then you have these guys with an AR doing it just to freak people out.   https://youtu.be/rzw8jW0aCys
  17. The gun industry attracts conspiracy theorists. Every industry has their kooks, or their "ultra left wing" "ultra right wing" type people the majority wishes would shut up i would wager. The Alex jones types seem to be ours.   Edit: Oh, and the fanatical open carry crowd.
  18. It's a terrorist training camp!   I kid! Please don't kill me!
  19. Star Ocean was always my guilty pleasure after FF, even with all the anime tropes and terrible voice acting. Kinda stoked they are doing a 5th one too now.
  20. I can't believe it. I literally can't believe they are actually going to do it. I got chills watching that live during the stream. Yes, I realize I am a big nerd.   Did you see the gametrailers guys reaction during the conference? It's gold.   https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=j1vSYIHlMp8
  21.   hahaha       Is it a full moon?
  22. These people are the open-carry-an-AR-into-walmart-just-because-I'm-cool folks of the diesel truck world.


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