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  1. I'll take it per our conversation last night! Thanks
  2. Glad to know I’m not the only one that has had more 458 stuck cases than all other calibers combined!
  3. Thanks for that. I have been here forever and never even noticed we had a tactics and training section. That class is exactly what I am looking to do, but is a little far away for me. Probably worth it, but makes it a lot harder to go. I may post something up in tactics and training too
  4. I’ve been wanting to get more formal training and be more proficient with a handgun. I go to the range and shoot and can hit targets, but want to do more Training than just standing and hitting paper. Anyone have a recommendation on who in the hendersonville area does that? I thought about guns and leather, I’ve signed up before but they never called me to come to the classes, kind of put a bad taste in my mouth.
  5. FYI mine is full auto and I know nothing about semi autos in closed bolt. I assume yours is full auto?
  6. I have 2 lage uppers for my m10, best upgrades possible. Buy them and don’t look back. Takes it from a bullet hose to a useable weapon you can actually hit stuff with. I have the 10/9 and the max 31 upper. I bought a bunch of suomi drums and coffin mags off gunbroker. Be prepared to spend some money on mags, as price has increased on those mags since Lage came up with these uppers. I have a bunch of these mags and really only use a couple. If you buy an upper, hit me up and I’ll see about selling you 1.
  7. I just waited 18 month for 2 stamps. Ridiculous. Anything has to be better than what they are doing now.
  8. So, I have the hardest time posting pictures on TGO. I have never really figured it out, so, I just dont bother. I have plenty of pictures in my wallet her them!
  9. Sweet! I’ve got a Mac m10 and a colt m16, there’s just something about a sheen gun that makes you smile!
  10. I have an Octane 45 and love it. I use it on my HK45 tactical, and my 9mm machine gun. Even with supers, the 9mm is hearing safe mag dump after mag dump. Is it as quiet? Nope. does it do its job, yup. Would I buy a dedicated 9mm can? Probably not, but the 45 works on so much stuff. I even use it on my 357 SBR but only to shoot 38s. Fun little gun. Enjoy the 9 can, play with it, and you'll find something to make ya happy
  11. Eh, I kind of went down this route. Ditched the 9mm and only shoot 45s now. No regrets. I would fine that most 9mm would be subsonic but several were supers. I didn't like the inconsistency of it and just went 45.
  12. So, this post was from january 2018. I found a Colt m16 in my price range. I purchased it that month, and it just got approved October 11. My dealer hasn’t received the stamp in his hand yet, but it is finally approved. It took forever!!! There is nothing about machine guns that is fast lol
  13. Yes, I have and they have been much needed over this 18 month wait time! I’d post a video here but clueless how to do that. My favorite is shooting my Mac m10 and the m16 at the same time for a mag dump

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