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  1. I wish having stamps sped up your wait time, I would love to see instant approvals!
  2. I have done 3 form 1s since january 1, all have taken 25-35 days. I even got denied on 1 for sending in the blank side of the paper work, always double check! lol
  3. You can always form 1 your own suppressors, last 1 I did only took 3-4 weeks.
  4. Looks like a great set up! You may try Longrangehunting.com, I have bought and sold a lot of high end scopes and rifles there.
  5. I'll take them. PM in bound
  6. That's what is so frustrating about all this. I have done this literally a dozen times, no issues until now. I either did it wrong all those other times and got lucky, or an examiner was having a bad day when he got to my form?? Sucks to wait all that time and then find out its a no go
  7. Yes, I am making a clone of an MP5. When you use MFI as the line code, it gives a drop down of all the options of models and such that have already been approved and used by other people who have made their own. I really don't know what happened.
  8. I am going to build an MP5, bend my own receiver and make it from scratch. The first form 1 was denied because I accidentally scanned the blank side of a form instead of the front side, that was my bad! lol I filed a second time and made sure all the forms were correctly scanned and double checked my documents before I sent it in, all was good. I am no noob to this, but I am not above making a mistake, see above! So, 8 weeks go by and I get an email saying I was denied because my manufacturer address was not correct. I selected MFI(manufactured form 1) and used the drop down to select MP5 as the model. If I am the manufacturer, there is no address to have in box 4A, there is also no place on the Eform1 to put an address as the manufacturer if you use MFI. I have checked over and compared it to my other approved forms and can find no faults. All of my responsible person forms had my trust and address as the maker of the SBR as well, which is exactly how I have down all the other items I have form1. My thought is I did everything correctly but the examiner saw the MP5 listed as the model and thought I should have HK and their address listed in box 4A? I called the ATF and they are no help. I believe emailing an "expert" and asking them is a waste of time because I am still waiting on a response from a question I had in January. Should I submit again with all the same info, or for a model put N/A? Appreciate the help and Pew pew on!
  9. I know a lot of people that do that and have never had an issue, they also keep a copy of their trust downloaded on their phone too.
  10. holy smokes, what a deal. If those 2 happen to back out, I'll gladly take it!
  11. I don’t see why there would be an issue posting them up for sale. They are legal to own and sell. Email me details. I love machine guns, if I don’t want them, I may know people who do.
  12. I have 2 of the trannies in those pictures
  13. Wishful thinking, but doubt it happens. Let's say they do another amnesty, what weapons would be allowed? Any ar15 or modern sporting rifle or military bring backs only?


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