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  1. Sounds like over engineering to me. I want to know more detail about the design and purposes though
  2. I misread that, thought the numbers said 140, missed the sub. Still doesn't change my mind, moving parts to accomplish the same thing my can does.
  3. My Thunder Beast Ultra 7 is in the 130s with no moving parts. This thing is ugly as can be and is only in the 140s. Who cares how many thousands of rounds they did in an entire week at SHOT, how about a couple of belt dumps with a temp gun for an actually test that would show something.
  4. Lame. It looks like a drill press.
  5. It's magic! Seriously, I can't explain how, but the aftermarket trigger stops it from going into battery all the way. Maybe the weight of the suppressor hanging on the barrel, mixed with different spring pressure is the issue? I put hundreds of rounds through mine and it never worked.
  6. That was my thought, sounds like a trap. Then again, it's the ATF, the rules are made up and the laws don't matter
  7. my82cam

    sold Aimpoint PRO $375

    I really need to stop being poor, I need this.
  8. my82cam

    eForms back online

    Only if it shoots 3 1/2 inch mags!
  9. my82cam

    eForms back online

    Dang! 2 weeks is insane. I have no plans for any SBRs in the future, I wouldn't mind an SBS but don't have a good host at the moment.
  10. my82cam

    eForms back online

    Funny, enough, I bought a conversion kit from him, seems solid but I want to make it permanent before I get it refinished.
  11. my82cam

    eForms back online

    Transfer from Texas to my dealer took about 90 days. Started my form back in mid August. Yeah, it is a large pin slab side. Actually, hate that it is a large pin and slab side, but I got what I consider to be a good deal and couldn't pass it up. I am converting it to a small pin that will use the KNS push pin take down, instead of dealing with adapters and such. They suck, I have already played with them enough to know they need to go away. lol
  12. my82cam

    eForms back online

    There is no better time to by than now, make it happen soon!
  13. my82cam

    eForms back online

    The AC556 is a good option for 556 full auto, can be had around 10-12k right now, but that is all it will ever be. Well, there are some 22 conversions but not sure how good they are. So, how about kill several birds with one stone? If you get a mac m11, there are several uppers ranging from 22, 9mm, 5.56 and a guy is starting to making a 7.62 upper that takes ak-47 mags.
  14. my82cam

    eForms back online

    Come to the range and shoot some suppressors and sheen guns with me!
  15. my82cam

    eForms back online

    It's a converted Colt SP1, I have always wanted an M16 since I was 10! I sold everything, ate Ramen noodles, drank Keystone beer and saved my money up for one. I have a Mac 10, they are a good combo. Sub gun, and carbines. Both have several different uppers and configurations available, which I love. With the rising cost of machine guns, it is hard to drop that much on a gun that can not be converted or changed to anything else.

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