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  1. Wishful thinking, but doubt it happens. Let's say they do another amnesty, what weapons would be allowed? Any ar15 or modern sporting rifle or military bring backs only?
  2. 2nd the Scorpion, I love mine! Next is a micro
  3. What is brass going for these days? I have a 5 gl jug full of 5.56 and 1 full of 7.62. Thinking of selling it but was looking to see what a fair price is first. Thanks guys
  4. I have a couple of YHM TI Phantoms, they are tanks. Good luck!
  5. Anytime you wanna shoot, ive got a M10 and M16, come on over
  6. Lage really makes some top notch stuff. I have 2 of their uppers and really enjoy them! You still have your M11? I see you said "enjoyed"
  7. Since he is on my trust and the atf knows where it is, it will be allowed to stay at his place.
  8. To clarify, he purchased the M10 but it's going on my trust
  9. Well, got another one! Took my dad out shooting, after shooting the mac m10 and the colt M16, he is hooked. We shot Saturday, and by monday night I had found and purchased him a like new mac m10. He decided on the M10, because he can just use all of my accessories and uppers that I have accumulated for mine over the years. I also have a new upper in the works for this thing. As basic as the macs are, they have become a transferable sear pack. At 1/3 the price of a trany m16, they have really become a hot item. There is just something about that full auto experience and I love letting pe
  10. I would just go with an adjustable gas block. I doubt a heavier buffer would fix all the issues.
  11. oh, I have videos but I can't post them here. I am not smart enough to post on TGO lol PM me your phone number and Ill txt them to you
  12. If you don't do something to cut the gas back while suppressed, you will beat your gun up. I run 10.5 with an AAC M4-2000 can on an M16, if I don't cut the gas back, it cycles at twice the normal speed.
  13. Thankfully, it was approved about 2 weeks after I made this post. I have been finger banging her every night.


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