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  1. Nah, I'd imagine that would have been at a minimum a four page exposition.
  2. I did that awhile back after my cable bill was creeping ever so closer to $200 a month. They were able to drop it to around $120 with some extras on the side.
  3. Ended up going to The Standard. I think me and the wife have a new favorite restaurant. The food and the service were fantastic. I think I had the best cheesecake I've ever eaten. I appreciate all you guys suggestions!
  4. Looking for something more upscale, though not necessarily The Palm level. Preferably something that isn't a chain restaurant, although some more... uncommon ones would be fine I suppose. She just wants something different I guess. She isn't big on Asian food.   Whatcha got?
  5. This is why I view the forum on my iPhone without tapatalk. I don't need a secondary program to type messages. Get off my lawn!
  6. Somehow my min pin got his left eye smacked hard by something. Personally I say he was attacked by a possum or raccoon when I let him out one evening (he got cut up pretty bad on his face one night shortly before this happened), but my wife seems to think my Doberman stepped on his face or something. Anyway, poor guy had to have his eye removed on Friday. He hadn't been able to see out of it for about a week prior, and it had become infected. I need to get him a wicked eye patch.
  7.     I had several people over the past month tell me John had gotten out of the gun business. I didn't believe it, but good to know that it isn't the case. I had a good time with him in Hawaii.
  8. TBI is off two holiday's - Christmas and Thanksgiving iirc. They have been down in the last for months like once. For an hour or two.
  9. I guess I should also throw in the caveat that I do not do any work on 8.1. Just normal usage like games/net surfing.
  10. I upgraded from XP to 7 a few years back. Really I liked 7 better. Just recently within the last year built a 8.1 machine and while it takes a little getting used to it's not nearly as horrible for a desktop PC as vanilla 8 was. It's not bad at all.
  11. :rofl:  :rofl: :rofl:  :rofl:  :rofl:  :rofl:  
  12.     And still one of the best games ever made.
  13. More like the more expensive the rifle, the more shipping insurance costs. Insurance is stupid high on any of the carriers.
  14. Btw if there is one thing the book is wrong on across the board its S&W.
  15. I depends really. Some things the book is pretty accurate on, and others it's not. It's a guide, but not the end all of pricing. I actually use gunbroker + the blue book when doing trades, Moreso on less common items.
  16. My money is on th virus/trojan. No way online gaming is eating up that much data part time. I'd have him download and run malwarebytes in safe mode first tbh, maybe even the MS Security Essentials as well if he keeps it updated. I'd let him do it though, as I wouldnt go poking around someone elses computer too much.
  17. Deadliest catch is about the only one I've ever been able to stomach.
  18. We have both a FDE and black version. Or rather we did on Friday when I left.
  19. Grizzly mint as we speak.
  20. I'd go hug your family, tbh. :wave:   Seriously though, worst case you may have just swallowed some mystery person's poop water. Or flesh eating bacteria. Or just some water. Who knows!


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